From Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / From Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad

From Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad

From Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad, there have been one lakh eighty thousand prophets. Baba Adam is considered the father of all these prophets and their children.

Evidence: - Quran Majeed, Surah Yasin-36 Verse no. 60: - Children of Adam! Did I not tell you not to worship Shaitan (Satan)? He is your open enemy.

Prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon in Mecca. He said, "How should Muslims live among themselves?” Then he said, “People! Your Lord is one. Your Father is one. You are all sons of Adam, and Adam is made of dust. And the best among you who is nearest to God is the one who fears God the most."

Brief Introduction of Baba Adam

Origin of Baba Adam

In Holy Bible, Chapter Genesis, it has been said that God created the universe in six days and took rest on the seventh day. God did other creation for five days, then on the sixth day, God said that we would make man in our own image.

Then God made man in His own image. He created humans as male and female. Then God gave only fruitful trees and seed-bearing plants for humans to eat, which are for your food. After completing the entire work in six days, God went up and sat on the throne i.e., took rest.

God first created Adam, then taking out his rib, He made the woman Eve, and leaving both in a garden, He went and sat on the throne.

Important: In the Book Bible, the knowledge of the origin of the universe has been told by Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal). This is incomplete information about the creation of the universe. In Quran Majeed Surah Furqan-25 Verse 59, this same God has said to Prophet Muhammad ji that the one who created the world in six days and sat on the throne on the seventh day, is the Almighty Supreme God (Kaadir Allah). Ask a (Baakhabar) Tatvdarshi Saint for information about him. It clarifies that the giver of the knowledge of Quran Majeed does not impart full knowledge. He keeps the public confused. This same Allah has given the knowledge of the Bible. The Bible has been formed by combining three books. It contains the knowledge of Taurat, Zaboor and Injil. The creation of the universe is written in the Book Taurat, which is the first in the Bible. This same Allah has given the knowledge of Taurat to Prophet Musa ji. One day, Musa ji was delivering a sermon. A member of the congregation asked, “Musa, who is the most learned at present?” Musa said, “I am the most knowledgeable.” Allah said, “Musa! You are wrong. Your knowledge (Knowledge of Taurat) is nothing in comparison to the knowledge of a person (Al-Khijr). Musa goes to Al-Khijr to gain complete knowledge. Due to lack of patience, he returns empty-handed.

This proves that the story of the creation of the universe is incomplete. Allah Akbar (Kabir) himself has correctly imparted the complete knowledge of the creation. Read it in the last chapter "Creation of Nature" of this book. (Now I will move on to my topic.) The followers of everyone from Baba Adam to Prophet Muhammad consider God to be formless. Whereas Allah has been described as a corporeal man in their texts. They have not even understood their texts properly.

Proof: -

God (Allah) is Like a Human

God created man in His own resemblance, that is, God made man as His replica. It is self-evident from this that God (Allah) is in form (corporeal) and he is like a human. That Supreme God, after doing creation up to this point in six days, sat on the throne in His Satyalok on the seventh day. After this, the maze of Lord Kaal i.e., Jyoti Niranjan commenced.

There is also other evidence in the Bible book itself that God is in the form of a man, he grants audience. (Evidence on Page 17 in Genesis 17:1-2, "The Sign of the Covenant is Circumcision.")

1-2: - When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the (Yehovah) Lord appeared to him and said, "I am the Almighty. Walk in my presence and be perfect.

Genesis 26:1-3 (Page 17): - Yehovah (Lord) appeared to Isaac and said, "Do not go to Egypt. Live in the country where I tell you to live. I will be with you."

It has been proved from the above evidence that God is in the form of a man; He is corporeal. The topic being discussed is of Prophet Adam: -

Brahma Placed Adam and Eve in Heaven

Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) has got all his arrangements made via his three sons. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv are the three sons of Kaal. Adam ji was a holy soul who had come from the (lok) world of Brahma. Therefore, Brahma took care of Adam in the garden. (Kaal Brahm was in the form of his son Brahma.)

The Lord told Prophet Adam and Prophet Eve (Adam's wife), “You can eat the fruits of the trees planted in this garden. But do not eat the fruits of the trees in the middle. If you eat it, you will die.” God left after saying this.

After that the snake came and said, “Why are you not eating the fruits of these trees in the middle of the garden?” Eve said, “God (Allah) has forbidden us that if you eat them, you will die; do not eat them.” The snake again said, “God has misguided you. He does not want you to become knowledgeable like God. If you eat these fruits, you will know the good and bad. The veil of ignorance that the Lord has put on you will be removed from your eyes.” The snake said this to Eve, Adam’s wife. Eve said to her husband, Prophet Adam, “If we eat these fruits, we will get the knowledge of good and bad.” This is what happened. When they ate that fruit, their eyes opened and that darkness of the veil of ignorance that God had put on them was removed. When they saw that both of them were naked, they felt ashamed. They plucked fig leaves and making loincloths out of them, tied them around their private parts.

{He, whom everyone from Adam to Muhammad consider their God, is also in the form like a human being.}

After a few days, when the Lord came for a walk in the evening, he asked Adam and Eve, “Where are you?” Adam and Eve said, “Hearing your voice, we have hidden because we are naked.” God said, “Did you eat the fruit of the trees in the middle of the garden?” Adam said, “Yes, and after eating it, we realized that we were naked.” Lord asked, “Who told you to eat this fruit.” Adam said, “The snake told us and we ate it. He misguided my wife Eve and we fell into his trap and ate this fruit.”

21. Then Lord Yehovah made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

Important: - The God of Prophet Adam is not (Kaadir) Almighty. He does not even know where Adam and Eve are. Neither does he know who told them to eat the fruit of the trees in the middle of the garden by which they will get the knowledge of good and bad. It is necessary to mention here that in Quran Majeed, Surah Al Baqra-2 Verses no. 35-38, he who revealed the knowledge of the Quran has said that we placed Adam and Eve in a garden in Heaven. When they made a mistake after being misled by Shaitan (Satan), we banished them from heaven to earth.

Proof of "God is More Than One"

22. Then Yehova Lord said that man, having learned about good and bad, has become like one of us. Therefore, lest he should pluck and eat the fruit from the tree of life and live forever.

23 and 24. So, the Lord drove Adam and his wife out of the Garden of Eden.

Lord removed them from that garden and said that now I will not let you stay here and you will have to work hard to fill your stomach and he cursed the woman that you will always be subservient to man.

{Important: - It is written in the book of Jainism " Aao Jain Dharm Ko Jaane" (Let’s Know About Jain Religion) on page 154 that Shri Manu ji's son was Ikshvaku and King Nabhiraj also belonged to this very clan. King Nabhiraj's son was Shri Rishabhdev ji (Aadi Nath), who is considered the first Tirthankar of Holy Jain religion. This same soul of Shri Rishabhdev ji became Baba Adam.}

Two sons were born from the intimate relationship of Baba Adam and his wife Eve. One was named Cain and the other was named Abel. Cain used to do farming. Abel used to herd the sheep. Cain was a bit cunning, but Abel was a believer in God. Cain offered a portion of his harvest to the Lord. The Lord did not accept it. Then Abel offered the first lamb of his sheep to the Lord. The Lord accepted it. {If Almighty (Kaadir) Allah had been instructing Baba Adam, he would have said, “Son Abel, I am pleased with you. The lamb that you offered is a symbol of your devotion to the Lord. You may take it back and by selling it, organise a meritorious meal and earn a livelihood by shearing your sheep, and have faith in the Lord.” Some Angel used to instigate Baba Adam to eat meat. At the time of the creation of the universe, Allah (Yehovah) had ordered man to only consume vegetarian food. In the Holy Bible, the provision of eating meat has been made by deceased ancestors and angels by speaking through someone. It is written in one book that Abel offered the first lamb (young one) of sheep to the Lord. The Lord accepted it. Acceptance and rejection was done in this way: If the Lord accepted the offering, then fire would come from above. It used to go away after burning the offering. The fire burnt Abel's lamb. This offering was considered accepted. The crop that Cain (Qaabil) had offered was not burnt by the fire. It was considered rejected. Ghosts and jinn also set fire. Many incidents have been heard that clothes kept in an iron box used to get burnt in someone's house. They got incantations performed by an exorcist. Then things stopped self-igniting. Ghosts and Pitras (deceased ancestors) can also perform such spectacles. If it is said that this fire was coming from God, then the God in the form of fire is Kaal Brahm himself who appeared to Musa Alaihi Salaam. All this trickery is of Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Swaroop Niranjan). He acts as a (Shaitan) devil for (Kaadir) Almighty Kabir Allah. For Jyoti Niranjan (God in the form of fire), "Iblis" acts as the devil who did not bow down to Prophet Adam.}

It is written in a book that Prophet Eve (wife of Prophet Adam) used to have twins, a boy and a girl. The girl who was born with the elder child Cain (Qaabil) was beautiful. The girl who was born with Abel (Haabil) was ugly. Marriage tradition at that time was that a boy and a girl born as twins were considered brother and sister. It was decided to marry the sister of one boy to the other boy. Under this rule, Cain had to get married to the ugly girl. Cain did not want to marry that ugly girl. By killing Abel, he was to be married to his twin sister. For this reason, Cain killed his younger brother. Cain was expelled from the country. After some time, Adam and Eve had a son. They named him Seth. Later, Seth had a son who was named Enos. Since that time, people started taking the name of the Lord.

Later, in this very tradition, Prophet Musa, Prophet Dawood and Isa Masih (Jesus Christ) were born. [Isa's (Jesus) revered mother's name was Maryam and father's name was Yusuf. But Maryam was made pregnant by a deity. Yusuf objected to this and wanted to abandon Maryam, but an angel forbade him to do so in his dream. Yusuf did not abandon Maryam out of fear and kept her with him. Maryam, who was made pregnant by a deity, gave birth to Prophet Isa (Jesus).] The holy religion Christianity was established by Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ). The devotees who followed the rules laid by Jesus Christ were called Christians and the holy religion, Christianity, originated.

{For proof, in the Quran Sharif in Surah Maryam-19 and in the Holy Bible, Matti Rachit Susamachar (Gospel of Matthew), Matti (Matthew) = 1:25 on Page no. 1-2.}

Kaal Used to do Miracles Through Jesus

{It is written in Kabir Sagar i.e., Kalam-e-Kabir (Sukshmved) that when God Kabir came to this (Lok) world of Kaal Brahm in the form of Jogjit in Satyayug, Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) (who is the lord of twenty-one brahmands) had a dispute with Kabir ji. But he could not stand before the power of Kabir God. He apologised holding His feet. When he was forgiven, he said, “O Jogjit! Why have you come?” God said, “You have misled all living beings by giving them incomplete knowledge. I have come to impart true spiritual knowledge. When Kalyug comes, then I will come. I will run the real Kabir Panth.” Then Kaal had said, “Before you come in Kalyug, I will mislead everyone by giving incomplete knowledge. I will get the incomplete knowledge propagated through the (prophets) messengers sent by me. No one will listen to you. For this purpose, Kaal Brahm sent Shri Ramchandra ji and Shri Krishna ji etc. incarnations and prophets from Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad.}

The birth and death of Jesus and whatever miracles he performed were predetermined by Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan). This evidence is in the Holy Bible in Book of Yohanna Chapter 9 Verses 1 to 34. It is written that a person was blind from birth. He came to Jesus Christ, and he became healthy with the blessings of Jesus. His eyesight got restored. The disciples asked, “O Christ, what sin did this person or his parents commit, due to which he became blind and his parents obtained a blind son.” Jesus said, “He has not committed any sin due to which he has become blind, neither has his parents sinned due to which they have got a blind son. This has happened because the magnificence of the Lord has to be revealed.” The meaning is that if there had been a sin, Jesus could not have healed his eyes. And in order to glorify Jesus, Kaal Brahm had blinded him with his power through some ghost. As soon as the man came to Jesus, the ghost left his body and he started seeing. All this is a well-planned web of Kaal Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm) so that the incarnation sent by him gets glorified, and all the people living nearby being attracted to him become steadfast in the religious practices of Brahm Kaal as told by him, so that when the messenger of God comes, no one believes him. For example, it has been written in the miracles of Jesus Christ that he cured a person possessed by a ghost. This Kaal himself induces any ghost or Pitra (deceased ancestor) to enter one's body. Then by sending that person through someone to the prophet sent by him, makes an angel enter the prophet's body, and drives away the ghost through the angel. In this way, his incarnation (Christ / Prophet) becomes glorified. Or if a worshipper is endowed with earnings of worship from previous lives, Kaal also gets such miracles done by him through his own earnings of worship, and by glorifying that worshipper, makes thousands of followers of him and entraps them in Kaal's web. And he puts that worshipper saint in hell after getting all his previous earnings of worship exhausted.

A similar example is in the Holy Bible in Chapter ‘Samuel’ 16:14-23 that a man named Saul was afflicted by an evil spirit. Boy Dawood was called for him, and he used to get some relief from him.

The death of Jesus Christ was predetermined. Jesus himself said, “My death is near and one of you (my twelve disciples) only will hand me over to the opponents.” In the same night, Jesus along with all the disciples went to a mountain. There he started feeling anxious. He said to his disciples, “Stay awake. My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. You should also pray to God for the protection of my life.” Saying this, Jesus Christ went a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed (38,39). When he returned to his disciples, they were sleeping. Jesus said, “Can you not stay awake with me even for a moment. Stay awake, keep praying, so that you do not fail in the test. My soul is ready to die, but my body is weak.” Likewise, Jesus Christ went a little farther three times and prayed, and each time he returned, he found all the disciples sleeping. Jesus Christ was about to die, but his disciples were sleeping carefree. They were not grieved by their Guruji’s adversity.

When he found them sleeping for the third time also, he said, “My time has come; you are still sleeping.” In the meantime, a huge crowd came carrying swords and clubs and with them was a special disciple of Jesus Christ, who, in the greed of thirty rupees, handed over his Guru to the opponents. (Matti (Matthew) 26:24-55 Page 42-44)

It is clear from the above description that the pious soul, Jesus Christ, only got his predetermined life span, which was already written about him in the earlier religious scriptures. It is written in "Matti Rachit Samachar (Gospel of Matthew), Page 1 that Yakub's son was Yusuf. Yusuf was the father of Isa (Jesus) in the eyes of the world, but Maryam was impregnated by an angel. {Matti (Matthew) 1:1-18}

Angels Used to Enter Jesus Christ and Perform Miracles

At one place, Jesus Christ has said that I was even before Yakub. In the eyes of the world, the grandfather of Jesus Christ was Yakub. If the spirit of Jesus had been speaking, Jesus would not have said, “I was even before Yakub i.e., my grandfather.” If this statement is believed to be true, then repeated birth and death are proved. But the offspring of Prophet Adam do not believe in repeated birth and death. Some other angel was speaking from inside Jesus who used to enter his body like a ghost, make predictions and he only used to perform the miracles. It is written in the Bible that God had sent Jesus from near Him. Jesus was the son of God.

Another unique example is in the Bible 2 Corinthians 2:12-18 Page 259-260. It is clearly written that a spirit by possessing someone is giving a message by writing a letter. It is said that 2:14 = But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and spreads the fragrance of his knowledge everywhere through us. 2:17 = We are not among those who adulterate the words of God. We speak in Christ with sincerity, as envoys of God and in God’s presence.

(The above description has been written in its entirety from the Holy Bible Chapter Corinthians 2:12 to 18, Pages 259-260.) Two things become clear from this. 1. Some other angel used to speak in Christ (Prophet i.e., incarnation) and get books written down. The one who is sent by God narrates the message of God slavishly without any change. 2. The second thing that has also been proved is that other spirits also speak in Christ (Prophet) who when they speak also mix their own statements. This is the reason that in the Quran Majeed and the Bible etc, the order to eat meat is of the other spirits, not of the Lord.

It is also clear from the above description that the angel is saying that to spread the fragrance of Lord’s glory, the Lord uses us only in Christ (incarnation / prophet) by entering us in his body like a ghost. The miracles are performed by the angels, the name is of the prophet, and the innocent souls considering that prophet to have full power, become his followers. They become firm on the path of worship shown by him. When the messenger of the Supreme God comes, they disbelieve his words. All this is the web of Brahm Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan).

Death of Jesus Christ

At the age of 30, on a mountain, Jesus was praying repeatedly to the Lord in fear for his life. He also had some disciples with him. At that time, one of his disciples, in the greed of 30 rupees, came to the same mountain with the opponents of his guru ji (spiritual teacher); they were wielding swords and sticks. A mob of opponents caught Jesus from that secret place where he used to spend the nights in hiding. Because Jews, the followers of Prophet Musa, had become sworn enemies of Jesus. The mahants, saints and priests of the temples of that time were afraid that if their followers would go to Jesus Christ, then their income from religious offerings would reduce. They arrested Jesus Christ and took him to the governor and said, “He is a hypocrite. He deceives the world by becoming a fake prophet. He has ruined the homes of many. Let he be crucified to death.” The governor named Pilatus first forbade by saying that saints and seers should not be hurt, it is a sin. But the crowd was huge, and started shouting slogan, “Crucify him.” Then the governor said, “Do as you think is appropriate.” Making 30-year-old Jesus stand against a “T” shaped wood on the wall, thick iron nails were hammered into both his feet and palms of the hands. Jesus died of unbearable pain.

Before death, Jesus Christ said in a loud voice, “O my Lord! Why have you abandoned me?” After a few days, Jesus Christ was seen again. (Holy Bible Matthew 27 and 28/20 Page 45 to 48).

It is clear from the above description that this Brahm (Kaal / Jyoti Niranjan) even deceives his incarnation in their hour of need. Only the Supreme God himself appears to maintain the faith in worship. After the death of Jesus, it was the Supreme God who appeared in the form of Jesus and kept the faith of the Christians firm in the worship of God; otherwise, considering the previous miracles performed by Jesus, on seeing the end of Jesus, no person would have performed worship and they would have become atheists. (Evidence in Holy Bible, Book of Yohanna, Chapter 16 Verses 4 to 15.) This is what Brahm (Kaal) wants. Kaal (Brahm) sends virtuous souls as his incarnation (Rasool/ messenger). Then, through miracles, he makes him devoid of his earnings of worship. By also entering some angels (demi-gods) in him, he gets some miracles performed by the angels with their previous earnings of worship. He makes them powerless too. In this way, the prophets (incarnations) sent by Brahm (Kaal / Jyoti Niranjan) are glorified. Ignorant worshippers get influenced by them and become steadfast in the same way of worship.

When the Supreme God or His messenger tries to explain the true spiritual knowledge and worship, then no one listens to him and people express disbelief. This is Kaal God’s trap, about which only the Supreme God tells, and by providing true worship, He protects the worshipper throughout life. By doing true worship, the worshipper attains complete salvation.

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