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Reincarnation in Islam

Islam's Unsolved Riddle

If reincarnation is not believed in, then Islamic spokespersons do not have the answers to the following questions: -

Just like someone is poor, someone is rich, someone has a child, someone is childless. Someone is a peasant, someone is Maharaja Sultan (king), someone is blind, someone is lame, someone is able-bodied. It is imperative to consider what causes the above differences. If we do not believe in reincarnation, then this unsolved puzzle will remain forever. If we believe in reincarnation, then it gets solved. Sant Garibdas ji has said that: -

Pichhle jap-tap se hot hain, poorn hans muraad 

Meaning - O Devotee soul! Wishes are fulfilled as a result of the recitation of mantra and penance done in the previous births. Based on the extent of recitation of mantra, penance, meritorious deeds and sins one has performed in the previous births, someone has become a king, someone has become a high-ranking officer, someone is an affluent merchant, someone is a pauper, someone is blind, someone is lame, someone is unwell, someone is healthy, someone is a servant, someone is a maid, someone is a queen, someone is a great queen, someone lives for a long time, someone dies at a young age, someone is an animal, someone is a bird, someone is a sewage worm. All this happens only on the basis of deeds performed in the previous births.

Reincarnation Happens - Read Lots of Evidence

Sultan Ibrahim ibn Adham

Sultan Ibrahim ibn Adham Balkhi also used to have a sight of Al-Khijr and after receiving knowledge from him, Ibrahim abdicated the throne and spent the rest of his life in the worship of Allah. Rumi has described Ibrahim's life in his book "Masnavi", written after meeting his murshid Shams Tabrez.

Al Kabir had met Sultan Ibrahim ibn Adham. After repeated persuasion, he renounced the kingdom and set forth to attain salvation. Please read how Allah Kabir (Supreme God Kabir) got Sultan Ibrahim out of Kaal’s trap.

Sultan Ibrahim was the Soul of Samman

At the time when Supreme God Kabir had performed a (leela) divine play in Kashi for one hundred and twenty years, Samman, a resident of Delhi and a Maniyaar by caste, his wife Neki and son Shiv (Seu) had taken initiation from the Supreme God. Their financial condition was weak. They strictly followed the teachings of God. They had complete faith in God. Both husband and wife used to sell bangles door-to-door. Besides, they also used to extol their Gurudev Kabir Ji.

They used to tell, “Our Satguru Dev Ji cured the incurable disease of Emperor Sikandar Lodhi with mere blessings. Emperor Sikandar had beheaded Swami Ramanand ji. Satguru Kabir Ji resurrected him by attaching his head to his torso. A boy named Kamaal had died. His tribe had set him adrift on a raft in the river as a last rite. Shekhtaqi, who is the religious leader of Emperor Sikandar, did not believe that Kabir ji revived Ramanand ji even after he was beheaded. He used to say to the king that Kabir knows incantations; it is nothing else. The dead can never be raised. I will only agree, if he revives a dead body in front of me.”

“Emperor Sikandar had full faith in Kabir ji because he had been very distressed by the disease and had killed Swami Ramanand ji with his own hands. Kabir ji had resurrected Ramanand ji in front of him. Shekhtaqi was also present by the river that day. Seeing the corpse, he said, “If Kabir resurrects this corpse in front of me, I will accept him as the prophet of Allah.”

“Kabir ji said, “O Shekh ji! You are also an eminent Pir; you may try first, or later you will say, “I would have done it too.” All the ministers present there and the Emperor also said the same thing, “You are not a small personality either? Do it.”

Shekhtaqi out of shame recited incantations, but in vain. He said, “The dead can never be raised. Kabir wants the corpse to float further down the river and his reputation be saved. Look, the corpse is drifting away.” Kabir ji signalled with his hand and said, “Corpse, come back.” The corpse of the boy came back like a boat powered by an engine. Kabir Ji said, “O Soul! Wherever you are, enter the dead body and come out by the order of Kabir.” Instantly, the 12-year-old boy was resurrected, and he came out of the river. The audience present there said, “Kabir ji! You have performed a (kamaal) miracle.” The boy was named Kamaal. Supreme God Kabir raised that boy Kamaal like his own child in his home. Shekhtaqi was abashed, but he did not agree. He said that the child was in shock. Considering him dead by mistake, he had been set afloat in the water. I will accept if Kabir resurrects my daughter who has died and has been buried in the grave for many days.” 

“Supreme God Kabir said, “I will bring your daughter back to life after two days. Make a public announcement in the surrounding villages and in Delhi that everyone should come and see. That is what was done. The dead body was disinterred. Supreme God Kabir said, “Shekh ji! You may try lest you later say that the girl was in shock.” The people present there said, “Kabir ji! If Shekh had power, why would he have allowed his daughter to die? You may try.” Kabir ji said, “O Shekhtaqi's daughter! Come back to life.” The girl did not revive. He said this twice. The girl did not come back to life. Shekhtaqi did not feel sad that his daughter did not come back to life; he started celebrating the defeat of Kabir ji and started dancing and clapping. Kabir Ji said, “O Soul! Wherever you are, by the order of Kabir, enter your body and come out of the grave.” As soon as he said that, there was a movement in the body of the 12-year-old girl. The girl got up, came out and prostrated herself before Kabir ji. God Kabir said, “O daughter of Shekhtaqi! Go home with your father.” Shekhtaqi also grabbed his daughter's hand and asked her to come home. The girl was named Kamaali because the people present there said, “Kamaal hai, Kamaal hai (It is a miracle).” Hence, she was named Kamaali.”

Kamaali said, “As far as Shekhtaqi is concerned, I had gone to Yamraj. Now I am the daughter of Allah Akbar. This Kabir is Allah Himself.” In this way, with the blessings of Supreme God Kabir, the girl discoursed for 1/½ hours and gave information about her previous births. She said, “Once I was Rabia. At that time, Kabir ji had met me when I was 12 years old. I performed the spiritual practice preached by Him for 4 years. Then I started performing the religious practice of my Muslim religion which was futile. My next life was of a girl named Bansuri. I had even severed my body and offered it in Mecca. In the next birth, I lived the life of a prostitute. Because of those four years of true worship, I got 2½ births of a human being. Now I had no human life left. I had to take birth as an animal. At that very moment, God Kabir went to Dharmraj and got me released, and inserted me into my body. I have got this human life by His grace. Now I will live with my real father, Allah Kabir.”

Kabir ji raised Kamaali as his own daughter and kept her in his home. Lakhs of spectators present there took initiation from Supreme God Kabir. God Kabir gave the first five mantras in initiation to everyone. {Thus, Kabir ji had 64 lakh disciples at that time. They had taken refuge in Him only after seeing the miracles.}” The women of Delhi after hearing these strange things from Neki and Samman used to later discuss amongst themselves whether these things could be possible? Some used to say, “My husband was also present there at the time when Shekh's daughter was raised from the dead after being exhumed, but my husband got angry that why Kabir took the girl away? She should have been handed over to the one whose daughter she was.” The meaning is that overall, those women used to believe it to be a joke, but they used to remain silent in front of them.

The Tale of the Sacrifice of Neki-Seu-Samman

Once, Lord Kabir made a surprise visit to his devotee Samman with two of his disciples (Kamaal and Sheikh Farid). There were in all three members in Samman’s family. Samman, Samman's wife Neki, and Samman's son Seu (Shiv). Devotee Samman was so poor that at times there was not even a grain of food at home. The entire family used to go to bed hungry. Today was a similar day. Devotee Samman asked his Gurudev Lord Kabir, “Lord, please tell me your plan - when would you like to have food?”

Lord Kabir said, “Brother! We are feeling hungry. Prepare food.” Samman went inside the house and said to his wife, Neki, “Our Gurudev God has come to our house. Quickly prepare food.”

Neki said, “There is not even a single grain of food at home.”

Samman said, “Borrow some from the neighbours.”

Neki replied, “I had gone and asked, but no one lent me any flour. Despite having the flour, they deliberately did not give it to me, and are saying, “Today, your Guru ji has come to your house. You used to say that our Guruji is God. If your Guru ji is God, why do you need to borrow? He alone will fill your house.” They started ridiculing me by saying such things.”

Samman said, 'Give me your rag (old cloth). I will pawn this and bring three ser (around 1 kg) flour.”

Neki said, “This rag is torn. Nobody keeps it in pawn.” Samman gets lost in thought, and cursing his misfortune, he says, “How unfortunate I am! Today, God has come to my house, and I cannot even feed him. O God! Why did you send such a sinful creature to the earth? I must have been so evil that I did not perform any meritorious deed in my previous life. What face should I show Satguru now?” Saying this, he went inside the storeroom and started crying bitterly.

Then his wife Neki said, “Have courage. Do not cry. God has come. He will be hurt. He will think that Samman is weeping because he is troubled by our arrival.” Samman stopped crying. Then Neki said, “Tonight both of you, father and son, go and steal three ser (approximately 1 kilogram) flour, only for the saints and devotees.”

Then the boy Seu said, “Mother, Guru ji says that it is a sin to steal. You also used to teach me, “Son! One should never steal. Those who steal are doomed.” What are you saying this today, Mother? Shall we sin, Mother? Our earnings of worship will be destroyed. Mother, we will suffer in the lives of eighty-four lakh species of living beings. Do not say this, Mother. Mother! Swear to me.”

Then Neki said, “Son! You are right. It is a sin to steal but son, we will not do it for ourselves but for the saints. The city in which we have lived, we will steal to protect it.” Neki said, “Son, the people of this city are jealous of us. We had told them that our Gurudev Lord Kabir (Complete God) has come to earth. He had revived a dead cow and its calf, whom Sikandar Lodhi had got severed. He resurrected a boy and a girl. He cured the burning pain of Emperor Sikandar Lodhi. Sikander Lodhi had assassinated Shri Swami Ramanand ji (Gurudev of Lord Kabir) with a sword; Lord Kabir resurrected him too. The people of this city are making fun of this. They say, “Your Guru Kabir is God; he will also fill your house with grain. Then why are you wandering from house to house for grain (flour)?”

Son! These are innocent creatures. If today Lord Kabir leaves without eating the food of this city, then even Kaal God will be so angry that he may destroy this city. O Son! To save this calamity, we have to steal flour. We will not eat. We will prepare food and feed it only to our Satguru and the devotees who have come. Saying this, Neki's eyes filled with tears, and she said, “Son! Do not refuse.”

Wiping the tears from his mother's eyes, Seu said, “Mother, do not cry. Your son will obey your orders. Mother, you are very good. Aren’t you?”

At midnight, both, the father (Samman) and son (Seu) went to steal. They drilled a hole in the wall of a Seth's (merchant’s) shop. Samman said, “Son, I shall go inside. If anyone comes, inform me quietly. I will hand over the flour to you, and you may run away with it.”

Seu said, “No, father, I will go inside. Even if I get caught, I will be forgiven as a child.”

Samman said, “Son! If you get caught and killed, how will your mother and I survive?

Seu, while requesting, enters the shop through the hole. Then Samman says, “Son! Only bring three ser (1 kg) flour, not more. As soon as Boy Seu, after tying about three ser (1 kg) flour in his worn-out sheet, was about to return, he stepped on the scales in the dark. There was a loud sound which caused the shopkeeper to wake up. He shouted, “Thief, thief”, and catching Seu, ties him with a rope. Prior to this, Seu throws that flour tied in the sheet out of that hole and says, “Father! The merchant has caught me. Please take the flour and feed Satguru and the devotees. Do not worry about me.”

When Samman came back home with the flour, Neki, on not finding Seu with him, asked, “Where is the boy?” Samman said, “The merchant caught him and tied him to a pillar.”

Neki said, “Go back. Behead Seu and bring his head home, otherwise after identifying the boy, they will bring him to our house. Then on seeing Satguru, the people of the city will say that he is the one who gets the theft done. They may trouble Satguru Dev. We sinners, instead of offering food to our Lord, might get him imprisoned.” Saying this, the mother is asking her husband to behead her son, that too for Gurudev ji.

Samman took a kard (long knife) in his hand and went to the shop, and said, “Son Seu! Put your head out once. I have to tell you some important things. We will not be able to meet tomorrow. They might get you killed.”

Then Seu said to that merchant, “Seth ji, my father is standing outside. He wants to tell me something important. Please loosen my rope so much so that my head can go out of the hole.”

The merchant accepted his request and loosened the rope so that his head easily got out.

Seu said, “Father, behead me. If you will not behead me, you are not my father. After recognizing me, the merchant will reach our home. He has access to the king. He will get our Gurudev killed. Father! what face will we show?” Samman instantly beheaded his son with the knife and took his severed head home.

On seeing that the boy has been murdered, the merchant dragged his dead body to a nearby kiln (for baking bricks) and put it in its chamber.

Neki told Samman to go back and bring the boy's body which would be lying outside. By the time Samman reached the shop, the merchant had closed the hole in the wall of that shop. Following the marks of the dragged corpse, Samman traced the corpse and brought it home. After bringing it home, he put it inside the storeroom, and covered it with old clothes. He kept the head in one part of a cupboard and shut its door.

After some time, the sun rose. Neki took a bath. She cooked food for the Satguru and the devotees. She prayed to Satguru Lord Kabir to have food. Neki respectfully served food in three earthen bowls in front of Lord Kabir and both the devotees (Kamaal and Sheikh Farid). Lord Kabir said, “Put it in six bowls. The three of you may also join us and have this blessed food prepared with love. When even after repeated prayers, Lord Kabir did not agree, then the blessed food was served in six bowls. The five sat down for the food.

Then Lord Kabir said:-

Aao Seu jeem lo, yeh prasaad prem |

Sheesh katat hain choron ke, saadhon ke nitya kshem ||

Lord Kabir (Allahu Akbar = Al-Khijr) said, “Seu, come and have food. Thieves are beheaded, not saints (devotees). They are protected. They are forgiven.” As soon as Lord Kabir said this, Seu's head got attached to his body. There was not even a scar of the cut on the neck. He sat down in the row and started eating. Say- “Glory be to Lord Kabir!” (Kaviramitauja) (Words of the Vedas: - Kavir = KavirDev = Supreme God Kabir, Amit + Auja = whose power is boundless.)

Samman and Neki saw that there was no scar on Seu’s neck. They thought, “How did the boy come back to life?” When they went inside and saw, there was no dead body or head. There were only splatters of blood which was the evidence to dispel the doubts of this sinful mind. Sat Sahib (Eternal God).

Lord Kabir (Kaviragni) has performed many such divine acts, from which it is self-evident that He alone is the Supreme God. It has been stated in Samved Sankhya no. 822 and Rigved Mandal 10 Sukt 162 Mantra 2 that KavirDev increases the life of his worshipper, companion who worships according to the rules. Even if he has died, Lord Kabir releases him from Dharmraj and gives him a hundred years of life.

|| Glory be to Supreme God Kabir Bandi Chhor (Al Khijr)! ||

The Soul of Samman Became Nausher Khan

Neki and Seu attained salvation in the same birth, but Samman took it to heart that if I had money, I would not have had to behead my son. God had made Samman-Neki-Seu extremely wealthy in the same birth. They were not poor anymore. Samman had become an eminent, affluent man of Delhi, however he did not develop the desire for salvation. Due to which, because of sacrificing his son for the Supreme God present in the form of Satguru, he was born in the house of the king of Nausher Khan city in the next birth. He became an emperor. He had 80 treasures full of diamonds and pearls, but he did not perform any charitable acts, nor did he remember God.

Supreme God Kabir in the guise of Jinda Baba (Al-Khijr) went to Nausher Khan's emperor Nausher Khan and preached to donate. The Emperor said, “I am a poor king.” Jinda said, “There are flags on the top of 80 treasures of yours. (It was the identity of the king that he used to raise as many flags as the number of treasures he had.)

The Emperor said, “These are coals.” Jinda said, “If that is what your intention is, then they will become coal.” When the emperor opened the treasures and saw, they had really turned into coal. The emperor apologised by holding the feet of the Supreme God. Supreme God said, “If you donate majority of the wealth, then they will again turn into diamonds and pearls.” The emperor said, I will do as you order.” The treasures were again filled with diamonds. Emperor Nausher Khan donated a large amount of wealth. As a result of this and as a result of the worship and service of Satguru in the previous birth, he became the king of a city named Balakh in Iraq in the next birth.

Here is the detailed story: -

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