Miraj of Prophet Muhammad

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Miraj of Prophet Muhammad

Pious soul, Prophet Muhammad ji, received the sacred knowledge of Holy Quran Majeed. It is due to Prophet Muhammad ji that the knowledge of Quran is among us. Therefore, the experience of Prophet Muhammad is of no less importance than the Quran Majeed.

There is a priceless incident in the biography of Muhammad ji, the Messenger of Allah, which is as follows: -

Miraj of Prophet Muhammad

One morning, Prophet Muhammad told his companions about his ordeal. He said, “Angel Jibreel came last night. Opening my chest, he put a holy thing and then restored it to the previous state. Then making me sit on a mule-like animal named Buraq, he took me to the skies. He took me to the heaven in the first sky. There, a man was sitting between the heaven and the hell. When he used to look towards heaven, he used to laugh. When he used to look towards hell, he used to cry bitterly. I (Prophet Muhammad) asked Angel Jibreel, “O Jibreel! Who is this man? When he faces right, he laughs and when he looks to the left, he starts crying. What is the reason?”

Angel Jibreel told me, “This is Adam, the father of all men. On the left is hell. In hell is his progeny who performed evil deeds. They did not follow the path of worship prescribed by Allah; therefore, they are suffering in hell. Seeing them sad, he cries, and on his right is heaven. In that is his that progeny who worshiped according to the orders of Allah and who is extremely happy. He laughs happily on seeing him.” Prophet Muhammad ji further told, “When I went near Baba Adam with Jibreel, he said, “Come, the righteous prophet! The righteous son!” Saying this, he embraced me and blessed me for the advancement of the community. Then Jibreel angel took me further in Heaven to such a place (in another sky) where a congregation of prophets was sitting. Prophet Dawood ji, Prophet Musa ji, Prophet Isa etc. one lakh eighty thousand prophets were present there. They gave me special respect. I led them all in (namaz) prayer. After this, Jibreel asked me to ascend higher, and both Jibreel and Buraq stayed behind. I alone (Prophet Muhammad ji) went ahead, climbed the stairs. Then a voice came from behind the curtain that offer fifty namaz (prayer) daily and get it done by your followers. Observe roza (fast), give azaan (bang / call to prayer); go. I came back to the place where all the prophets were sitting. Seeing me, Musa ji came and asked, “What did Allah command?” I (Prophet Muhammad ji) told, “I and my community have been ordered to do Namaz fifty times a day, and we have also been asked to observe Roza (fast) and give Azaan (Bang).” Then Musa ji said, “The community would not be able to offer fifty Namaz (prayer) a day. Get them reduced. Go back, and appeal.” After repeated attempts, in the end I got the order of five Namaz a day. He also ordered to observe fast (Roza) and give (Azaan) a call to prayer (which is being done currently).” Prophet Muhammad then added, “Angel Jibreel then took me to several places in the heaven to show the views of heaven. The beauty there is unique. Many virtuous souls reside there. Then Jibreel put me on Buraq and left me back on the ground.” Then he told this true incident. Prophet Muhammad ji is the eyewitness to whatever is present currently in heaven and hell.

Maulvi Saheban (Muslim religious scholars) argue that Baba Adam was weeping on seeing the deeds of his evil child on the left. On the right side, he was laughing on seeing the deeds of his righteous child. However, his children are in graves. The author’s counterargument is that everyone from Prophet Adam to Prophet Isa, whom Prophet Muhammad saw above in heaven, talked to, and led in Namaz, should also have been in the tombs according to your rule. Was Adam ji laughing and crying on seeing good and bad deeds on the walls? On his right was heaven and on his left was hell. His children were also in heaven and hell.

Other evidence: After his journey to the sky, Prophet Muhammad was asked by his uncle, “Did you also see your grandfather? Is he in heaven or hell?” Muhammad ji said, “I saw him in hell.” Hearing this, his uncle became very angry with Muhammad ji and said, “You are telling that my father is in Hell. You are a liar.” The Prophet said, “I have told what I saw.” Muhammad's uncle had become a complete adversary. The truth is the same as has been mentioned above that he had seen the good and bad children of Baba Adam in heaven and hell.

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