Essential Tips before entering the Holy Book Quran

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / Essential Tips before entering the Holy Book Quran

Essential Tips before entering the Holy Book Quran

Before Entering the Holy Book Quran

In order to understand the holy book Quran, there are some important things which are essential to keep in mind: -

1. God, who has revealed the knowledge of Quran Majeed, has not given complete information to his Nabi-e-Kareem Muhammad (Sallam) about Allah, the Creator of the universe.

Evidence: - It is written in Surah Furqan-25 Verse no. 59 that (O Muhammad) Allah created the whole universe in six days. Then he sat down on the throne in the sky. Ask a (Baakhabar) knowledgeable i.e., Tatvdarshi Saint for (news) complete information about Him. (Know from him.)

2. There are code words in Surah Ash Shura-42 in Verses no. 1-2 that are important. No Muslim has their knowledge. Verse no. 1: - "Ha. Meem, Aen. Seen. Kaaf.” These words that are written are a (naam) mantra for chanting. Without chanting the (naam) mantra, a living being cannot attain salvation.

3. The God who gave the knowledge of Quran to Prophet Muhammad ji did not meet him directly. There was an order to offer Namaz etc. from behind the curtain.

4. The knowledge of Quran Majeed was revealed by intimidating Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad (Sallam) had told, “Angel Jibreel forced me to recite the knowledge of the Quran by strangling me. When my throat was throttled for the third time, I felt that I would lose my life.” The prophet used to suffer a lot when a particular kind of Wahy (message) used to come. When this Wahy (message) came, bells could be heard. The prophet said, “I used to suffer a lot.”

5. In Quran Majeed, there is permission to eat meat, but (Kaadar) Almighty Allah, the Creator of the universe, in the chapter of Genesis in the Bible, has mentioned small seed-bearing trees and the fruits of the fruit-bearing trees for humans to eat.  

6. The remaining Meraj of Prophet Muhammad is true which is as follows: -

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