God of Holy Quran and Bible is the same

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / God of Holy Quran and Bible is the same

God of Holy Quran and Bible is the same

Knowledge from Holy Quran

{Note: - The verses of the "Holy Quran" which have been quoted in this book for evidence, their photocopies taken from Holy Quran have been attached in the book. Please read there to match them.}

The Giver of the Knowledge of Both, the Bible and the Quran, is Same

The Allah who had bestowed the sacred knowledge of "Quran" to Hazrat Muhammad, is the same who revealed the knowledge of Holy "Zaboor" to Hazrat Dawood, the knowledge of Holy "Taurat" to Hazrat Moosa and the knowledge of Holy "Injil" to Hazrat Isa. All of them have the same Allah (God).

Proof: - Quran Majeed, Surah Al Muminoon no. 23, Verses no. 49-50

Verse no. 49: - And We gave the book to Moosa so that the people get guidance from it.

Verse no. 50: - And We made a sign of Maryam's son and his mother, and placed them on a high ground which was a place of leisure and the springs flowed in it.

Surah Al Hadid no. 57, Verses no. 26-27

Verse no. 26: - We sent Nuh and Ibrahim and placed the prophethood and the Book in their progeny. Then some among their offspring adopted the right path and many became disobedient.

Verse no. 27: - After them, we sent our messengers one after the other, and after that we sent Isa, son of Maryam, and gave him Injil, and we put compassion and kindness in the hearts of those who followed him, and they themselves invented the practice of asceticism (renunciation). We did not make it mandatory for them. But in the pursuit of pleasing Allah, they themselves invented this new thing and then they did not observe it as it ought to have been observed. We gave the reward to those who had faith among them. But most of them were disobedient. {Renunciation means leaving home and wandering in the mountains and forests in the search of God. As has been mentioned about Sheikh Farid, Bajid etc. You will read the detailed description in "Information About Al-Khijr (Al-Kabir)" in this book.}

Surah Al Baqra-2

Other evidence: In Quran Majeed, Surah Al Baqra-2 Verses no. 35-38, Allah, who has provided the knowledge of the Quran, is saying that: -

Verse no. 35: - Then We told Adam, "You and your wife, both live in heaven and eat whatever you want here. But do not go near this tree or else you will be counted among the transgressors.

Verse no. 36: - Finally, Shaitaan (Satan) tempting both of them towards that tree, got my order disobeyed. I ordered that now all of you get down from here. Become each other's enemies. (Snakes and humans became each other’s enemies.) And you have to stay on earth for an appointed time. You have to survive there.

Verse no. 37: - At that time, after learning a few words from his Lord, Adam repented (apologised) which his Lord accepted, because he is very forgiving and merciful.

Verse no. 38: - We said, “Get down from here now." Then follow (move ahead as per) the guidance that you receive from my side. For those who follow my guidance, there will be no chance of any fear and sorrow. (End of excerpt from Quran Majeed). 

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