How is Sant Rampal Ji a Baakhabar

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / How is Sant Rampal Ji a Baakhabar

How is Sant Rampal Ji a Baakhabar

How does Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj who is a non-Muslim prove to be Baakhabar?

Question :- If Hazrat Muhammad (Salal.) is not a Baakhabar, how does Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj who is a non-Muslim (person belonging to other religion) prove to be Baakhabar?

What was Hazrat Muhammad Salal., and why did he come to this world?

Please clarify: -

Answer: - When you will have complete information about the creation of the universe, then you will understand the answer to this question. Only the Creator of the universe can give the accurate information about the universe created by Him. (Read Creation of Nature)

In short, the answer is as follows: - Prophet Muhammad did not even have a sight of Allah (Lord). He had a conversation with Allah from behind the curtain. Allah asked him to perform three religious practices {Roza (to observe fast), Namaz (offer prayer) and Azaan (bang / give a call for prayer)}. That order was told to the entire Muslim society and is being obeyed by the Muslims. One thing is worth noticing that the righteous souls whom Allah Taala i.e. Kaadar Allah (SatPurush) met in person, took them above with Him to His abode (Satlok, which is called Shashvat Sthaan i.e. Eternal Place in Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62), showed His throne (takht) in his Eternal Place, which is also known as Satyalok. (Shri Nanak ji has called this Sachkhand.) He showed all the comforts and food items of that ocean of happiness. He told them that all of you living beings who are living in the twenty-one brahmands of Kaal Jyoti Niranjan have gone from here. You had made a mistake that all of you souls (the ones from the lower worlds) instead of me started worshipping Jyoti Niranjan Kaal as Allah Taala i.e. you started loving him. Because of which, I (Allah Kabir i.e. SatPurush) expelled all of you and Jyoti Niranjan Kaal from my Satlok. Jyoti Niranjan i.e, Kaal has obtained twenty-one brahmands from me by doing penance. I had expelled you and Kaal along with these twenty-one brahmands. As long as you live in the twenty-one brahmands of Kaal, you cannot be happy. All of you souls are part of me (Allah Kabir); you are my children. Kaal i.e. Shaitan has misled you. He does not reveal my identity to you. He calls himself the God of all. By sending his prophets and incarnations, he gets his glory propagated. He himself performs miracles by making them an instrument. He causes destruction of some city through an angel. By causing disturbance somewhere else, he glorifies his messenger so that the public obeys his words and by doing worship as told by Kaal, spoils its deeds and stays in his (Kaal's) world.

Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) had misbehaved with a girl in Satlok who was enamoured of him on seeing him doing penance and considering him to be a noble soul. For that reason, I (Allah Kabir) had expelled that girl and all of you along with Jyoti Niranjan from this ocean of happiness, Satlok, of mine so that you may learn a lesson that (Kaadar) Almighty Allah does not like anyone, who instead of worshiping one Allah, worships someone else by making him an associate of Allah (considering him to be as mighty and giver of happiness as Allah).  Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) has created heaven (jannat) in every brahmand of his Lok (in twenty-one brahmands) by imitating my Satlok. Due to which, all the worshippers (devotees) are deluded. They are considering his heaven itself to be the most blissful and eternal place.

The cycle of birth and death of those living in the Kaal Lok will continue forever. I (Allah Kabir) want to bring all of you souls {who are trapped in Kaal’s web - Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs etc.} back to the heaven of this most blissful Satlok. That is why, I have brought you good and righteous souls up here. I have brought you all to show the difference between the happiness of the heaven of Kaal Lok and that of Satlok. In my Satlok, souls are in human (male and female) form. No one has any suffering; all souls are happy. In Kaal’s Lok, no one is happy. Fewer souls live in (Jannat) heaven there (in Kaal’s Lok), and more in (Jahannam) hell. The souls are also born in the bodies of animals like dogs, donkeys etc. By taking birth as birds, insects and even aquatic creatures, they bear immense suffering. Allah Kabir ji said to those noble souls – Go down now. Whatever you have seen with your eyes, tell all that truth below so that the innocent human being trapped in the Kaal’s web can believe that Kaal Jyoti Niranjan is not the Almighty God. Those people, who will believe your words, by doing my, God Kabir’s, worship which I have told you, will return to their personal place (their home, Satlok, the ocean of happiness) and become happy forever.

I have given you human birth on earth. I have chosen you righteous souls. Becoming my messenger (Rasool), you may describe the eye-witnessed account. After explaining this, Allah Taala Kabir Ji left those souls back in their bodies on the earth. They entered their bodies and became the Messengers of SatPurush (Kaadar Allah). Those righteous souls narrated the true knowledge of what they witnessed and what Allah Taala told them, that is, fed into their souls, and they also got it written down, which has been understood by me (Rampal Das) and imparted to you all men of different religions. Many times, Allah Taala Kabir ji by himself living on the earth and behaving like a poet, met good souls and gave them His information. Those righteous souls accepted that knowledge. Relinquishing their previous spiritual practice, they performed the worship instructed by Him and attained the Eternal Abode (Satlok). They are happy after reaching there. They will live there forever.


The knowledge, which Allah Taala himself tells by uttering from His mouth and gets written down, is called Kalam-e-Kabir (Kabir Vaani) i.e., Sukshm Ved, which contains complete spiritual knowledge. The souls whom God (Almighty Allah) met, the eye-witnessed account and the knowledge heard from Allah that they described and got written down, this humble servant (Rampal Das) compared and verified it with Sukshm Ved, and found it to be word for word correct. 

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