Drinking Alcohol is Sufficient for Complete Destruction

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / Drinking Alcohol is Sufficient for Complete Destruction

Drinking Alcohol is Sufficient for Complete Destruction

Question: - In Muslim religion, it is forbidden to even go near alcohol. What is the secret behind this?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfikar Bhutto, was hanged just for this reason that he had consumed alcohol.

Tale of Ali, Ascetic & Alcohol

Answer: - Khyber was the place of residence of demons during the time of Muhammad Sahib. Muhammad Sahib said to Ali, “Jibraeel had brought Isme-Azam to me. Learn that from me; take money from the treasury there. If someone confronts you, fight with him, do not be afraid. Because whoever has Isme-Azam always wins.” Ali went there after learning Isme-Azam, but he did not get victory because a Mahatma lived in that fort who was protecting the people living there. By the grace of that Mahatma, no one could capture the fort. When Hazrat Ali could not conquer the fort, Muhammad Sahib preached to him in a dream, “O Ali! A fakir (ascetic) lives in this city. Take him near a tavern (wineshop) by any means necessary. When the smell of alcohol will enter his nostrils, his greatness will wane.” Ali did the same upon waking up. As soon as the smell of alcohol reached that fakir's nose, his greatness dwindled. The entire fruit of his penance and worship got destroyed. Ali again invaded the fort, conquered it and killed that fakir too. (Merely by the smell of alcohol, the effect of his years of penance and worship waned. What will be the fate of those who consume alcohol daily?)

Another Evidence: -

Plight of the angels Harut and Marut due to alcohol

In Tafseer Azizi (interpretation of Quran), Abin Harira and Ibne Hatim Hakim, Ibne Abbas and Ibne Abdullah and Ibne Umar etc said that at the time of Prophet Idris, the angels, who ascended to the sky, started disdaining the human beings on observing their sinful deeds. God said that human beings are full of lust and anger. That is why, their mind gets inclined towards sin. So much so that if you are sent to earth, even you will not be able to escape from committing sin. The angels did not believe the word of God and said, “We will not commit any kind of sin after going to the earth.” God said, “Send those two angels from among yourselves in whom you have faith that they will not get corrupted.” The angels presented angels Harut and Marut, who were the most prestigious in austerity and worship among them, before God. God sent them to the earth saying that go and preach to men; be careful not to commit any sin. They both came to earth and started preaching to the people. After a few days, both became enamoured of an extremely beautiful woman named Punshchali Juhra. They expressed their sexual desire to her. She said that if you want me, then accept any one of my four conditions. Then your wish will be fulfilled.

Those four things are as follows: -

  1. First, kill my husband
  2. second, prostrate yourself before my idol
  3. third, drink alcohol
  4. fourth, tell me Isme-Azam

They considered everything great sin, but they drank alcohol considering it to be easy. When they got drunk, they prostrated themselves before her idol, assassinated her husband as well as taught Isme-Azam to Juhra. Juhra ascended to the sky with the power of Isme-Azam, but God got Harut and Marut’s feet chained and hung them in the well of Babeel.

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