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Musalman Nahin Samjhe Gyan Quran

Musalman Nahin Samjhe Gyan Quran is a book written by Sant Rampal Ji which is an analysis of the Holy Book Quran. In English language it equates to "Muslims did not understand the knowledge of Quran". It reveals the deeper knowledge given by Quran which no one could grasp. It reveals all the secrets and mysteries of Quran including the meaning of verse 1-2 of Surah Ash Shura 42, Ayn Sin Qaf about which it is said that only God or a God aquainted saint can elaborate the meaning of this verse.

Introduction to Muslims did not understand the knowledge of Quran.

Bismillahirramnirrahim :- Begin by taking the name of God
Who is very kind, very merciful.

Following a deep study of the holy books of all the holy religions by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj it was discovered that there are predominantly two powers in the world that are affecting all living beings.

  1. Rahman
  2. Shaitaan (Satan / Devil)

Who is Rahman and who is Shaitaan

Once one is familiar with the concept of creation i.e how was this whole creation was created, one becomes familiar with Rahman i.e. the Merciful God (Kaadir) All-Capable Allah (God), the Creator of Nature, the Sustainer of all, and who is “Shaitaan” (Satan), the one who deceives every living being and entraps them. He provides human beings with some correct and mostly incorrect knowledge.

Kaadir (Almighty) Allah gives true knowledge. Shaitaan (Satan) (known by greatmen as "Kaal") remains hidden. He covertly provides a combination of incorrect and correct knowledge to human beings, which is incomplete spiritual knowledge. Almighty God, appearing directly in the form of a Saint or a Satguru (True Guru / murshid), conveys the true and complete spiritual knowledge by speaking through His mouth. But all the human beings just keep repeating one thing, that God (Khuda, Rab) is formless, whereas there is evidence in the holy texts of all religions that God is in form like a human being.

Evidence - God is in form

In the Holy Bible, in Genesis Chapter no. 1 Verse no. 26, it has been mentioned - "God said on the sixth day that I will create human in similarity to myself, who will have appearance like mine." God created human beings like himself. (Excerpt from Holy Bible ends)

It is clear from this, that God is in the form of a human being and is not formless. Christian brothers keep on saying that God is formless.

Similarly, Hindu brothers also say that God is formless. They worship Shri Ram ji and Shri Krishna ji and consider them to be God who were in form like human beings.

Similarly, Muslim brothers say that Allah is formless. Then they also say that God is sitting on a throne on the seventh sky.

If God is sitting on a throne, He is corporeal like a human being.

When Allah (God) comes to earth, humans are deceived by this illusion and hence do not recognise Him. Because of their ignorance, they do not accept His true, complete spiritual knowledge considering it to be false, nor do they accept Him as God.

This doubt has been completely cleared in this holy book "Musalman Nahin Samjhe Gyan Quran" (Muslims Did Not Understand the Knowledge of Quran). Please read it wholeheartedly with patience, and you will be astonished.

Aim of book Gyan Quran

The author has written this book with proofs from the true, complete spiritual knowledge imparted by that Kaadar Khuda (Almighty God) when He Himself came to earth from the sky. My (Sant Rampal Ji's) aim is to convey the real spiritual knowledge to the human beings of the world. The surprising thing is that the knowledge which is written in the sacred books of every religion, the followers of that religion could not even understand it properly, due to which I am facing more difficulty.

If the people of every religion had understood their holy texts in the correct manner, then it would have been easier to explain it to them. For example, if a student has studied properly up to class VIII, then it is very easy to teach them the syllabus of higher classes. Those who have learnt two plus two to be six, and are repeating the same, convincing them that two plus two is four is a very difficult task. Protests arise that the new teacher is teaching wrong. As mentioned above, it is written in the "Holy Bible" that God is in a human form. When I tell Christians that they have not understood the Holy Bible properly, and are wrong when they say that, God is formless, then they call me a fool and say, “How can a Hindu person understand the knowledge of Holy Bible? We read it every day.” Similar is the state of the followers of every religion.

Vedas - God is in Form

Among the holy books of Hinduism, the Vedas are the foremost. The knowledge of the Vedas is considered the best. There is evidence in Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 54 Mantra 3; it is written that the creator of the entire creation, the Supreme God, is sitting in the world above all the worlds.

In Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 82 Mantra 1-2, Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 86 Mantras 26-27 and at many other places in the Vedas, it is written that "God is sitting in the uppermost world" i.e. He resides there. He is seated on the throne there, like an emperor (king). To impart true and complete spiritual knowledge, He by physically moving (walking) enters the lower worlds like Earth etc and eases the complications of those who are engaged in the search of Supreme God. He explains the true knowledge to those virtuous souls.

Even the people of Hindu religion are not ready to believe that something like this is described in the Vedas. Therefore, they call me a critic and believe me to be anti-religion. I have unveiled the truth from the holy scriptures of every religion and based on that, I have tried to explain the same to the followers of respective religions. Initially people protest with full force, but they calm down on seeing the truth in their respective scriptures. But even after seeing that truth with their eyes, they are reluctant to accept it because the Shaitaan (devil) sits on their intellect. He scares them that what will society say? You will suffer a loss. This or that will happen. On the other hand those who are intelligent and true seekers of Allah, their happiness knows no bounds. They make their human life blessed by joining me.

The entire knowledge in this book, 'Musalman Nahin Samjhe Gyan Quran', has been written from the Holy Quran and the sacred nectar-speeches of the great men. Reading this will leave no room for doubt for the reader.

Purpose of book Musalman Nahin Samjhe Gyan Quran - Sant Rampal Ji

My aim is to give the right direction of worship to the human beings of the world; to set them on the path of truth. I am trying selflessly. Having God and Satguru (True Guru) as a witness, and having their fear in my mind, I am performing the act of benevolence. I hope that the human of the world is educated at present and will understand their respective holy books and will help in making my philanthropic work successful. He will get his and his family’s welfare done

Well-wisher of all human beings

Rampal Das
{Last Prophet of Satpurush (Master of Satlok)}


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