The Mention of (God) Allah in the Scriptures

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The Mention of (God) Allah in the Scriptures

Allah in Sukshm Ved by Sant Garib Das Ji

It is said in the Sukshmved that: -

Vahi Mohammad, vahi Mahadev, vahi Adam, vahi Brahma।।
Das Gareeb doosra koyi nahi, dekh aapne gharma ।।

Meaning: - Hazrat Muhammad, the founder of Muslim religion, came from the world of Lord Shiv. He was a virtuous soul who used to do traditional religious worship sitting in a cave. One (gan) attendant of Shiv ji who is one of the eleven Rudras met Muhammad ji in that cave. He narrated the message of Kaal God i.e., Brahm in Muhammad ji’s language (Arabic language). The same Rudra is called Angel Jibreel by the Muslims, who is considered a noble angel.

Prophet Adam

There is an episode in the Purans and in the scriptures of Jainism which is as follows: - Rishabhdev ji was the son of King Nabhiraj. Nabhiraj was the king of Ayodhya. Rishabhdev ji had one hundred sons and a daughter. One day, God met Rishabhdev ji in the form of a saint, inspired him to (bhakti) worship, gave him the knowledge that if in human life, we do not worship as instructed in the scriptures, the human life will be in vain. Whatever a person has obtained in the present life is the result of the virtuous deeds and sins performed by him in his previous births. You have become a king; it is the result of your virtuous deeds in your previous birth. If you do not perform the act of worship at present, then becoming devoid of the power of bhakti and virtueless, you will fall in hell, and then you will suffer in the bodies of other beings. (For example, the inverter battery is currently charged, and the charger has been removed. Still that battery is working. The fan is running from the inverter, the bulb-tubes are also glowing. If the charger is not re-inserted, and the battery is not charged again, then after some time the inverter will stop working; neither the fan, nor the bulb, nor the tube will work. Similarly, the human body is an inverter. Worship according to the scriptures works as a charger. The human gets charged again by the power of God. That is, one becomes virtuous and wealthy of the power of devotion.

After hearing this knowledge from the lotus mouth of God who appeared in the form of a Sage, Rishabhdev ji made a firm resolution to do (bhakti) devotion. When Rishabhdev ji asked the name of the Sage, the Sage told his name to be KavirDev, and he also said that I, myself, am the Supreme God.

I am the "KavirDev" which is mentioned in the four Vedas. That's my name. I am the Param Akshar Brahm (Eternal God).

It is written in the Sukshmved: -

Rishabdev Ke Aaiya, Kabi Naame Kartaar ।।
Nau Yogeshwar Ko Samjhaaiya, Janak Videh Udhaar।।

Meaning: - God met Rishabhdev ji with the name of "Kabi", and inspired him to do bhakti (devotional worship). The same God, after explaining to the nine Yogeshwars and King Janak, inspired them to do bhakti (worship) for their salvation. Rishabhdev ji could not digest the fact that this sage is KavirDev himself, who is mentioned in the Vedas as the originator of all. But he had made up his mind to do bhakti. After taking initiation from an ascetic sage, he chanted the mantra ॐ (Om) and did hath (persistent) yog. Rishabhdev ji's eldest son was Bharat; Bharat's son was Marichi. For the first one year, Rishabh Dev ji did penance by fasting. Then he did severe penance for a thousand years. After finishing his penance, he gave the first Dharmadeshna (initiation) to his grandson, that is, Bharata's son Marichi. It was the soul of Marichi who was born as the 24th Tirthankar Mahabir Jain. Rishabhdev ji did not start Jainism, it was started by Shri Mahabir Jain ji. By the way, Shri Mahabir ji also did not establish any religion. He only shared his experience with his followers. It is a devout community of those who do bhakti (worship). Rishabhdev ji used to chant "Om" naam by saying 'Omkar'. At present, Jains after aberration call the mantra (णोंकार) “Nonkaar”; they chant this. It is also called Omkar as well as Om.

Let us come to our context. In the Jain scriptures, and in the book written by the followers of Jainism "Aao Jain Dharm Ko Jane", it is mentioned that the soul of Rishabhdev Ji (Jains call him only as Aadinath) only was reborn as Baba Adam. Now let me simply elaborate the words of the same Sukshmved:-

Vahi Muhammad, Vahi Mahadev, Vahi Adam, Vahi Brahma।।
Das Gareeb Doosra Koi Nahi, Dekh Aapne Gharma ।।

Baba Adam ji came from the world of deity Shri Brahma ji, because a living being based on the spiritual worship practiced by him/her in the human birth consecutively goes to the worlds of the three gods (Shri Brahma ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv ji) above. When his/her virtues are depleted, he/she is born again on earth as per destiny.

The same God, who had met Rishabhdev ji, had Himself come and met Saint Garib Das ji (from village-Chhudani, district-Jhajjar, Haryana state). Saint Garib Das ji had gone to the worlds above with the Supreme God and had seen the entire arrangement with his own eyes. Then he told that Adam ji had come from the world of Brahma ji, and was an incarnation of Brahma. Muhammad ji was an incarnation of Tamgun Shiv ji.

Dear Readers! There are two types of incarnations, 1. That God himself incarnates, like Shri Vishnu ji himself incarnated in the form of Shri Ram, Shri Krishna etc. But Sage Kapil ji, Parshuram ji are also counted among the incarnations of Vishnu ji. They were not Shri Vishnu ji himself; they were godly souls who came from Vishnu Lok. They had some powers of Vishnu ji because they were sent by him. Similarly, Hazrat Muhammad ji was the incarnation of (godly soul who came from the world of) Shri Shiv ji and Baba Adam ji was the incarnation of (godly soul who came from the world of) Shri Brahma ji. Likewise, Jesus Christ was the incarnation of (godly soul who came from the world of) Shri Vishnu. Christian devotees also consider Jesus as the son of God, not the God.

Saint Garibdas ji has said that if you do not believe my words, then following the scripture-based way of worship given by me, look in your home i.e., in your human body with your own eyes.

Meaning: - The body composition of all the humans (male and female) of all the religions is same. Due to lack of Tatvgyan (true and complete spiritual knowledge), we are divided into religions. Saint Garib Das ji has explained that in the human body, there are five lotus chakras on the inner side of the spine, i.e., backbone (from the rear end to the throat). Please see this picture: -

PICTURE of Chakras

Mool Chakra: - This chakra is one inch above the end of the backbone, near the anus. Its deity is Shri Ganesh. This lotus has 4 petals.

Swadh Chakra: - It is attached to the inner side of the backbone, two inches above the Mool lotus. Its deities are Shri Brahma ji and his wife Savitri ji. This lotus has six petals.

Naabhi Lotus Chakra: - It is attached to the same backbone in front of the navel. Its deities are Shri Vishnu ji and his wife Lakshmi ji. This lotus has 8 petals.

Hriday Lotus Chakra: - This lotus is attached to the spine in the middle of the two breasts made in the chest. Its deities are Shri Shiv ji and his wife Parvati ji. This lotus has 12 petals.

Kanth Lotus: - This lotus is located above the bones of the chest, from where the throat begins, behind it at the end along the backbone. Its deity is Sri Devi i.e. Durga ji. This lotus has 16 petals. The rest of the lotus chakras are situated above.

Sangam Kamal or Sixth Lotus: - This lotus is situated at Sushmana's top entrance. It has three petals. In this, Goddess Durga resides in the form of Saraswati. In one petal, Goddess Durga resides in the form of Saraswati. And 72 crore Urvashis (beautiful angels) reside with her, who entrap the male devotees going upwards. In the second petal, reside handsome young males, who attract female devotees and keep them in the trap of Kaal (Shaitaan). Even Kaal resides there in another form as the chief director of these youths. In the third petal, God Himself resides in a distinct form. He frees his devotees from their traps. He alerts them by imparting knowledge.

Trikuti Lotus Chakra:- It is situated in the middle of the eyebrows of both the eyes, in the back of the head, above in the same row of other lotuses. Its deity is God Himself in the form of Satguru (true guru). This lotus has two petals. One is white coloured and the other is black (bumble-bee) coloured. Satyapurush (Master of Satlok) resides in the form of Satguru (True Guru) in the white petal. Kaal Niranjan resides in the form of a fake Satguru in the black petal.

Sahansra Lotus Chakra:- This lotus is two fingers below the center of the head in the same row as other lotuses. People of Hindu religion used to keep a braid of hair on the head, some still keep it. Underneath it is the Sahansra Kamal Dal. Its deity is Brahm, who is also called Akshar Purush, who has preached the knowledge of Gita and Vedas by remaining hidden. This lotus has a thousand petals. Kaal Brahm has filled them with light. He himself stays far inside this lotus chakra. He is not visible, only the petals are seen shining.

{Asht Kamal Dal: - The deity of this lotus is Akshar Purush, who is also called . also has 8 petals will not tell where it is situated because fake gurus will the public if they get to know this.

Sankh Kamal Dal:- Purna Brahm i.e. Param Akshar Brahm resides in this lotus. It has sankh (100 quadrillion) petals. I will not tell its situation too; the reason has been written above.

(The lotuses that are shown in the picture, in these, the sixth lotus and the ninth lotus have not been shown. The reason is that the knowledge of the students is increased gradually. The mystery of the lotuses is profound. It is written in the summary of Kabir Sagar.

These lotuses in the body act like channels are installed in television. Whichever of those channels you start, the program will appear on it. That program is going on in the studio, but it is visible in the T.V. Similar is the function of every lotus. There are mantras to open these lotuses which this Das (Saint Rampal Das) gives to chant. For the first time, initiation is given to open these very channels. With the power of the mantras, all the lotuses are turned on. Then the seeker can see the abode of that deity in the channel installed in his body. He can see all the views there. Therefore, Sant Garib Das ji has said that by turning on the channel of your body, see for yourself that Adam ji will appear to you from the world of Brahma because all the records are available there. Just like there is YouTube at present, in the same way you can see whatever happened in the past in the world of every god. Likewise, you will see Hazrat Muhammad ji coming from the world of Shiv ji. Similarly, Jesus will also appear to have come from the world of Shri Vishnu ji.

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