Will the devotees not live Happily Forever in Heaven?

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / Will the devotees not live Happily Forever in Heaven?

Will the devotees not live Happily Forever in Heaven?

Question: - In Quran Majeed, Surah Saad-38 Verses no. 45-51, our (Muslim's) Allah has stated that those who will be righteous and abstinent like our servants Ibrahim, Ishaac, Yaqub, Ismail, Al-Yasa and Zul-Kifl, the doors of the heaven will be open for them. Therein, they will recline on pillows. They will have lots of nuts and fruits to eat and wine to drink, and they will have wives with lower gaze (shy) and of the same age. Will the devotees not live happily forever in this heaven?

Answer: - How can one remain happy and how can one stay forever where one gets to drink alcohol? Please read Drinking Alcohol is Sufficient for Complete Destruction

A story from Puranas

In heaven (Jannat), there were two gods named Nal and Kubar, who were the sons of god Kuber. One day, they both drank alcohol and started creating a ruckus by being naked on the bank of a river. In that river, the wives and daughters of the gods were bathing at the same place, who were standing deep in the water turning their faces away in shame. Sage Narad ji was passing from there. Nal and Kubar did not even show any regard for Sage Narad and kept on making indecent gestures towards the women. The sage admonished them, but they did not heed under the influence of alcohol. So, Sage Narad cursed them, “You are not fit to live in heaven (Jannat). Take birth as inanimate beings in the form of trees on the earth.” Both died in heaven. They both grew on earth as trees of Arjun and Jumla on the banks of a lake called Kalidah.

Where alcohol is available to drink, and the Allah who lures into his worship with alcohol, he is not (Kaadir) Almighty Allah. He is Kaal Jyoti Niranjan. No person can live forever in the (Jannat / swarg) Heaven of any lok and in the (Mahaswarg) Great Heaven i.e., Brahm lok except in Satlok. This is one hundred percent true.

Quran Majeed Surah Saad-38 Verses no. 45-51

Important: - It is also written in the above surah of Quran Majeed Surah Saad-38 Verses no. 45-51 that those going to Heaven (Bahist) will get wives of the same age (as their own) and with lower gaze, that is, who will be very shy.

This Kaal Jyoti Niranjan Allah (Allah who gives the knowledge of Quran) said that (as Muslim brothers tell that) all human beings will continue to die till the Judgement Day. They will continue to be buried in the graves in the ground. When the Judgement Day (dissolution) arrives, all will be resurrected. Those Muslims (obedient, those who follow the orders of Allah) will be kept in the Heaven and Kafir / Infidels (disobedient, those who do evil) will be kept in Hell.

Please think:- Somebody dies at the age of two years, someone at the age of ten, someone in their youth, someone old dies at eighty-eighty-five years of age. A sixty-year-old man will have a sixty-year-old wife. A seventy-year-old man will have a seventy-year-old wife. Similar will be the situation of those of other ages. What happiness will they find in the Heaven whether their wives have lower gaze or a higher gaze?

This is a web of Kaal Jyoti Niranjan. He gives misleading knowledge so that all human beings by committing sins keep on taking birth and dying here, and keep wandering in the hell, heaven and the bodies of other animals and birds.

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