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Who is a Baakhabar

Question: If God is Kabir, then why do you worship Baakhabar Sant Rampal ji?

Many of our Muslim brothers say that if God is Kabir Sahib, then why do you worship the photo of Saint (Baakhabar) Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Rampal Das :- Give its answer in this way :-

Answer: - First of all, you should understand what the difference between worship and respect is :-

Listen! For example, a wife is devoted to her husband. She worships him. But she duly respects everyone. She greets everyone. Showing respect to someone is not counted in worship. A great man, who has shown the true path to the true God, has done great favour to man, it is our duty to revere him.

You (Muslims) believe four books to be true :- 1. Quran 2. Taurat 3. Zaboor 4. Injil. {Three books Taurat, Zaboor and Injil have been collectively bound in the Bible. The Bible is not a separate book.} You have read the "Creation of Nature" in the Bible which is written in the book Taurat. It describes that God created "Adam" from clay. Then He called all the angels and said that prostrate to "Adam", the man. An angel named Iblis did not prostrate himself and said, “He is a man made of clay. I will not bow my head before him.” Despite repeated advice, when he did not obey God's order, he was thrown out of heaven. He became known as Shaitan (Devil). All the other angels obeyed the command of God. They are happy in the Heaven. We, by the order of the (Kaadar Khuda) Almighty God Kabir, prostrate ourselves before Sant Rampal ji, who is our Guru (Spiritual Teacher). There is an order of the same Supreme God (Khuda Kabir) in the Sukshmved (Kalame Kabir) which is as follows: -

Kabir, Guru Gobind kar jaaniyo, chaliyo aagya maanhi |
miley to dandavat bandagi, nahin pal-pal dhyaan lagaahin ||
Kabir, Guru maanush kar jaantey, te nar kahiye andh |
hovein dukhi sansaar mein, aage yam ke fand ||

Meaning that it is the order of Allah Kabir, the Creator of the universe, the Sustainer that regard your Guru Ji (Gobind) as God and obey his orders. When you go to the ashram to see him or if he meets you on the way, then prostrate yourself before your guru. Remember his favour the rest of the time. Those who consider Guru ji to be a human and do not give him respect equivalent to God, they are (blind) devoid of the eyes of true spiritual knowledge. They will remain unhappy in this world and then fall into the noose of Yamraj i.e., in Hell. Guru ji's favour has been described that: -

Kabir, Satguru ke updesh ka suniya ek vichaar |
jae Satguru miltey nahin, to jaate yam dwaar ||
Kabir, yamdwaar mein doot sab, kartey kheinchaataan |
unse kabahu na chhootta, phir firta chaaron khaan ||
Kabir, chaar khaani mein bhramta, kabahu na lagta paar |
so fera sab mit gaya, mere Satguru ke upkaar ||
Kabir, saat samudr ki masi karoon, lekhni karoon banaraay |
dharti ka kaagaj karoon, guru gun likha na jaay ||

Meaning - What benefit has been obtained from taking initiation from Satguru ji and what harm would have been incurred if there were no Satguru, this has been explained that if we had not found Satguru ji, we would have burnt in the fire of hell. Yam's messengers would have beaten us. Then we would have suffered in the lives of animals, birds, insects etc.

All these sufferings were eliminated by the grace of Satguru ji. If I start writing the qualities of such a true (Pir) saint, then pens made from all the trees will wear out, ink equivalent to the seven seas will finish, and even if the paper is of the size of the earth, it will run out, but the beneficence of Guru ji cannot be described.

Sant Rampal Das ji is our Satguru (True Pir). Due to the above-mentioned benevolence, it is our duty to revere him by prostrating ourselves before him.

It is Supreme God Kabir’s order to prostrate oneself before Guru ji. It is obligatory to follow it; otherwise, one will get the title of a (shaitan) devil. Obeying the order will lead to heaven. Therefore, we prostrate ourselves before our Satguru.

Muslim brothers say that our God revealed the knowledge of Quran Majeed to Hazrat Muhammad ji. We bow (salute by kneeling and touching one’s forehead to the ground) to that Allah. Muslim brothers should contemplate that the giver of the knowledge of Quran Majeed has told in Surah Furqan 25 Verses no. 52-59 about God other than himself that He who created the whole universe, He forgives the sins of His devotees; He alone created human beings. Then He made someone son-in-law, daughter-in-law etc. He filled sweet and salty water separately in the earth. He created everything in six days and sat on the throne on the seventh day. Ask a Baakhabar (Tatvdarshi Saint) for information about Him. This clarifies that the the giver of the knowledge of Quran Majeed is not the Baakhabar. Muslim brothers bow their heads and salute (sajda) that person with little knowledge. If we do Sajda (by prostrating ourselves) to Baakhabar Saint Rampal ji, then what is the fault in it?

Question: Is Prophet Muhammad (Salal.) not a Baakhabar?

Will one not be able to go to Heaven by the way of worship told by him like (roza) fasting, (namaz) prayer, and giving (zakat) donation, please explain?

Answer:- Its answer is that in Quran Surah Furqan 25 Verses no. 52-59, Allah, the knowledge-giver of Quran, is clarifying that He who created all the living beings of the entire universe is the (Kaadar) Almighty Allah. He created the universe in six days. Then He went and sat on the throne in the sky. Ask a Baakhbar (Tatvdarshi) saint for information about Him.

Hazrat Muhammad ji had the knowledge of Quran. When Hazrat Muhammad's God is not a Baakhbar, then how can the prophet sent by him be a Baakhabar? When the knowledge itself is incomplete, then how can one go to heaven? When one is not a Baakhabar, then one can also not go to heaven. Sant Garibdas ji has said that:

Nabi Muhammad nahin bahisat sidhaana | peechhe bhoola hai turkaana ||

Meaning that, Prophet Muhammad himself did not go to (Bahisht) heaven. All (Turk) Muslims by following him have forgotten the true path of worship. They too cannot go to heaven.

Hazrat Muhammad (Salal.) is a prophet sent by the God who is the speaker of Quran Sharif and not that sent by Allah Kabir. For this, you have to take a look at the biography of Hazrat Mohammad (Salal.) which will show that pious soul Hazrat Muhammad (Salal.) had to face sorrows throughout his life. He lost his father and mother in childhood only. He was raised by his paternal uncle. When he became young, he married Khadija, who had been widowed twice. She too could not stay with him for long. Three sons and four daughters were born. His three sons also died before his eyes.

In order to promulgate the knowledge of Quran Majeed given by the God, whom the Prophet used to worship day and night with a true heart, the Prophet suffered injuries due to stone-pelting by the infidels. The infidels inflicted several atrocities on him. He spread the knowledge of the Quran while bearing everything. Due to all that struggle and worship of that God, Hazrat Muhammad had to spend his entire life in sorrows and even in the final moments of his life, he suffered tremendously when he met his death. So you can yourself draw an inference. He was the prophet of Kaal Brahm. He was not sent by God Kabir (Allahu Akabar). Therefore, one cannot go to heaven by the way of worship {Roza (fasting), Namaz (prayer) and Zakat (donation), celebrating Eid-Bakrid, etc} told by him. One can go to heaven only by worshipping one God Kabir by taking refuge in Baakhabar Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and performing the spiritual practice given by him while following all the rules throughout one’s life, and not by the way of worship imparted to Muhammad (Salal.) by Allah, the knowledge-giver of Quran.

Who is called a Baakhabar, that is, who is he? Please state it with evidence.

(Rampal Das) Answer them as follows: -

Answer: - The one who imparts the knowledge of all the books and the true worship of God is called a Baakhabar. He alone is called a Tatvdarshi Saint in Hindu society (religion), Waheguru in Sikh society, Messiah i.e. Knower of God in Christian society, and Baakhabar in Muslim society. It is the Baakhabar who comes to this world and gives us the complete information about God Kabir and the method of true worship. Who is God? What is He like? Where does He live? Only a Baakhabar gives all this information. At present, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is a Baakhabar in this world. Evidence from Holy Quran Majeed :-

Evidence no. 1 :- Surah Baqra -2 Verse no. 114

In this, God has been mentioned as the Baakhabar. When God is Baakhabar, then what title should be given to the one who is a Baakhabar? It is our duty to show the same respect to him too.

Evidence no. 2 :- Surah Luqman- 32 Verse no. 33  (31:34 ?)

In this verse also, God has been said to be All-Knowing i.e. Baakhabar.

Evidence no. 3 :- Surah Furqan- 25 Verses no. 52-59

It has been mentioned in these verses that Allah created the universe in six days and sat on the throne on the seventh day. It has been said to ask a Baakhabar for information about Him.

The Baakhabar, who has been mentioned in the above-mentioned verses, is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, who, at the present time, has told about the one Almighty God Kabir and the correct way of worshipping Him which is evident in all our books (Taurat, Zaboor, Injil, and Quran). None of the Hindu gurus or sages and prophets before him have told that Kabir is that God whom our Quran Sharif attests, the four Vedas attest. This proves that Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Baakhabar sent by that Allah Kabir.

The religious leaders (Maulanas) of the Muslim religion because of not having the knowledge of the Holy Quran Sharif considered Muhammad to be the Baakhabar; whereas the God (Kaal God), who gave the knowledge of Quran Sharif, is himself telling Mohammad Salal. that the God who created the sky and the earth and whatever is in between them in six days and became seated on the throne above on the seventh day, ask a Baakhabar for information about Him. Even the God, who is the speaker of Quran Sharif, does not know who that Baakhabar is. If Mohammad Salal. had been that Baakhabar, then God (Kaal God), who is the speaker of Quran Sharif, could have mentioned the name of Mohammad Salal. instead of Baakhabar. This clarifies that even God (Kaal God) who uttered Quran Sharif does not know who the Baakhabar is. A Baakhabar is the one who will tell the way of worship of the True God Kabir.

It is a request to the entire Muslim community that please take refuge in Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, who is the true Baakhabar, messenger, the current prophet, incarnation sent by God, and obtain the path to go to heaven. Therefore, the giver of the knowledge of Quran Majeed is also not worthy of worship because he is not a Baakhabar. Saint Rampal Das is Baakhabar. Therefore, we revere him by prostrating ourselves before him which is the order of Almighty Allah Kabir.

Read complete knowledge about Baakhabar in this very book, in the chapter titled "Who gave the complete spiritual knowledge?"

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