Sikandar Lodhi's meeting with Allah Kabir

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / Sikandar Lodhi's meeting with Allah Kabir

Sikandar Lodhi's meeting with Allah Kabir

(Kaadir) Almighty Allah Kabir

{Allah Kabir used to say that Hindus and Muslims, Jews and Christians, you all are children of one God. Kaal Shaitan has divided you by misleading you.}

Once the Muslim Emperor of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi, developed burning pain in whole of his body. Burning pain is similar to when someone’s hand gets burnt in the fire; it is excruciatingly painful. In this illness, the body does not appear burnt from anywhere, but the pain is extreme. It is called burning pain. When the sins of a living being increase, the medicine also becomes ineffective. The same thing happened with Sikandar Lodhi, the Emperor of Delhi. He took all kinds of medicines. He sent for eminent doctors and kept a reward saying that he who cures me will get whatever he asks for. God knows what a person may vow for at the time of grief! All the measures failed. After that, he received spiritual treatment from his religious leaders, Qajis, Mullahs, saints etc, but everything failed. {When we are distraught, we are no more a Hindu or a Muslim. Then we go wherever we can get relief. Generally, the Hindus say that Muslims are bad and Muslims say that Hindus are bad, but when we become unwell, then we do not see anyone as Hindu or Muslim. When a crisis befalls us, then no one is bad. Those Muslims who are bad are bad and those Hindus who are bad are also bad, but there are good people in both too. There are good and bad people in every religion, but we are living beings. Our race is living being, our religion is mankind, and our aim is to attain God.} He also sent for Hindu doctors and spiritual saints. He himself also went and met them and took blessings from everyone and got incantations performed, but all efforts were in vain. Someone told him that there is a great man named Kabir in the city of Kashi. If he shows mercy to you, your suffering will surely be relieved.

When Emperor Sikandar heard that a great man lived in Kashi, he vaguely recalled that he may be the same person who had even resurrected the cow. With thousands of bodyguards, he left for Kashi from Delhi. Birsingh Baghela, the King of Kashi had already become a disciple of Lord Kabir after hearing the glory and knowledge of Lord Kabir and had full faith in his Gurudev. He was aware of Lord Kabir's power because God Kabir had performed many divine acts there.

When Sikandar Lodhi went to Banaras (Kashi), he said to Bir Singh, “I am distraught. Now all that remains is to die. Is there a saint named Kabir here in Kashi? You must be familiar with his stature.” As soon as the King of Kashi, Bir Singh, heard this from Emperor Sikandar’s mouth, his eyes filled with tears and he said, “Now you have come to the right place. Now your sorrow will end.” Emperor Sikandar asked, “What makes you say so?” Bir Singh said, “That Kabir is God Himself. He is the embodiment of God. If he showed mercy, your disease will be cured.” Emperor Sikandar said, “Call him quickly.” The King of Kashi, Birdev Singh Baghel, humbly prayed, “Your wish is my command; I will send for him. But I have heard that saints should not be sent for. Even if they come and did not show grace, there will be no benefit. The rest is your wish.” Sikandar said, “Alright, I will myself go to him. I have come this far, I will definitely go there too.”

Curing the Incurable Illness of Emperor Sikandar Lodhi

It was evening. Bir Singh knew that at this time Lord Kabir is always in the ashram of his supposed Gurudev Swami Ramanand ji. This is the time to meet God Kabir there. Birdev Singh Baghel, the King of Kashi and Sikandar Lodhi, the Emperor of Delhi, both stood in front of the ashram of Swami Ramanand ji. After reaching there, they learned that Lord Kabir had not come yet, he was about to come. Bir Singh did not go inside. He had asked the servant standing outside. Sikandar said, “Let us rest in the ashram until then." King Bir Singh said to the gatekeeper of Swami Ramanand ji, “Pray to Swami Ramanand ji that the Emperor of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi, wishes to see you, and he would also like to wait for Lord Kabir in your ashram itself.” The servant went inside and told Ramanand ji that the Emperor of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi had come. Ramanand ji used to despise Muslims. Ramanand ji said, “I do not even see the face of these (malechh) despicable people. Tell him to sit outside.” When Sikandar Lodhi heard this, he was livid (because there is a lot of arrogance in a king and he was the Emperor of Delhi) and said, “If this insignificant mahatma can disrespect the Emperor of Delhi, then what behavior he must be having towards an ordinary Muslim? Let me teach him a lesson.” Swami Ramanand ji was sitting on a separate seat. Sikandar Lodhi went and beheaded Ramanand ji with his sword. As he walked back, it occurred to him that the work he had come for would no longer be completed. He said, “O Bir Singh! See, what atrocity did I commit? I am having very bad days. I want to do good and bad happens. I killed Lord Kabir's Gurudev. Now he will never show mercy to me. I will have to bear this illness till my death. I am a very sinful person.” Saying this, he walked out of the ashram. What could Bir Singh say in front of his emperor?

As soon as they came out of the ashram, Lord Kabir was seen coming. Bir Singh said, “O Emperor! My Gurudev Lord Kabir has come.” When Lord Kabir was a short distance away, Bir Singh prostrated himself on the ground in reverence before Lord Kabir. Sikandar was terrified. {If he had not committed this atrocity, he would not have prostrated himself and if he had not prostrated, then Lord would not have been able to show mercy to him. Because this is the rule.

"Ati aadheen deen ho praani, taatey kahiye ye akath kahaani |"

Oochche paatr jal na jaayi, taatey neecha hujae bhai |

Aadheeni ke paas hain Poorn Brahm Dayaal | maan badaai maariye be adbi sir kaal ||

Here, Supreme God Kabir killed two birds with one stone. The feeling of religious discrimination was remaining in Swami Ramanand ji, that too had to be removed. Ramanand ji still considered Muslims to be different and inferior to the Hindus. Sikandar had a sense of arrogance. If he had not been humble, Lord Kabir would not have shown mercy to him and Sikander would not have become healthy.} Seeing Bir Singh prostrating, Sikandar Lodhi also prostrated himself in fear. {Muslims say that our head only bows before Allah. The head of a Muslim will not bow in front of anyone else. Allah Akbar was standing in front. His head automatically bowed.} Supreme God Kabir placed his hands on the heads of both the kings and said, “How have two kings come to this pauper today? What brings you here to this poor man?” God Kabir had not even removed his hand and Sikandar's burning pain ended. Tears appeared in Sikander Lodhi's eyes. (In the presence of a saint, the mind becomes subdued and the soul gets elevated, because God is the companion of the soul. “Antaryami Ek Tu Aatm Ke Aadhaar.” God Kabir is the basis of the soul.) Sikandar Lodhi held on to Lord Kabir’s feet and did not let go and kept on crying. Despite being Omniscient, Lord Kabir asked Sikandar Lodhi, the Emperor of Delhi, “What is the matter?” Sikandar said, “O Embodiment of Allah! I have committed a heinous crime. You cannot forgive me. The work for which I had come, that incurable illness got cured merely by your blessings. Please forgive this sinner.” Lord Kabir said, “I have forgiven you. Tell me what happened?” Sikandar said, “I have committed such a sin that you cannot forgive me.” Lord Kabir said, “I have forgiven you.” Sikander again said, “Have you really forgiven me?” Lord Kabir said, “Yes, I have forgiven you. Now tell me what the problem is.” Sikander said, “O Benefactor! This sinner has murdered your Gurudev out of anger.” And then he narrated the whole saga. Lord Kabir said, “No problem. Whatever happened, has happened only by God's will. You must only leave after getting the last rites of Swami Ramanand ji performed; otherwise, you will become an object of condemnation.” God Kabir did not get angry. Sikandar Lodhi looked at Bir Singh's face and said, “O Bir Singh! He is really Allah. Look, I beheaded his Gurudev and Kabir ji did not even get angry.” Bir Singh remained silent and moved along, thinking in his heart “This is nothing. There is a lot more to see. This is just the beginning.”

Resurrecting Swami Ramanand Ji

Supreme God Kabir went inside and saw that Ramanand ji's torso and his head were lying separately. His body was covered with a sheet. Lord Kabir prostrated himself before the dead body of his Gurudev and touched his feet and said, “Gurudev, please get up. The Emperor of Delhi has come to see you. Please get up.” As soon as he said it the second time, the head rose on its own and got attached to the torso, and Ramanand ji came back to life. “Glory be to Satguru Dev!"

All Humans are Children of One God; He Who Believes in Two is Ignorant

Half blood and half milk had come out of Ramanand ji's body. When Swami Ramanand ji asked Lord Kabir the reason, “O Lord Kabir! How did half blood and half milk come out of my body?”, Lord Kabir said, “Swami ji, you still have a shortcoming in you that till now you consider Hindu and Muslim as two. That is why, half blood and half milk have come out. You have accepted people of other castes as your companions. But Hindus and Muslims are children of the same one God. All beings are one. You know everything. You are performing a divine act”, that is, explained everything through circumlocution.

Kabir - Alakh ilaahi ek hai, naam dharaaya doy |
kahae Kabir do naam suni, bharam paro mati koy ||1||
Kabir - Ram Raheema ek hai, naam dharaaya doy |
kahae Kabir do naam suni, bharam paro mati koy ||2||
Kabir - Krishna Kareema ek hai, naam dharaaya doy |
kahae Kabir do naam suni, bharam paro mati koy ||3||
Kabir - Kashi Kaaba ek hai, ekae Ram Raheem |
maida ek pakvaan bahu, baithi Kabira jeem ||4||
Kabir - ek vastu ke naam bahu, leejae vastu pahichaan |
naam paksh nahin keejiye, saar tatv le jaan ||5||
Kabir - sab kaahuka leejiye, saancha shabd nihaar |
pakshpaat naa keejiye, kahae Kabir vichaar ||6||
Kabir - Ram Kabira ek hai, dooja kabahoo naa hoy |
antar taati kapat kee, taatae deekhey doy ||7||
Kabir - Ram Kabir ek hai, kahan sunan ko doy |
do kari soyi jaanayi, Satguru milaa naa hoy ||8||

Ramanand ji embraced Sikandar, and after that he started giving love to Hindus and Muslims and people of all castes and religions as the children of God. He thanked his supposed disciple, in reality Supreme God, Kabir and said, “You have completely dispelled my ignorance. We are the children of one Father God; I firmly believe this now.” {Shekhtaqi, the religious leader of the Emperor of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi, had also accompanied him to Banaras. He had stayed back in the rest house. Because Shekhtaqi was extremely jealous of Hindu saints and used to call them and their disciples infidels. Therefore, he had refused to go to Swami Ramanand ji's ashram. He had not gone with Emperor Sikandar Lodhi to Swami Ramanand ji's ashram.}

Shekhtaqi Pir did not recognise Allah: - The Emperor of India, Sikandar, on returning to his rest house, happily told his religious Pir Shekhtaqi about the wonderful miracles performed by Supreme God Kabir in terms of curing his illness with mere blessings and resurrecting Swami Ramanand Ji, and said, “Pir Ji! I am completely healthy. I have no pain in any part of my body. {It was evening. Lord Kabir had gone to his hut saying that he would come in the morning.}

When Shekhtaqi heard considerable praise for another Pir (saint) from the Emperor, he felt extremely jealous inside. He kept tossing and turning all night, conspiring to humiliate Supreme God Kabir.

A Brief Introduction to the Holy Muslim Religion

Next day Venerable Supreme God Kabir reached the royal court. The King of Kashi, Birdev Singh Baghel, and the Emperor of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi, prostrated themselves in reverence before KavirDev and made Him sit on a chair. Both the kings themselves sat down on the carpet laid on the floor. Emperor Sikandar prayed, “O Nurturer of all! My illness neither got cured by the Hindu saints nor by Muslim Pirs, Qajis and Mullahs. O Merciful to the poor! What was the reason that my fatal illness vanished merely by your blessings? I ate a full meal last night. I had been troubled by this pain for years. I have become healthy by your grace.”

Supreme God Kabir told him, “O King! only Supreme God Allahu Akbar (Allahu Kabiru) can destroy (forgive) all sins. Other gods can only give the fruits of the deeds done. Just as a living being gets sorrow from sin and happiness from virtue. You were suffering because of sinful deeds. This was written in your destiny. It could not have been cured by any other deity or lord because neither the Hindu saints and gurus nor the Muslim Pirs, Qajis and Mullah know the real knowledge and method of worship of the Supreme God (Allahu Kabiru), the destroyer of sins. Only this slave (God Kabir) knows the method of worship and complete knowledge of that Almighty God. Neither Shri Ram nor Shri Krishna i.e., Shri Vishnu ji know, nor Shri Brahma ji and Shri Shiv ji, nor Brahm (whom you call the formless Lord) knows. Neither Hazrat Muhammad knew, nor other Muslim Pirs, Qajis and Mullah know. Without the worship of that (Kaadir) Almighty Allah, none of the sufferings written in fate can end. This is the reason that no Hindu or Muslim Pir could cure you.”

Conversation with a Muslim Pir Named Shekhtaqi

Hearing the above words from the lotus mouth of Supreme God Kabir, Shekhtaqi said in a sarcastic manner, “Only you know all the knowledge. You are even calling our Hazrat Muhammad ignorant.” While defending Birdev Singh Baghel, King of Kashi said, Pir ji, what is the point of getting angry in this? Get the doubt resolved politely.” The King of Kashi knew that revered Lord Kabir, who is full of knowledge, wants to clear the confusion of Pir ji by conducting a debate. The King of Kashi said to Shekhtaqi, “You should ask the reason why Kabir ji stated that Hazrat Muhammad ji was devoid of complete knowledge.” Shekhtaqi said, “I am asking the question only. Kabir ji should give reasons, on what basis has he called our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad an ignorant?”

What is Mentioned About God in the Holy Quran Majeed?

Most Venerable Supreme God Kabir started speaking. Kabir Allah, who has been mentioned in the Holy Quran Sharif (Surat Furqan 25 Verses 52, 58, 59), is (Kaadir Khuda) the Almighty God, whom you call Allahu Akbar (Akbiru). The giver of knowledge of the Quran has sung praises of Allah named Kabir other than himself. (In verses no. 52 to 58 and 59) God, the giver of knowledge of Quran Sharif, has said to Hazrat Muhammad ji, “O Prophet Muhammad! Allah, whose name is Kabir, has created all the brahmands (universes). He is the destroyer (forgiver) of all sins and is worthy of being worshipped by all. He alone has created everything between the earth and the sky in six days and on the seventh day, He sat on the throne in the sky. Ask a Tatvdarshi Saint (Baakhabar) for the method of worship and complete knowledge about that Omnipotent, Creator of all universes, Destroyer of all sins, God Kabir (Allahu Akbar).” God Kabir said, “Shekhtaqi ji, when even your Allah does not know, then how can your Hazrat Muhammad have complete knowledge? Hence, other qajis, mullahs and pirs are also devoid of true worship and complete spiritual knowledge. Due to which, the suffering of a worshipper who prays on the basis of incomplete knowledge is not removed. Other religious practices like offering Namaz (prayer) five times a day, (roza) fasting and making a call to prayer (Bang / Ajaan) etc., do not lead to salvation and relief from suffering. One continues to be in birth and death, and one still has to suffer based on one’s deeds in the Pitar Lok (place where spirits of deceased ancestors live) built in heaven, in hell, as well as in the bodies of other living beings.”

Hearing the above statements, Shekhtaqi immediately opened the Quran Sharif and read Surat Furqan 25 Verses 52-59 according to which the aforesaid description was correct. Despite seeing the reality with his eyes, fearing disrepute, he said, “Such a thing is not written anywhere. This infidel is lying.” There was a lack of education at that time. Even Emperor Sikandar became suspicious that God Kabir might be powerful, but being uneducated, he would not know about the Quran.

Shekhtaqi uttered malicious words, “Are you that Baakhabar? Then tell us what Allahu Akbar is like? If you call God corporeal, then who is He? Where does he live?”

Supreme God Kabir said, "That Kabir Allah, whom you call Allahu Akbar, that is me. I live above in Satlok. I only have created all the brahmands. I had also met Hazrat Muhammad in the form of a Jinda Saint. I had shown that dear soul Satlok and then had left him back on earth. I had told Hazrat Muhammad, “Now you should narrate my glory to all the followers. Give the other book 'Kalame Kabir' given by me to your followers. But Muhammad did not preach Tatvgyan (true spiritual knowledge), neither did he believe my words.

The religious practice which Hazrat Muhammad ji used to do, the same religious practice is also being done by the rest of the Muslim society. At present, all Muslim devotees are also consuming meat. But Prophet Muhammad never ate meat and neither did his followers who were in lakhs nor did one lakh eighty thousand prophets eat meat. They only used to observe (roza) fast, (azaan) give a call to prayer and offer Namaz. They did not slaughter cows etc.

Nabi Muhammad namaskaar hai, Ram rasool kahaaya |
Ek laakh assi koon saugandh, jin nahin karad chalaaya ||
Aras kuras par Allah takht hai, Khaalik bin nahin khaali |
Ve paigambar paakh purush the, Sahib ke abdaali ||

Meaning: - Prophet Muhammad is respectable, that he has been called the incarnation of the Lord. I swear to the one lakh eighty thousand who were his followers, they also never slaughtered goats, chickens and cows etc., that is, they never committed violence and did not eat meat. Hazrat Mohammad, Hazrat Musa, Hazrat Isa etc. Prophets (messengers) were holy persons and they were recipients of the favour of Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan / Kaal), but the Supreme God (Allahu Akbar i.e., Allah Kabir) who is present in the highest point (Satlok) of the sky, no one can escape the eyes of that Master of the universe.

Maari gaoo shabd ke teeram, aise the Mohammad peeram |
Shabdae phir jivaee, hansa raakhya maans nahin bhaakhya, aise peer Muhammad bhaai ||

Meaning: Once, Prophet Muhammad killed a cow by his word (Vachan Siddhi = word power) and made it alive in front of everyone. He did not eat the cow’s meat. Now the Muslim society is not aware of the reality. To commemorate the day the cow was resurrected, you slaughter a cow. If you cannot revive it, you do not have the right to kill it too. You eat and feed the meat considering it blessed food. You yourself also incur sin and you are misleading the followers too. You are becoming a recipient of hell.

God Kabir said:-

Ham Muhammad ko Satlok le gayo | ichchha roop vahaan nahin rahyo ||
Ult Muhammad mahal pathaaya | guj beeraj ek kalma laaya ||
Roja, bang, namaaj daee re | bismil ki nahin baat kahee re ||

Meaning: - I (God Kabir) had taken Prophet Muhammad to Satlok, but he expressed the desire not to stay there. I sent Muhammad ji back in his body. Earlier, Angel Jibreel had taken Hazrat Muhammad to Kaal Brahm. He did instruct Prophet Muhammad to observe (Roza) fast, recite azaan (praising the Lord in a loud voice) and offer namaz (prayer) five times a day, but he did not instruct to (bismil) slaughter animals like cows etc.

Hearing the above conversation, Shekhtaqi Pir angrily said, “What do you know about the Quran Sharif and our Prophet; you are illiterate. You are spreading misconceptions by propagating false information about our religion. Let me tell you how the sacred speech of the Holy Quran Majeed (Sharif) was obtained. Shekhtaqi (who was the religious guru of the Emperor of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi, and whose every order was obeyed by Muslims all over India) said, “Listen, O Kabir! The life story of our Prophet Muhammad.

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