Allah who revealed the knowledge of Quran is not Almighty

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / Allah who revealed the knowledge of Quran is not Almighty

Allah who revealed the knowledge of Quran is not Almighty

Question: - How do we believe this statement that the Allah (Lord) who revealed the knowledge of the Quran is not (Kaadir) Almighty?

Because in the Quran Majeed Surah Saad-38 Verses no. 41-42, there is evidence that "On hearing the cry of his servant Ayyub, Allah said to him, ‘Strike with your foot on the ground. A spring of drinking water will come out.’ Ayyub did the same, and as soon as he stamped his foot, a spring of cold water began to flow.”

Answer: - Please read the chapter ‘Creation of Nature’. From that, you will find out what level of Khuda (God) the one who revealed the knowledge of the Quran is?

Understand the definition of Allah. 'Khuda' is an Arabic word which means Lord, God, Master.

Let us understand with an example:- For example, in India, there are the posts of Minister, Chief Minister in a State. A Minister is the master (lord) of only one or more departments. A Chief Minister is the lord (master) of the entire State. There are also other government officers in the State. For example, in the police department, there is a Director General (DG) who is the lord (master) of the entire police force of the State.

There are also other posts below him, Inspector General (I.G.), Superintendent of Police (S.P.), Deputy Superintendent of Police (D.S.P.), then Station House Officer (S.H.O.) and other police personnel.

The President is the master (lord) of the whole of India. At number two, the Prime Minister is the master (lord) of the whole of India. After them, other departmental ministers are the masters (lords) of their respective departments. But the Prime Minister is more powerful than all the ministers and the chief ministers.

It is written in the Sukshmved (which is the complete spiritual knowledge given by Kaadir/ Almighty Allah) that :-

Kabir, jo jaa kee sharnaa basae, taako taaki laaj |
jal saunhi machhli chadhae, bah jaatey gaj raaj ||

It means that whichever lord’s (Sahib) friend a person is, that Sahib/Lord immediately gives the benefit of his level respectfully to his friend, which a common man cannot get. For example, someone's friend is an Inspector (Station House officer). If he goes to the police station for some work, then his inspector friend respectfully makes him sit on a chair, serves him tea, and immediately does the work that is within his capacity. A common man is even scared of entering a police station let alone getting the work done.

Likewise, if someone is friends with the D.G. of police, then any of his work within the capacity of the police in the entire state is accomplished instantly. A work of a D.G.’s friend gets done even if an S.P., D.S.P., or S.H.O. are incapable of doing it.

Similarly, a minister can also give relief in a state, but he cannot give the same benefits as the chief minister.

Likewise, the Prime Minister of India can give more benefits than all the Chief Ministers and Union Ministers. He who is friends with the Prime Minister, no matter under which (Sahib) officer his work is in the country, it gets done without any interruption.

The meaning of the verse is that a fish has true friendship with the water. In a waterfall, a river flows over a steep incline, say from a height of fifty feet. Water falls at a high speed in such waterfalls. If even the (gajraj) most powerful elephant comes in its way, the water flow washes away that elephant. But the fish ascends against the flow from the lower level of the fall to the higher level i.e., fifty feet high with ease, meaning that, the water has given its friend fish the privilege within its capacity that the elephant cannot get.

Now we will be able to easily understand how, in Surah Saad-38 Verses no. 41-42, Ayyub’s God brought the spring out of the earth on stamping the foot. The reason is that each lord has his own level of power. Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) is the giver of the knowledge of Quran Majeed (Sharif). He has authority over twenty-one brahmands (universes). One brahmand among them has living beings in all its loks (worlds). The brahmand (universe) in which we are, its Lord is also this Kaal Brahm. He performs miracles if we perform religious practices up to his level. One cannot stay in heaven for ever by the acts of worship advised by him. The cycle of birth and death will continue forever. Every living being has to suffer in the bodies of animals e.g. dogs, donkeys, pigs etc, and birds and other creatures, whether one worships or not. Those who do not worship go straight to hell. Then they suffer in the lives of animals, birds etc. Those who worship get the happiness of heaven for some time. They too have to fall into hell (Jahannam). They have to also suffer in the bodies of other living beings.

Only by worshipping the (Kaadir) Almighty Allah, the Creator of the universe {who is called Param Akshar Brahm in Gita Chapter 8 Verse 3, and His information is also given in this very Chapter's Verses 8-10 and 20-22 and in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 17, Gita Chapter 18 Verses 46, 61-62 and in several other places in Gita, and who has been described as the Creator of the entire cosmos, the Nurturer of all and Immortal in Quran Majeed Surah Furqan-25 Verses no. 52-59, Surah Baqra-2 Verse no. 255, and in many other surahs) a worshipper goes to Satlok, the place of everlasting happiness. After going there, one is never reborn in the Kaal Lok.

Bheem was the devotee of the same God whose devotee was Ayyub. There is an episode in the Mahabharat text that Bheem along with his mother, wife Draupadi and other four brothers went to the Himalaya Mountain. There was scarcity of water. Everyone became distraught with thirst. Bheem bent his leg and hit his (goda) knee on the ground. A fount of sweet water flowed from the stones. That place is called Bheem Goda which is near Haridwar city in the state of Uttarakhand, India.

One cannot be believed to be (Kaadir) Almighty God merely due to such miracles.

(Kaadir Khuda) Almighty God Kabir ji created a pond of sweet water on top of a high arid hill in a forest for his devotee Birdev Singh Baghel, the king of Kashi. He created a garden of fruit trees around it because the king and hundreds of soldiers with him had gone far in the forest for hunting. They were all about to die of hunger and thirst. They were fighting for life. God saved their lives.

Along with this miracle, Kabir Allah also grants complete salvation to his devotee. He provides his devotee an eternal place in the greatest heaven.

Every God (Khuda), based on his position, to maintain his prestige, provides benefit of his level to his devotee.

{For more information about the power of Kabir Allah Taala, read a lot of evidence in the chapter "From Hazrat Adam to Hazrat Muhammad".}

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