Instruction of (Kaadar) Almighty Allah in the Sukshm Ved (Kalaam-e-Kabir)

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / Instruction of (Kaadar) Almighty Allah in the Sukshm Ved (Kalaam-e-Kabir)

Instruction of (Kaadar) Almighty Allah in the Sukshm Ved (Kalaam-e-Kabir)

The religious practice which Hazrat Muhammad ji used to perform is also being performed by the rest of the Muslim community. At present, all the Muslim devotees are also eating meat. But Prophet Muhammad ji never ate meat, nor did his direct followers (one lakh eighty thousand) eat meat. They only used to do Roza, Bang and Namaz. They did not (bismil) slaughter cows etc.

Nabi Muhammad Namaskar hai, Ram Rasool kahaya |
Ek laakh assi koon saugandh, jin nahin karad chalaya ||

Aras kuras par Allah takht hai, Khaalik bin nahin khaali |
Ve paigambar paakh purush the, Sahib ke abdaali ||

Meaning:- Prophet Muhammad is respectable, who is said to be an incarnation of the Lord. I swear by the one lakh eighty thousand prophets and their followers that they never used dagger on goats, chickens and cows, that is, they did not commit violence and did not eat meat. They, Hazrat Muhammad, Hazrat Musa, Hazrat Isa etc. prophets (messengers), were holy persons and were recipients of favour of Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan / Kaal), but the Supreme God (Allahu Akbar i.e. Allah Kabir) who is present at the highest point of the sky (Satlok), no one is out of the sight of that Master of the universe.

Maari Gau shabd ke teeram, aise the Mohammad Peeram |
Shabdae phir jiwaai, hansa raakhya maans nahin bhaakhya, aise peer Muhammad bhai ||

Meaning: - Once, Prophet Muhammad killed a cow by word (power of word) and revived it in front of everyone. He did not eat the cow’s meat. Now the Muslim society is not aware of the reality. To keep the memory of the day the cow was resurrected, you kill a cow. If you cannot revive, you do not have the authority to kill too. You eat and feed the meat knowing it to be prasaad (blessed food). You yourself also incur sin and you are misleading the followers too. You will go to (Dozakh) hell.

Kabir - maans ahaari maanayi, pratyaksh raakshas jaani |
Taaki sangati mati karae, hoyi bhakti mein haani ||1||

Kabir - maans khaaye te dhed sab, mad peevaen so neech |
Kul ki durmati par harae, Ram kahae so oonch ||2||

Kabir - maans bhakhae aur mad piye, dhan veshya syon khaaye |
Juaa khelae chori karae, ant samoola jaaye ||5||

Kabir - maans maans sab ek hai, murgi hirni gaay |
Aankhi dekhi nar khaat hai, te nar narkahin jaaye ||6||

Kabir - yeh kookar ko bhaksh hai, manush deh kyon khaaye |
Mukh mein aamikh melike, narak parenge jaaye ||7||

Kabir - paapi puja baithikae, bhakhai maans mad doiee |
Tinki diksha mukti nahin, koti narak fal hoii ||10||

Kabir - jeev hanae hinsa karae, pargat paap sir hoye |
Nigam puni aise paap ten, bhist gaya nahin koye ||14||

Kabir - tilbhar machhli khaayke, koti gau de daan |
Kaashi karaunt le marae, tau bhi narak nidaan ||16||

Kabir- bakri paati khaat hai, taaki kaadhi khaal |
Jo bakri ko khaat hai, tinka kaun havaal ||17||

Kabir- mulla tujhae kareem ka, kab aaya farmaan |
Ghat fora ghar ghar baanta, saahabka neesaan ||21||

Kabir- qaaji ka beta mua, ur mein saalae peer |
Vah Sahab sabka pita, bhalaa na maanae beer ||22||

Kabir- peer saban ko eksee, moorakh jaanaen naahin |
Apna gala kataay ke, kyon na baso bhisht ke maahin ||23||

Kabir - murgi mulla se kahae, jabah karat hai mohin |
Sahab lekha maangsi, sankat pari hai tohin ||24||

Kabir- jor kari jabah karae, mukh se kahae halaal |
Sahab lekha maangsi, tab hosi kaun havaal ||28||

Kabir- jor keeyaan juloom hai, maangae jvaab khudaay |
Khaalik dar khooni khadaa, maar muheen munh khaay ||29||

Kabir- gala kaati kalma bharae, keeya kahae halaal |
Sahab lekha maangsi, tab hosi jabaab – savaal ||30||

Kabir - galaa gusa ka kaatiye, miyaan kahar ko maar |
Jo paanchoo bismil karae, tab paavae deedaar ||31||

Kabir - ye sab jhoothi bandagi, beriya paanch namaaj |
Saanchahi maarae jhooth padhi, qaaji karae akaaj ||32||

Kabir- din ko roja rahat hain, raat hanat hai gaay |
Yah khoon vah bandagi, kahun kyon khushi Khudaay ||33||

Kabir- Kabira teyi peer hain, jo jaanae par peer |
Jo par peer na jaani hai, so kaafir beeper ||36||

Kabir - khoob khaana hai kheechdi, maahin pari tuk laun |
Maans paraaya khaay ke, gala kataavae kaun ||37||

Kabir- kehta hoon kahi jaat hoon, kaha jo maan hamaar |
Jaaka gala tum kaati ho, so fir kaatae tumhaar ||38||

Kabir - hindu ke daya nahin, mihar turak ke naahin |
Kahae Kabir donoon gayaa, lakh chauraasi maahin ||39||

Kabir - musalmaan maarae karad se, hindu maarey tarvaar |
Kahae Kabir donoon mili, jaihain jam ke dvaar ||40||

Kabir Khuda (God) explained in the above nectar-speech that those who eat meat, drink alcohol, do not give up evil deeds even after listening to (satsang) spiritual discourses, and do not take initiation, consider them to be real demons. Anyone can commit a mistake unknowingly. If that person who commits wrong deeds, after listening to the views of the spiritual discourse, renounces evil deeds and starts worshipping God, then he is a noble soul, irrespective of caste or religion. One who does not worship God after giving up meat and alcohol is a despicable person, irrespective of caste or religion. The meaning is that those who perform superior deeds are superior, and those who perform lowly deeds are lowly. One is not considered superior or inferior just on the basis of birth in a particular caste or religion. The devotees who have taken initiation should not sit in the company of the people who perform above-mentioned evil deeds as this will hinder their worship. (Verses 1-2)

Those who eat meat, drink alcohol, those women who indulge in prostitution and those who extort money from a prostitute by making her do this work, those who gamble and steal, who do not listen even after being advised, they are guilty of heinous sins, and will fall into deep hell. (Verse 5)

Whether the meat is of a cow, deer, chicken or any other animal, those who eat meat will go to hell. If a person eats meat unknowingly (e.g. you went to a relative’s house; you did not realise whether it was vegetable or meat, you ate it) then one is not guilty, but one should be very careful in the future. Those who eat even after seeing with their eyes are guilty. Meat is the food of a dog. It is prohibited for human beings. (Verses 6-7)

Those who take initiation from the gurus, who eat meat and drink alcohol, do not attain salvation; rather, they will go to deep hell. (Verse 10)

Those people who commit violence towards living beings (selfishly kill any animal be it cow, pig, goat, chicken, human, etc.) are great sinners, (even if they have received initiation of the Supreme God from a complete saint) they will never attain salvation. (Verse 14)

If a worshipper eats even a little bit (equivalent to a sesame seed) of meat and does worship, then even if he donates crores of cows, his worship is futile. Even if a person who eats meat gets his neck severed by a Karaunt (a big saw) in Kashi, he will go to hell. (Note- The selfish gurus of the Hindus of Kashi/Banaras had spread the illusion in the devotee society that the one who dies in Kashi goes to heaven. When it got more crowded, then another deadly plan was made. Under it, they said that for the one who wants to go to heaven soon, a karaunt (a big saw) sent by God comes on the Ganga. The gates of heaven remain open for those who get their necks severed by it. Those selfish gurus opened a slaughterhouse for human killing. The devout devotees even accepted to have their necks cut there for self-welfare. But a religious practice preached by knowledgeless gurus is of no use.) Therefore, it has been said that no matter how much worship, meritorious deeds, charity and sacrifice a person who eats meat does, there is no benefit to him. (Verse 16)

The goat that you killed was filling its stomach by eating grass, leaves, etc. If such a vegetarian animal is also killed in this world of Kaal, then those who eat the goat's meat will suffer a worse plight. (Verse 18)

When was the order received from the (Kareem) Merciful Lord to eat meat and distribute it in the form of prasaad after (halal / bismil) slaughtering animals etc. (Because in the Holy Bible, in the book of Genesis, the Complete God created the universe in six days, sat down on the throne on the seventh day, and for the food of all human beings, He ordered, “I have given fruitful trees and seedy plants for you to eat.” When did you get the order again from that Kareem (the Merciful Complete God)? In which Quran is it written? The Complete God after creating the entire nature and all the human beings, gave it to Brahm (whom you call Avyakt/Unmanifest, who never appears before anyone, who does and gets work done secretively). Later, the description that is given in the Holy Bible and Holy Quran Sharif (Majid) etc. books is that of Brahm (Kaal / Jyoti Niranjan) and his angels, or of ghosts and spirits. It is not of Kareem i.e. the Merciful Complete God Allahu Kabiru. One, who disobeys the order of that Complete God on advice of any angel or Brahm etc, will have to bear punishment.)

Example: - Once, a person became friends with a police station house officer (S.H.O.). The man told his S.H.O. friend that my neighbour harasses me a lot. The police officer (S.H.O.) said, “Hit him with a stick; I will deal with it.” Following the orders of the S.H.O. friend, the man hit his neighbour with a stick. The neighbour died due to head injury. Being the officer of the same area, that police station in-charge caught his friend, put him in jail and that person got a death penalty. His friend, the police station officer, could not offer him any help. Because it is the constitution of the king that if anyone kills someone, he will get the death penalty. That ignorant person obeyed the orders of his S.H.O. friend and violated the constitution of the king. Due to which, he lost his life.

Similarly, one who disobeys the orders of the Complete God will be guilty of sin. Because the entire knowledge of Quran Sharif (Majid) has been given by Brahm (Kaal / Jyoti Niranjan, whom you call avyakt/unmanifest), it contains only his commands. And in the Holy Bible only at the beginning of the book of Genesis, there is a command of the Complete God. In the Holy Bible, Hazrat Adam and his wife Hawwa (Eve) were created by that Complete God. The descendants of Baba Adam are Hazrat Israel, King Dawood, Hazrat Musa, Hazrat Isa and Hazrat Muhammad etc. The Complete God created the world in six days and sat on the throne. The knowledge of all the holy books (Quran Sharif etc.) after this has been imparted by Brahm (Kaal/Jyoti Niranjan). The giver of the knowledge of the Holy Quran himself says that the Complete God who is called Kareem (Merciful), Allah, His name is Kabir; only He is worthy of being worshipped. Find out about His true spiritual knowledge and method of worship from a Baakhabar (Tatvdarshi Saint, the one who is fully informed). This proves that the knowledge of Quran Sharif etc. is not of Complete God. (Verse 21)

When a Qaji's son dies, he is grief-stricken. Supreme God (Allah Kabir) is the father of all. Allah is not pleased with the one who kills His living beings. (Verse 22)

The pain is the same for everyone. If you say that you have done halal by slitting a goat's throat, then why do the Qaji and Mullah not do halal by slitting their own throats, that is, their life is dear to them; does the goat not love its life? (Verse 23)

When the Mullah kills a goat, then that speechless creature wants to explain with tears in its eyes that - “O Mullah, do not become guilty of sin by killing me. When you will be brought to account as per justice in the house of God, at that time you will have to face a lot of trouble.” (Verse 24)

You forcibly mercilessly kill a goat etc living beings. You say that you are doing halal. You will have to suffer a lot due to this double standard. Qaji, Mullah or any other person who commits violence is violating the law of the Supreme God. He will be beaten in the court of Dharmraj. If you have a passion for doing halal, then do halal of lust, anger, attachment, ego, greed etc.

You offer Namaz five times a day as well as observe fast in the daytime during the month of Ramadan. In the evening, you slaughter cow, goat, chicken etc. and eat their meat. On one hand, you pray to God and on the other hand, you kill His creatures. How would God be happy? That is, you yourself are becoming a partaker of sin as well as guilty of misleading the followers (sahabahs); you will fall into hell. (Verses 28 to 33)

God Kabir is saying that O Qaji! O Mullah! You are also called Pir (Guru). Pir is the one who understands the suffering of another, saves him from falling into trouble, who does not hurt anyone. One who does not feel distressed in the sorrow of others is a Kafir (disobedient); he is Bepir (ruthless). He is not worthy of being a Pir (guru). (Verse 36)

The best food is salty khichdi; eat it. He who slits the throat of another has to pay back. Knowing this, a sensible person does not get his throat slit in return. The guides of both the religions have become ruthless. The gurus of Hindus say that we cut the throat of a goat, etc. with one stroke, which does not cause any pain to the animal; therefore, we are not guilty, and the guides of Muslim religion say that we do halal slowly, due to which we are not guilty. God Kabir said, “How would you feel if your and your family member's throat is slit by any means?” (Verses 37 to 40)

Baat karte hain punya ki, karte hain ghor adharm |
Dono deen narak mein padaheen, kuchh to karo sharm ||

God Kabir said: -

Hum Muhammad ko Satlok le gaya | ichchha roop vahaan nahin rahyo |
Ult Muhammad mahal pathaaya, guj beeraj ek kalma laaya ||
Roja, bang, namaaj dayi re, bismil ki nahin baat kahi re ||

Meaning: - I (Kabir Allah) had taken Prophet Muhammad to Satlok. But he expressed the desire not to stay there. I sent Muhammad back in his body. The order that Prophet Muhammad ji had received from Kaal Brahm from behind the curtain, in that order also, Kaal had ordered him to observe Roza (fast), recite a Bang (praise the Lord in a loud voice) and offer Namaz (prayer) five times a day, but he did not ask him to (bismil) slaughter creatures e.g. cows etc. The order that is written later in the Quran is of an angel; it is a heinous sin.

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