Does Allah Visit Planet Earth

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Does Allah Visit Planet Earth

Muslim Scholars claim that Allah Never Visits Earth

The Ulma (scholars) of Muslim religion say, “Allah Taala never comes to the earth as a human being, as is mentioned in the book of Hindu religion Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 Verses 7-8.

Gita Chapter 4 Verse 7

Yada yada hi dharmasya glaaniH bhavti bharatH |
Abhyutthaanm dharmasya tadaa aatmaanaam sanjaami aham ||7||

That is, O Bharat (Arjun)! Whenever there is an increase in unrighteousness, and decline in righteousness on the earth, at that time I give rise to my part incarnations. They take birth on earth.

Gita Chapter 4 Verse 8

Paritraanaay saadhoonaam vinaashaay ch dushkrtaam |
Dharm sansthaapanaarthaay sambhavaami yuge yuge ||8||

That is, to emancipate the sages and great men, to destroy those who do sinful deeds and to establish religion well, I give rise to my incarnations.

We (Muslims) do not believe this.”

Preachers of Muslim religion say that for example, an engineer made a DVD Player. In order to understand and operate it, he wrote a User Manual. Read the manual and play the DVD player. Why will the engineer come?

Meaning that God (Allah) created human (man and woman). Then God (Allah) sent the holy scriptures like Holy Quran, Bible (Taurat, Zaboor and Injil) as Manuals. Read them and perform your religious deeds and duties.

This humble servant’s (Rampal Das’) argument

If a layman is unable to understand the Manual, and his DVD player does not work, then the engineer comes to explain the Manual to him. For instance, Allah Kabir had sent Sukshm Ved in the form of a Manual to Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan). He sent the incomplete knowledge of the Sukshm Ved in the four Vedas, Gita, and in the four holy books Quran, Zaboor, Taurat and Injil etc. By not even understanding the Manual of that incomplete knowledge properly, people of all religions started performing religious practices against the scriptures, then the (Kaadar) Almighty Allah i.e. the Engineer had come and brought with Him the Manual of complete spiritual knowledge (Sukshm Ved), and He comes in every (yug) era. He meets good souls. He resolves the complexities in their method of worship. He imparts true spiritual knowledge to them. Then those saints renounce their wrong religious practice and attain salvation by following the true method of worship.

{In Quran Majeed Surah Al Hadid 57 Verses no. 26-27, the knowledge-giver of Quran has said, “They (some of the worshippers) themselves invented the practice of Rehbaniyat (sanyas / monasticism). We did not make it mandatory for them. But to seek Allah’s pleasure i.e., in the desire to meet God, they themselves came up with this new thing." This has been said for those Muslim ascetics, to whom Allah comes as His own prophet and meets righteous souls. He imparts the correct and complete knowledge of the worship of Allah to them. Then they start doing that worship. They renounce the way of worship prevalent in their religion. They are opposed by the people of their religion. Due to which they used to take sanyas (monasticism). Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) by misleading the people of every religion tells them to worship contrary to their own religious texts. He keeps sending his messengers. He inspires to do meditation, to perform arduous religious practices. In the quest for attainment of God, the worshipper starts doing that. The Supreme God (Kaadar Allah) meets them and tells them the true and easy method of worship of chanting (naam) mantras.}

For example: -

1. Sheikh Farid ji earlier used to perform the religious practices prevalent in the Muslim religion. Then he was doing wrong spiritual practice as told by an ascetic. Allah Taala Himself met him in the guise of a Jinda Baba (Muslim saint), and told him the true way of worship. He was emancipated. {Read about Sheikh Farid in the chapter “Information about Al-Khijr (Al-Kabir)”.

2. God met Dharmdas ji (Bandhavgarh) who was firm on the worship of Shri Ram, Shri Krishna (Shri Vishnu) and Shri Shiv regarding them as the Supreme God. Supreme God met him in the guise of a Jinda Baba on a pilgrimage in Mathura city (India) and gave the information about (Himself) that True Lord. He told him the true way of worship. Dharmdas ji gave up his wrong belief and wrong religious practice and made his human life blessed by doing true worship as told by God Kabir ji.

3. God met Dadu Das ji, told him true worship and emancipated him.

4. God Kabir met Swami Ramanand ji Maharishi in Kashi city (India) when Allah Taala Kabir Ji stayed on the earth for one hundred and twenty years to perform his divine acts. Swami Ramanand ji had not even properly understood the incomplete Manual i.e., the knowledge of all the four Vedas and Gita. He had misinterpreted them and was performing wrong religious practice considering Shri Vishnu ji the Supreme God. Almighty God Kabir ji explained to Swami Ramanand ji from Vedas and from Gita itself that if you believe that Shri Krishna has uttered Gita then in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 12, Chapter 4 Verse 5, Chapter 10 Verse 2, the giver of the knowledge of Gita is describing himself to be in the cycle of birth and death. He is perishable.

In Gita Chapter 2 Verse 17, Chapter 15 Verse 17, Chapter 18 Verses 46, 61-62 and in Chapter 8 Verses 3, 8-10 and 20-22, he has talked about the Immortal and the Giver of complete salvation, Param Akshar Brahm, other than himself and has advised people to go only in His refuge.

Swami Ramanand ji could not understand the Vedas and the Gita i.e., the Manual properly. To explain that Manual properly, Allah Taala, the Creator, Kabir Ji had to come to the earth and impart the complete spiritual knowledge (Sukshm ved). Then Swami Ramanand ji gave up the wrong religious practice of Hindu religion and got emancipated by doing true worship.

Supreme God came to Earth & met Sant Garibdas ji

Supreme God came to Earth from Satlok (Eternal Supreme Abode) and met Sant Garibdas ji {Village-Chhudani, District-Jhajjar, Haryana (India)} in the guise of a Jinda Baba. He took him up in the sky to that imperishable world where the (Kaadar) Almighty Allah resides, sits on a (takht) throne. Making him His witness, God left him back in his body and gave him accurate spiritual knowledge i.e. the complete and correct Manual which is written in the speech i.e. Amar Granth of Sant Garibdas ji, on the basis of which this humble servant (author) performs and gets all religious activities done.

God Does Visit Earth - Bible

In the Bible (which is a collection of three books namely Zaboor, Taurat and Injil), there is evidence on page 30 in Chapter "Genesis" 26:1-3 that Jehovah (God i.e. Allah) appeared to Isaac and said, "Do not go to Egypt. Stay in the country that I tell you. I will be with you."

It is written in the Bible in the Chapter Genesis on Page 17 in "The Covenant of Circumcision" in Chapter 17 Verses 1 - 2 :- When Abram was ninety-nine years old, then Jehovah (Lord) appeared to him and said, "I am Almighty; Walk in my presence and become perfect."

Allah met Taimurlang on the earth

Taimurlang Muslim was very poor. His mother was very religious. She used to serve the guests, sadhus and saints. Many times, she herself used to remain hungry, but always used to feed the guests and the passers-by. A similar situation arose one day when there was flour for only one (roti) bread in the house. The mother made bread and took it to the forest for her son Taimurlang, who used to graze the sheeps and goats of the moneylenders. The mother herself remained hungry. She had taken the bread for her son. When Taimurlang started eating food, at that very moment Allah Taala came in the guise of a Jinda Saint and asked for bread. He said, “Son! I am hungry for many days. I asked many people for food, no one gave it; I am about to die.” {Taimurlang had the qualities of his mother. He had inherited good virtues from his parents. His father had passed away.} Taimurlang instantly gave the bread to the saint. Allah Taala Kabir ate the bread and drank water. When Allah was eating the bread, both the mother and son prayed, “O Baba! We are very poor. Give us so much that we also do not remain hungry, and the guest also does not leave unfed.” They prayed several times. After having food, Allah, disguised as a Jinda Saint, picked up a chain, which is used instead of a rope to tie a cow, buffalo or goat to a peg or tree, kept near Taimurlang, folded it three times and lovingly hit Taimurlang’s back with it seven times. (Like one, two, three...seven.) Then He kicked and punched him.

Taimurlang's mother thought, “We have requested again and again; Baba got irritated. He is beating the boy out of anger.” The mother said, “O Lord! O Embodiment of Allah! What mistake did my son commit? Forgive him. He is your child.” Then the Baba in Jinda form said, “Mother! The seven times that I have hit your son with the chain, I have granted the pleasure of kingdom to your son for seven generations. The kicks and punches that I have given, this means that your kingdom will be divided into pieces after seven generations.” Saying this, Allah in Jinda Baba form disappeared. Taimurlang became a king in due course of time. He also captured India. Seven generations from Taimurlang to Aurangzeb ruled Delhi. Then the kingdom divided into pieces. History is also its witness.

Allah Akabar met Nanak Dev Ji

Allah Akabar (Supreme God Kabir) also met Nanak Dev Ji (the founder of Sikhism). Shri Nanak Dev Ji was a supreme devotee of Shri Ramchandra, Shri Krishna i.e. Vishnu ji. He was born in Hindu religion. He used to read Shrimad Bhagavat Gita. Brijlal Pandey used to teach him Gita. Supreme God Kabir met him at Bein river near Sultanpur Lodhi city in the morning and gave him the Manual of complete spiritual knowledge. God Kabir took him to Sachkhand (Satlok) and then left him back. After that Shri Nanak Dev Ji relinquished all the religious practices prevalent in the Hindu religion and made his life blessed by worshipping one God (SatPurush).

The above pieces of evidence proved that Allah Taala Kabir, the Creator of all, roams the earth like a human. He imparts true spiritual knowledge. An episode related to this has been written in detail in the chapter "Information about Al-Khijr (Al-Kabir)".

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