Verdict of Furqan

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Verdict of Furqan

Verdict of Furqan (Truth-Untruth)

From the first Prophet Baba Adam to the last Prophet Muhammad, there have been one lakh eighty thousand prophets (Nabi) who were all sent by Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan). Hazrat Muhammad has been the last prophet. After him, the Prophet tradition ended.

{The giver of the knowledge of Quran has also said in Quran Majeed in Surah Ahjab-33 Verse no. 40: -

(O People!) Muhammad is not the father of any one of you (men). But he is a Messenger of Allah and the last prophet of all prophets. And Allah is the Knower of all things.}

The Almighty God (Kaadar Allah) himself comes on earth to give the right direction

Allah Taala (Kaadar/Almighty Allah), himself becoming His own prophet, also travels back and forth to the earth and all the heavens, that is, he travels to give his information. He imparts true knowledge. Allah Taala Kabir ji also sends his prophets and messengers on earth who deliver the knowledge of the magnificence of Allah Taala. Some of them, being misled by Kaal Jyoti Niranjan, start preaching about and worshipping Kaal. The Almighty God (Kaadar Allah) himself comes on earth to give them the right direction. He meets them in the guise of a sage. By discussing spiritual knowledge with them, He proves their knowledge wrong. Then he imparts his true knowledge to them.

While playing the role of a weaver in Kashi (Banaras) city of India from 1398 C.E. to 1518 C.E., the  Almighty God told the correct method of worship to lakhs of Hindus and Muslims. He took sixty-four lakh people of both the religions in His refuge. He taught the real method of worship to them. He put them on the path of salvation. After performing the divine play (leela) in Kashi, prophets came before this Das (Sant Rampal) to run twelve sects in the name of Kabir. But Kaal (Shaitan) misled them and got his own knowledge spread through them. The twelfth sect in the same series is that of Sant Garibdas ji. Sant Garibdas ji obtained complete knowledge and the complete method of worship. But the knowledge told by him was ignored by the people of that time. His followers started following and propagating incorrect religious practices by misinterpreting the speech uttered and transcribed by him. Supreme God Kabir used to remain in touch with His beloved Prophet Garibdas ji. He used to give him directions from time to time. Sant Garibdas ji attained salvation and went to Satlok. In the same twelfth sect, I, this humble servant, have arrived. Now (Das) this humble servant (Sant Rampal Das) has been sent as the thirteenth i.e., the Last Prophet and (Rasool) Messenger. Das has accurately explained the knowledge (of the Sukshm Ved) given by (Kaadar) Almighty Allah.

Messengers of Kaal

Kaal Jyoti Niranjan has also sent his prophets (message bearers) in Sanatan Dharm (present-day Hinduism). Read information about them: -

Aadi Shankaracharya

Aadi Shankaracharya was born five hundred and eight (508) years before Jesus Christ. (At that time three thousand years had elapsed in Kaliyug.) He was born on the earth, with the inspiration of Kaal, from the world (Lok) of Lord Shankar (Tamgun Shiv). He lived for a total of thirty-two (32) years. He died after suffering from an incurable disease. He had started preaching at the age of eight. He did amazing work in a short span of life. In India, he got four Shankar Maths (temples) built in the four directions. He preached to worship Shri Ram Chandra, Shri Krishna Chandra i.e., Shri Vishnu ji and Shri Shiv ji. He made people firm on the worship of the five deities (Panch Dev). He gave more importance particularly to Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati. But in Hinduism, the practice of worshipping all the deities, giving significance to temples, performing idol worship is the gift of Aadi Shankaracharya.

Shankaracharya started the worship of all deities and idol worship

Before Aadi Shankaracharya, it was Sanatan Dharm. The Vedas and the Gita were given more importance. After Aadi Shankaracharya, a common man (an ordinary Hindu) started reading the eighteen Puranas and the Gita more. After these were translated in Hindi, every educated Hindu devotee after reading the Puranas learned about the glory of Shri Brahma ji (Rajgun), Shri Vishnu ji (Satgun), Shri Shiv ji (Tamgun) and Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Parvati and others like Kali, Vaishno Devi, Jwala Devi etc. That is why, the prevalence of their worship has increased rapidly.

Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad was born 571 years after the birth of Jesus Christ on 20th April 571 C.E. in a Jewish community in the Quraysh family of Arabia. He too had come from the island (Lok) of Lord Shri Shankar (Tamgun Shiv) and was born on the earth by the inspiration of Kaal. Twelve thousand souls had come from the Lok of Shri Shankar ji to help him who were born in the same area. He was the first to accept Islam. Seeing him, other people had also started becoming Muslims.

Prophet Muhammad had also come from the world of Lord Shiva. 12,000 souls had come from Shiva Lok to help him and were born in the same region.

Muhammad ji was a devout soul of previous birth. Due to those (sanskar) impressions of previous birth, he had a strong motivation to worship Allah. Due to which, he used to contemplate God in a solitary place in a (Gaar) cave named Heera built in a mountain away from his home and village. As per the game plan, Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) sent his deity (angel) Jibreel and by threatening Hazrat Muhammad ji, gave him his level of knowledge which was written down in the form of Quran Majeed (Sharif); the knowledge in which the method of doing virtues is negligible. It is full of provisions for committing sins. The advice on doing noble deeds is good, but the advice on committing sins (zabah - to slaughter, to sacrifice etc) is wrong. For performing a meritorious deed, one has to only give donation (zakat), that too, to the poor Muslims. This way of worship and religious ritual is incomplete.

Complete Knowledge is present only in Sukshm Ved

A complete and the best method of performing (dharm-karm) meritorious and religious deeds has been described in the Sukshm Ved. Performing five yagyas, feeding the hungry, helping the helpless, chanting the (naam) mantra of God – one will attain complete salvation and the highest heaven i.e., Satlok only by this method. The basic aim of human life is to attain Satlok.

Allah Taala Kabir has told in Sukshm Ved that if a human (male or female) performs any religious ritual without a guru, it is useless. One does not get full benefit from it. Without making a guru or by the instruction of a wrong guru, if a person grants money or any other item to another person in the form of an aid, then whenever that grantee acquires a human life in the next birth, he will return that aid to that grantor. If the grantee does not get a human life, then he will return the aid amount (money) by becoming an animal. He will pay back i.e., pay off his debt by becoming an animal who is useful to humans e.g., bullock, camel, cow, buffalo etc. This is the reward for Zakat (act of charity) done in Muslim religion. One gets the reward for the money given to Prophet Muhammad for Zakat or other food items or clothes etc. on the earth itself in the next birth. It does not lead one to heaven. One gets the life of a Pitra as per one’s deeds and resides in the Pitra Lok, which the people living there consider to be heaven.

Practices such as Zakaat and Namaaz grant a soul a place in Pitra Lok

From Baba Adam to Prophet Jesus Christ, all of them had gone to the Pitra Lok above, whom Prophet Muhammad had seen in the above worlds. For the Pitras, a Pitra Lok has been built in the (Lok) world of every deity. A (Jannat) Heaven i.e., a hotel has been built in every Lok. The religious practices and the worship that the followers of Hazrat Adam to Hazrat Muhammad are doing do not grant them stay in heaven. One gets to stay in the Pitra Lok only for some time. Because of sins being more, the duration of stay in hell is longer.

Performing Namaz i.e., Aarti (prayer) is called Yagya of Knowledge. This also grants a place in Pitra Lok.

Fasting offers no Spiritual Benefit

There is no spiritual benefit from fasting. It is good from health point of view. In it, food has to be eaten before sunrise. Then nothing has to be eaten till sunset. One can eat food after sunset. But killing a chicken, goat, cow, buffalo, etc. in the evening, and eating its meat is a heinous sin. There is no spiritual gain from fasting. One certainly incurs the heinous sin of killing.

Important: - When Hazrat Muhammad ji went on a journey to the skies, then from behind the curtain, Lord Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal) had ordered five times Namaz (prayer), to observe Roza (fast) and to give azaan (bang = call to prayer). He had told the number of Namaz, but not of the Rozas (fasts). Prophet Muhammad, with his wisdom (noble thoughts), had advised to observe three fasts every month, which was a very good idea. It makes thirty-six fasts a year. The person observing the fast was neither obstructed in their daily chores, nor was there any bad effect on their health. Later, Kaal Brahm ordered to observe fast for thirty consecutive days. A devotee is a devotee. He does not hold back from doing even the most difficult religious practice for God. Muslims started following that too and are currently practising it. 

Recitation of Name

Muslims utter the name Allah Akbar which is the name of Kabir ji. Allah means God and Akbar is the name Kabir. The only difference is in utterance. For example, in the Arabic language, ‘school’ is called ‘aschool’ and ‘sthaan’ (place) is called ‘asthaan’. Similarly, ‘Kabir’ is called ‘Akabir’. Then there is a difference in languages of different regions. Due to which, Allah Kabir is called Allah Akbar. Muslims while chanting Allah Akbar contemplate that we are calling the Great God (Allah Akbar). The meaning of Kabir in Arabic language is ‘Great’. Kabir is the name of the body of the same Great (Kaadar / Almighty) Allah. Kabir also means Great. For example, "Manshoor" means ‘Light’. A man is also named ‘Manshoor’. Therefore, where there is a topic about God in Quran Majeed, it is appropriate to write the meaning of ‘Kabir’ as ‘Kabir’ itself instead of Great.

By taking initiation from Guru ji in the shelter of God Kabir, the person who chants this name gets benefits. But one does not get the benefit of salvation by uttering Kabir (Akabir) alone. Only some tasks are accomplished in the world. Like, victory in war, justice in cases etc.

Significance of Aen Seen Kaaf

One gets full benefit by chanting Satnaam (which is of two words) along with this. In Surah Ash Shura- 42 Verse no. 2, there are three letters of the Arabic alphabet: - "Aen, Seen, Kaaf" which are written in Hindi as अ, स, क. The two words of Satnaam are indicated by Aen (अ) and Seen (स). "अ" is the first (harf) letter of the first (naam) mantra of Satnaam. "स" is the first (harf) letter of the second (naam) mantra of Satnaam. The meaning of Aen, Seen, Kaaf is not known to any Muslim. This Satnaam is written in Sukshm Ved i.e., these two (naam) mantras are written in full, and God Kabir Ji by himself appearing in the form of a prophet has given it in initiation to good souls (who believed in His knowledge i.e., who had faith). My Gurudev Ji has given the same (naam) mantra to me (Rampal Das) which I further give to my followers in initiation. Saarnaam is different from these. It is also chanted and is given in initiation.

Eighty-eight thousand sages and thirty-three crore deities

Eighty-eight thousand sages and thirty-three crore deities have also been the prophets (messengers) of Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan). Because of not understanding the Vedas and the Gita properly, they have also described their experience contrary to these. Based on that, eighteen Puranas and eleven Upanishads have been composed which are filled with some correct and some incorrect knowledge.

Shri Krishna ji and Shri Ramchandra ji

Shri Vishnu (Satgun), who is the son of Kaal Brahm, was himself born in the form of Shri Ramchandra and Shri Krishna Chandra ji. Just as by motivating Prophet Muhammad ji, Kaal Brahm caused wars to teach a lesson to the wicked people; likewise, by inspiring Shri Vishnu ji, he got vicious people like Kans, Keshi, Chanoor and Hiranyakashipu etc. assassinated. A total of nine incarnations of Shri Vishnu ji and twenty-four incarnations sent by Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) are believed to have been born on the earth. One incarnation is yet to come to the earth. The main among them are Shri Ramchandra and Shri Krishna. All these above-mentioned prophets of Kaal have established the empire of Kaal. They killed Ravan, Kans, Keshi, Chanoor, Shishupal, etc., who were oppressive to the public. Due to which, all the people started worshipping these (Shri Ramchandra and Shri Krishna Chandra) alone as the Supreme God. They are not the Supreme God (Kaadar/Almighty Allah). This is a web spread by Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan).

Until a living being chants the above-mentioned three (naam) mantras (Aen. Seen. Kaaf. of Quran Surah Ash Shura-42 Verse no. 2 that have been mentioned as “Om Tat Sat" in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23) after taking initiation from me (Rampal Das), he will not be able to live eternally in the heaven of Satlok. The suffering of birth and death and in the bodies of other living beings will continue forever. One will have to suffer in hell too.

The way of worship of Muslim religion has been described above. Roza, Zakat, Namaz, Azaan (Bang)- these provide one a place in the Pitra Lok built next to the heaven. The cycle of birth and death will also continue forever.

The method of worship mentioned in the scriptures in Hindu religion

As mentioned in the beginning of this book "Musalman Nahin Samjhe Gyan Quran (Muslims did not understand the knowledge of Quran)” that the Allah, who gave the knowledge of Quran to Hazrat Muhammad ji, also gave the knowledge of "Zaboor" to Hazrat Dawood ji, the knowledge of "Taurat" to Hazrat Musa ji and the knowledge of "Injil" to Hazrat Isa ji. The same Allah (Kaal Brahm) before these gave the knowledge of the four Vedas to deity Brahma ji. Lord Brahma gave it to his children, the sages. The knowledge of the four Vedas has been selected from the Sukshm Ved. Whatever knowledge is present in them is from Sukshm Ved, but it is incomplete. The sages read the Vedas, but they could not interpret them properly. Due to which, they started doing spiritual practice by interpreting the Vedas according to their own intellect and imparted the same misleading knowledge to the public. Eighteen Puranas were thus composed based on the achievements made by the sages and the deities from the spiritual practice they performed by misinterpreting the Vedas.

How were Gita and Quran compiled?


When the battle of Mahabharata was about to take place, a warrior named Arjun (one of the Pandavas) refused to fight. If Arjun had refused to fight, there would have been no battle. But Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) wanted this war to happen. Therefore, he started preparing Arjun for war through spiritual knowledge. Controlled remotely by the power of God Kabir ji, Arjun kept asking one question after another. Kaal, by possessing Shri Krishna, kept on giving brief answers from the knowledge of the Vedas. Kaal thought that Arjun will not remember anything. Therefore, he told him the knowledge of the Vedas. Due to which, he summed up the knowledge of the four Vedas, which is in eighteen thousand verses, in only seven hundred verses, which is called Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. {But ‘word’ is a quality of the sky which does not perish. Due to which, it was written by Sage Ved Vyas (Krishna Dwaipayan), who became aware of it through his divine vision, in the Mahabharata scripture and it is known as Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.


Similarly, Kaal Brahm uttered the knowledge of Quran Majeed through Hazrat Muhammad. It was heard and remembered by other Muslims. Many years after the death of Muhammad ji, it was written after hearing from those Muslims. Some verses were inscribed on stones. Holy Quran Majeed was compiled by assembling all of them.}

Complete God (Almighty Allah) Kabir ji, with his power, made Kaal utter the essence of the knowledge of the Vedas. Almighty is He in front of whom everyone is compelled. He can make others do whatever he wants. The knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is a boon for human beings (men and women). Even if it is incomplete. There is no provision for consumption of meat and other intoxicants e.g., tobacco and alcohol etc in it. Just as in the Quran, Kaal Brahm has prescribed his own worship (Ibadat) as well as the worship of Kabir Allah, the Creator of the entire universe, other than him. He has instructed to ask a Baakhabar (Tatvdarshi) Saint for information about that Almighty. Almighty Allah Kabir has made the knowledge-giver of Quran say the same thing. Similarly, in the Gita also, he has instructed to gain knowledge about that Complete God i.e., Param Akshar Brahm (Almighty Allah) from a Tatvdarshi (Baakhabar) Saint.

{The way of worship that Kaal Brahm has prescribed on his own in Bible (in which Zaboor, Taurat and Injil are bound together) and in the Quran, in that he did not consider it appropriate to repeat the knowledge of the Vedas and the Gita as it had already been told.}

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