The Speaker of Quran sings the Glory of Allah

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / The Speaker of Quran sings the Glory of Allah

The Speaker of Quran sings the Glory of Allah

The Giver of the Knowledge of Quran Reveals his Glory

Surah Ambiya-21 (from Quran Majeed, large size)

Verse no. 92: - This is your way (on which you have to remain firm); this is the only way and I am your Lord, so you should worship me.

Verse no. 30: - Those infidels did not know that the sky and the earth were (initially) closed. Then We opened them both (with our power). And We made every living thing out of water. Do they still not have faith (even after hearing those things)?

Verse no. 31: - And We created mountains on the ground so that the ground would not shake with those people on it. And We made wide paths on this land so that those people could reach their destinations (through them).

Verse no. 32: - And We created (with our power) the sky (like) a roof which is safe (everlasting) and these people have turned a blind eye to the (existing) signs of this (in the sky).

The Giver of the Knowledge of Quran Tells the Glory of Allah Other Than Himself.

Surah As-Sajda-32 

Verse No. 4: - It is Allah who created the skies and the earth and all that is in between them in six days and then sat down on the throne. Apart from Him, you have no one of your own, no helper, and no one for your advocacy in front of Him. Will you not come to your senses then?

Allah, who revealed the knowledge of the Quran, has said in Surah Baqra-2 Verse no. 255

Surah Baqra-2

Verse no. 255: - Allah is that living eternal power who maintains the whole world. There is no God except Him. He neither sleeps nor does He feel sleepy. Whatever is on the earth and in the sky, belongs to Him. Who is the one, who can dare plead before Him without his permission? He is the knower of all things, discernible and indiscernible. Or that person can know on whom He showers grace.

His kingdom is spread over the skies and the earth, and looking after them is not a tiring task for Him. He alone is one great and supreme power.

Conclusion of above mentioned verses of Quran

It has been clarified that Kaadar (Almighty) Allah, who controls the whole world, is the Master of all, the Creator of the universe, He is different from the one who imparts the knowledge of the Quran.

Information from the Book "Fazail-e-Amaal"

Other information about the Almighty Allah (God) who is distinct from the one who delivers the knowledge of Quran: -

Fazail-e-Amaal is a reliable holy book of the Muslims, which has been formed by taking evidence from selective hadiths among hadiths. Hadiths are at the second place after the Holy Quran for Muslims. In the Fazail-e-Amaal, there is a chapter named Fazail-e-Zikr. In its verses no. 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7, there is glory of Kabir Allah (the God).

Special Thoughts: - Fazail-e-Amaal is a special holy book of the Muslims in which the method of worship and the name of the Supreme God Kabir is specially mentioned. As you will see excerpts from Fazail-e-Amaal below, among them in Fazail-e-Zikr, it is clear in verses no. 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7, that (Allah) Brahm (Kaal i.e. Kshar Purush) who imparts the knowledge of the Holy Quran, is saying that you should glorify Kabir Allah (God). That Kabir Allah is the knower of all indiscernible and discernible things, and He is Kabir who is of a majestic status. When the angels get an order from Kabir Allah, they get terrified, so much so that when the nervousness fades away from their hearts, they ask each other what is the order of Kabir Parvardigar (the Nurturer of all). That Kabir is majestic. All these orders are from Kabir Allah, who has a splendid status. Statement of Hazrat Aqsad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam (Hazrat Muhammad) is that, no man exists who would chant 'La ilaha-illallah' and the doors of the heavens would not open for him. Infact, this Kalima takes one straight to the (arsh) throne, provided that Kabira keeps on protecting one from sins. Two kalimas are mentioned, one is 'La ilaha-illallah' and the other one is 'Allahu Akbar' (Kabir). {Here Allahu Akbar denotes God Kabir (Kabir Sahib means KavirDev).}

Then even in Fazile Darood Sharif, the glory of the name Kabir is evident.

Kindly read the following excerpts from Fazail-e-Amaal: -

Excerpt from Fazail-e-Amaal: -

Fazaile Zikr

Arabic text

Ballat Kabir bullah aala mahadakup wala Allah kum tarkorun -1

That you should glorify Kabir Allah for having guided you, and so that you can be grateful to Allah Taala (God).

Fazaile Zikr

Arabic text

Allimool gaib basaahaadaati teel Kabir rulmutalu – 2

That Kabir Allah is the knower of all invisible and visible things; He is Supreme (the greatest) and is Majestic.

Fazaile Zikr

Arabic text

Thaajaalika sahara laakum leetu Kabiru
Bullah aala mahada kum baseeri reel mohsineen

Similarly, Allah Jalla Shanuhu has made subject unto you so that you may glorify Kabir Allah, that He guided you to give good tidings (of Allah's blessings) to those who are sincere.

Fazaile Zikr

Arabic text

Maaja kala rabbookum kalu lulhakka wahovar alliyu ull Kabir - 6.

6. (When the angels get an order from Kabir Allah, they get terrified) so much so that when the nervousness fades away from their hearts, they ask each other, “What is the order of Kabir Parvardigar (the Nurturer of all)?” They say, “(So and so) right thing has been ordered.” Indeed, He (Kabir) is magnificent and majestic.

Fazaile Zikr

Arabic text

Kul hukku moollahi heelalli lil Kabir – 7

7. The command belongs only to Kabir Allah, who is majestic, and of great status.

Fazaile Darood Sharif

Arabic text

Allahum-ma salli alaruhi Muhammadin fil arvahi allahum-ma salli ala ja-sa-di Muhammadin fil ajsadi allahum ma salli Alla Kabir (Kabir) muhammid fil Kiboori 

Fazaile Zikr

Arabic text

5. Huzoore Aqdas Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam states that there is nobody who may recite 'La ilaha-illallah' and for whom the doors of the skies do not open. Infact, this Kalima goes straight to the (arsh) highest point in the sky, provided Kabira keeps on protecting one from sins.

F - What a great virtue it is and limit of acceptability that this Kalima goes straight to the (highest heaven) Allah’s throne and it has now become known that even if Kabira is recited with sins, at that time also, it is not without benefit.

Mulla Ali Qari Rah0 states that the condition to save oneself from Kabaair depends on the quickness of one’s acceptance, and the faith that the doors of the heaven will open. Otherwise, one is not without reward and acceptance even with Kabaair.

Baaj Ulema has narrated the meaning of this Hadith that after the death of such a person, all the doors of the sky will open in the honor of his soul.

It is mentioned in one Hadith, there are two such Kalimas that, for one of them there is no destination below the (Arsh) highest sky.' The second fills the sky and the earth (with its light or reward) –

  1. First 'La ilaha illallah',
  2. Second 'Allahu Akbar (Supreme God Kabir)

Fazaile Zikr

Arabic text

Subhanallahi alhamdu lillahi Allahu Akbaru (Kabir)

Fazaile Darood Sharif

Arabic text

Man salla ala ruhi muhammedin fil arvahi wa ala-ja-s
dihi fil ajsaadi wa alaa Kabir (Kabir) hi fil kuboori 0

Arabic text

Wu innhal Kabir tun illa alal khashileenalljin yajunnoon
annahum mulaaku ragbihin wa annahum ilaihi rajioon0

(Excerpt from Fazaile Amaal ends)

Other evidence: - The giver of the knowledge of Quran has mentioned about the Creator of the universe who is other than him, which is as follows: -

Evidence from Quran Majeed

Surat Furqani (Furqan)-25 Verses no. 52-59: -

The original text from the Quran Majeed is as follows: -

Verse no. 52: - Fala Tutiyal Kafiran va Jahidhum Bihi Jihaadan Kabira. (52)

Verse no. 52: - So (O Prophet) do not obey the disbelievers and strive against them with great effort with this (Quran's arguments/verses). (52)

The following is the English translation of Verse no. 53 to 59 of Quran Sharif: -

Verse no. 53: - And He is the one who made the two rivers meet. One (its water) sweet quencher of thirst, and one salty and bitter, and made a strong barrier between both.

Verse no. 54: - And it is He who created man from (a drop of) water, and then made him related by lineage (i.e. someone's son or daughter) and marriage (i.e. someone’s son-in-law, daughter-in-law). And your Lord Almighty is capable of doing everything.

Verse no. 55: - And (Kafir = infidels) worship instead of Allah those who can neither benefit them nor harm them, and the infidels have turned their backs on (turned their faces away from) their Lord.

Verse no. 56: - And (O Prophet) We have sent you to give good tidings and to warn (only about the punishment for sins).

Verse no. 57: - Say (to these people) that I do not ask you for any payment on this (Allah's order). Yes, whoever wants to find a way to reach his Lord, may do so.

Verse no. 58: - And (O Prophet) have faith in that Jinda (Chaitanya) who is never going to die and keep on describing His glory with praise and He is very aware of the sins of his men.

{Original text of Arabic language "in Roman script '' Verse no. 58: -

Wa tawakkal alla hayyillaji la yamootu va sabbih bihamdih and kafaa bihi bijunoobi ibaadih Khabira.

Surat Furqani-25 (English translation of Hindi from Quran Sharif) Verse no. 59: - He who created the skies and the earth and whatever is in between them (everything) in six days and then sat down on the throne. (That Allah is very) merciful, then inquire about him from a Baakhabar (knowledgeable, one who has full knowledge).

{The original Arabic text of Verse no. 59 in the Roman script is as follows: -

 Allaji khalaqassamaavaati valarj wa ma bainhuma phi sittati ayyamin summastwa allarshi ja arrahmaanu fasal bihi Khabiran.

Explanation: - (Verse No. 52) the Allah, who is imparting the knowledge of Quran (Majeed and Sharif) to Hazrat Muhammad, is saying, “O Prophet! Do not listen to the disbelievers (infidels), because they do not believe in Kabir Allah. Counter them (strive against them) with great effort i.e., firmly, based on the arguments given by me in the Quran, that is, if they do not believe you that Kabir Allah only is the (Kaadar) Almighty, then do not agree with them.

From Verse no. 53 to 59, the glory of the same Kabir Allah has been described. It is said that Kabir is that Kaadar (Almighty) Allah who has created the entire universe. He created humans. Then He created their connections. Relationships are formed by His grace only. He is the one who has released different streams of salty and fresh water by His power. From the drop of water, He created man (human = man-woman). {It is said in the Sukshmved that the drop of water refers to the seeds of male-female in the form of fluid.}

Those who worship other deities and idols instead of this Allah Akbar (Supreme God Kabir), their worship is useless. Those deities can neither benefit the worshippers nor harm them. Those people are detached from the God who created them. They will have to repent after death. Make them understand, “My job is to show you the true path. I am not even taking any money from you in return for it lest you should think that this (prophet) is misleading out of selfishness. If you want, you can take the path of worship of your Supreme Lord (the Creator and Sustainer).

(The knowledge provider of Quran, again says to Prophet Muhammad that)

Verse no. 58:- And (O Prophet) have faith in that Jinda (who met you in Kaaba in the guise of a Jinda Baba, that Allah Kabir) who is never going to die (is the Immortal God) and keep describing His holy glory with praise, and that God Kabir is well acquainted with the sins of his servants, i.e. He nullifies all the sins of the true worshipper.

The Knowledge Which is Unknown Even to the Revealer of the Knowledge of the Quran and the Gita

Verse 59: - Kabir Allah (Allahu Akbar) is the one who created the entire creation (of the skies and of the earth) in six days. Then He sat down on the throne up there in His own world. That Kabir Allah is very (Rahman) merciful. Ask a (Baakhabar) Tatvdarshi Saint (having full knowledge) for complete information about him; know from him.

It proves that the one who imparts the knowledge of Quran does not have complete knowledge about that Almighty God Kabir. The giver of the knowledge of Quran does not have the method to attain Him. That is why, in Surah 42 Ash-Shura's Verses no. 1 & 2, symbolic words have been mentioned, the meaning of which was not known to anyone till now, except Me, the slave (Rampal Das). Even Hazrat Muhammad did not know about them. Without their knowledge, salvation cannot be attained. Neither can heaven (the heaven of Kaal) be attained.

This also proves that, from Hazrat Adam to Hazrat Muhammad, all the prophets and their followers were deprived of salvation. They could not even go to (bahisat) heaven. Saint Garibdas ji has said that even Prophet Muhammad could not go to (bahisat) heaven because of not following the true method of worship. Repeating the same method of worship after him, all the (Turks) Muslims have also forgotten the true worship.

(Speech:- Gareeb, Nabi Muhammad nahi bahisat sidhaana | peechche bhoola hai turkaana ||)

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