Form and Name of Allah

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Form and Name of Allah

Resolution of the Doubts of the Maulanas of Muslim Religion

"Who is Baakhabar? What is the Name of Allah?"

We, the servants, request Gurudev Rampal Das ji that when we hold a spiritual discussion with Muslim scholars, they ask questions. We are unable to give correct answers to them. Please tell us what answer we should give. The questions are as follows: -

Form of God

Question: - If God is in form i.e., in physical form and His name is Kabir, what is the proof of this?

Rampal Das: - Answer them like this: -

Answer: - God is in form. God has not been described as formless in the Quran Majeed. But because Muslim religious leaders lack knowledge of God, this Lord has been described as bechoon i.e. formless. In the Quran Majeed, God has been described as corporeal, that is, visible God in physical form. For more information, read the Chapter "From Hazrat Adam to Hazrat Muhammad".

For example, see following Quran Majeed Verses: -

Surah Luqman - 31 Verses no. 27-29: - In these verses, God has been described as the one who hears and sees.

Surah Hajj - 22 Verse no. 61: - In this, God has been described as magnificent and great (Kabir). Allah hears and sees.

In Surah Mumin - 40 Verse no. 12, the meaning of Kabir has been written as Great, whereas they should have written ‘Kabir’ itself.

These verses prove that Allah is in form i.e., corporeal. These Muslim religious leaders who lacked knowledge have interpreted God's real name ‘Kabir’ as Great which is wrong.

Muslim spokespersons accept that Allah once used to hover over the earth, over the water. After creating the earth, the sky and all the trees, plants, humans, animals and birds etc., He went and sat on a throne in the sky above. This automatically proves God to be in human-like form. Only a human sits on the throne (Takht).

It is clear in the Bible, Chapter Genesis, that the (Kaadar Allah) Almighty God, the Creator of all, made man like His appearance, that is, created him in resemblance to His image. This also automatically proves (Allah) God to be in human form. This is also proved that God is corporeal i.e. has a physical form. His name is ‘Kabir’, which the translators of the Quran have interpreted as ‘Great’.

What is the Name of Allah?

For example: -

Surah Mumin - 40 Verse 12:

Jaalikum biannahoo ijaa duai–yaallahu bahdahoo ka–fartum va inyyush–rak bihi tuaminoo falhukmu lillahil aliyyil–Kabir ||12||

English translation of the Hindi translation done by Muslims: - This is because when Allah alone was called upon, you rejected, but when partners were associated with Him, you accepted. So, the command is only with God who is the (Most) High and (the Most) Great. (12)

The correct translation of Surah Mumin-40 Verse 12 by Rampal Das:- (After death those who will be put in hell on the doomsday, they will then admit their mistake and apologise, then they will be told that) When you were asked to worship one God, you used to refuse. When you were asked to worship any other deity or idol other than God, you used to agree. That order (the order of not worshipping anyone other than God) is of that Supreme God Kabir alone. (12)

Meaning: - When you, Idol worshippers, were told the order of God Kabir to only worship that Almighty God Kabir, you used to refuse. Today, the order to put in Hell is also of that greatest God Kabir alone.

Muslim translators translated the meaning of "Kabir", which is the name of God, as "Great"; whereas "Most High God” also means Great, so to write the meaning as “Most High Great” is inappropriate. This is the order of the Most High i.e. Greatest God Kabir only. This meaning is correct.

See more :-

Surah Saba - 34 Verse no. 23

Va laa tanfaush–shafaautu indahoo illaa liman aji–na lahu hattaa ijaa fujji–a an kuloobihim kaaloo maajaa kaa–la rabbukum kaalulahaq–ka va huval–aliyyul–Kabir ||23||

English translation of the Hindi translation done by Muslim scholars (Surah Saba - 34 Verse no. 23): - And no intercession (for anyone) will be of any benefit before God, except by those granted permission by Him. So much so that when fear will be removed from their hearts, then they will say, “What has your Lord said?” The angels will reply, “(He said) what is right. And He is the Most High, (and) Most Great.” (23)

Correct translation of this: - (by Rampal Das)

Surah Saba-34 Verse no. 23 :- And no intercession will be of any benefit before God. One will automatically get the result of whatever deed one has performed, except those for whom He grants permission. So much so that when the fear will be removed from their hearts, then they will say, “What has your Lord said?” The angels will say, “(He said) what is right, that is, everyone be given the result of their deeds. That Lord Kabir is of a very high status, that is, that Kabir Allah is the Most Powerful, that is, God Kabir is Almighty. (23)

Now see

Surah Mulk - 67 Verse no. 9

Verse no. 9:- Kaaloo balaa kad jaa–anaa nazeerun fa–kajjbanaa va kulnaa maa najj–lallaahu min shaiin in antum illaa fee jalaalin Kabir ||9||

Translation done by Muslim scholar: -

Verse no. 9: - They will say, why not. Yes, a warner did come to us. But we denied him and said that God has not revealed anything. You are in great error. (9)

{This translator has written the meaning of "Kabir" as "great" in the translation of this verse too.}

Surah Mulk-67 Verse no. 9 :- (Accurate translation by Rampal Das):- In the verses before Verse no. 9, it has been mentioned that the people who tell the prophet, who has imparted the knowledge of this Quran, that you are lying, they will die by performing wrong religious practices by not following the instructions of Allah. Then they will be thrown into (Dojakh) hell and then (Dojakh's) hell’s police officers will ask them, “Did a messenger not come to you to give instructions? You have committed wrong deeds and have come to suffer.”

It has been mentioned in this Verse no. 9 that, "They will say that the one who gave instructions i.e. the prophet did come. We denied him by saying that God Kabir has not revealed anything (as you are telling). You are lying.”

Kabir = God Kabir

Important:- Kabir is considered to be an Arabic word which means great. Every word has a meaning. Like "Suraj Prakash" was the name of the king of a country. In his praise, it was said that King Suraj Prakash did a lot of work for the welfare of his citizens. He was a just and righteous king.” This praise was written in the form of couplets, verses or poetry. If someone translates it and changes the meaning of "Suraj Prakash" to "sun light" in its translation and does not write "Suraj Prakash", then how will one find out what the name of that country’s king was who did immense work for public welfare. If the content in the above-mentioned verses had not been related to Allah, and if it had been related to some other topic like drug prohibition or meritorious deeds etc and if it had the word Kabir mentioned in it, and its meaning had been written as ‘great’, then it would have been fine. But there is mention of God in it. Therefore, if Kabir is written as Kabir itself, then the name of Allah becomes clear, which is essential, and the purpose of the holy book becomes clear.


Surah Fatir (Fatiha)-1 Verses no. 1-7 :


In this, God has been called Rahim. Rahim means one who is merciful.

English translation of this verse: - "I begin by taking the name of God, who is Most Compassionate and Most Merciful."

In this, the name Kabir is not there in the original text, but His name is Kabir, this should also be written.

Understanding the knowledge given by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Baakhabar, today a large group of people are doing true worship by recognising their (Rahman Kaadar Rab) Merciful Almighty God Kabir.

The correct translation of this verse is as follows: - I begin by taking the name of God, Kabir, who is the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful. He is God Kabir who is the knower of all things and who has these qualities.

Important:- There are 7 verses in Surah Fatiha-1. The Muslim community says that the one who has sent this knowledge of the Quran is our Lord. Angel Jibreel brought the (ilm) knowledge given (told) by him in its entirety without any adulteration and gave it to Hazrat Muhammad.

The Knowledge-giver of Quran has said that "Begin in the name of Allah, who is the Most Compassionate and Merciful.” (If it is translated in this way that "Begin with the name of Kabir Allah, who is the Most Compassionate and Merciful", then it becomes more meaningful.)

  1. Verse no. 1 :- Praise is for Allah who is the Lord of the whole world.
  2. Verse no. 2 :- (He is) the Most Compassionate and Merciful.
  3. Verse no. 3 :- He is the Master of the Day of Judgement. (He alone judges everyone according to their deeds; He alone has the authority.)
  4. Verse no. 4 :- We only worship You and seek help from You alone.
  5. Verse no. 5 :- Show us the straight path.
  6. Verse no. 6 :- The path of those on whom You have bestowed Your grace.
  7. Verse no. 7 :- Those who have not been partaker of your (fury) wrath, who have not gone astray.

Important:- In this Surah, the Giver of the knowledge of Quran is asking to worship (Almighty Allah) the Master-of-All other than him. He is singing His glory that I am praising Him who is the (Rab) Creator and Sustainer of the entire world. He (Kabir) is the most compassionate and merciful. He alone keeps an account of all the deeds. I have prayed to Him alone, that show the true path of worship to those who worship You.

Please think:- Allah has a name; it is also imperative to write that name. For example, if you sing the glory of the Prime Minister, then his name also has to be mentioned. Muslim preachers have made this very mistake. The worshippers i.e. saints and great men whom Allah met on the earth after coming from His throne in the sky and told them the true knowledge, showed them His world in which His throne is, the place which is the best heaven (Satlok) among all the heavens, and then left those saints back on earth, those great souls have described the eye-witnessed appearance, name and the place of Allah. We should believe those great men.

Allah, to whom Hazrat Muhammad was taken by Jibreel, did not even appear to the Prophet. About that Allah behind the curtain, those great souls have told that he is Jyoti Niranjan Kaal, who has kept everyone trapped in his web. He misleads a living being. He does not provide clear knowledge. He gives incomplete knowledge. He has been cursed to eat one lakh human beings every day. Read more information in the chapter titled ‘Creation of Nature’. Everything will become clear.

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