Instructions and Orders of the Creator Regarding Food for Humans

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Instructions and Orders of the Creator Regarding Food for Humans

In Holy Book Bible, in the topic of Genesis, in Chapters 1-2, in Genesis 1:26: - Then God said that – We should create man according to our image, in our likeness. And let them have authority over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and the domestic animals and all the creeping creatures that move on the earth. (26)

{To have authority means that man has been made wiser than other living beings so that he can control all beings. There is no order to eat them.]

1:27: Then God created man according to his image. He created man as male and female.

1:28: God blessed man and said to them: - Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth.

Instructions for Food for Humans

1:29 :- Then God said to them (humans), listen! Whatever seed-bearing plants are on the whole earth (i.e. millet, sorghum, wheat, rice, gram, maize, cashew, almond, pistachio etc.) and whatever trees have seed-bearing fruits (mango, guava, java plum, bananas, grapes etc.), I have given them all to you; they are for your food.

1:30 :- And to all the animals of the earth, the birds of the sky and the creatures that crawl on the earth, that have breath of life in them, I have given all the green plants as food for them to eat. And so it happened.

1:31 :- Then God saw all that he had made, he saw that it was very good. And there was evening. Then there was morning. Thus became the sixth day.

Chapter 2

2:2 :- Thus the making of the sky and earth and all its army finished. And God finished his work, which he used to do, and he took rest from all the work he had done on the seventh day.

2:3 :- And God blessed and sanctified the seventh day because in it he took rest from all the work of creation of the universe.

Important: - Regarding the food of human, this is the order of that Allah, about whom it is mentioned in the Quran, Surah Furqani 25 Verses no. 52-59 that "Kabir Allah created the whole universe in six days. Then He went and sat down on the throne in the sky above. Ask a Baakhabar (Tatvdarshi Saint) for news, that is, complete information about Him. (Find out from him.)"

This is Kaadar Allah (Allah Taala), Almighty God, the Creator of the universe. Whatever creation He had to do, He did in six days and whatever order He had to give regarding the food of the living beings, He gave, and on the seventh day, He went and sat down on the throne in his own abode in the sky above. He has not ordered humans (male and female) to eat meat. By disobeying His order, and obeying the order of others, those who eat meat are violating the law of God and they will be punished.

Important: - This statement of the Bible proves that the Creator of the universe had created many men and women (human beings) by His word and had created many animals, birds and creatures of earth and water. As it is said - {Bible Genesis 1:25] On the sixth day: - In this way, God created all the wild animals of the earth and all the creatures that crawled on the land.

1:26-27 :- Then God created human beings according to His image. He created human beings by making male and female.

The description that is given further in the Bible is of the period after the universal dissolution. Nonetheless, we have to understand the issue of not eating meat. It is clear from this that Purna Brahm (Kaadar Allah) i.e. the Supreme God has not ordered human beings to eat meat. One incurs sin by eating meat. Read detailed description ahead: -

After Allah’s departure to the throne, Kaal Brahm again created humans in it. Its description is given ahead. Kaal Brahm has made his three sons (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv) the administrators here. He has given them the right to give fruits according to one’s deeds. He himself remains hidden.

If somewhere further in this holy book Bible, there is an instruction to eat meat, it is not from that (Purna Brahm) Complete God. Similarly, if there is a command in the Holy Bible or in the Holy Quran to eat meat, then it is not of the Complete God (Almighty Allah). We do not have to accept it.

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