How to believe that Kaal gives the knowledge of Quran Majeed?

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How to believe that Kaal gives the knowledge of Quran Majeed?

Question: - How to believe that Kaal Jyoti Niranjan is the one who gives the knowledge of Quran Majeed?

(Rampal Das) Answer: - Enough evidence is present in the holy book Quran Majeed. You must know that from Adam to Prophet Muhammad, all had the same God. He alone had granted (revealed) the holy book Torah (Taurat) to Moses (Musa).

It is written in Quran Majeed Surah Al-Qasas-28 Verses no. 29-32 and in Surah Ta-Ha-20 Verses no. 9-23 that Hazrat Musa saw a fire (light) on the Mount Tur (Qatur). He said to his family members, "You all stay here. I will bring some burning wood for you from that fire." When Musa approached the fire, he saw that it was not a fire from burning wood. It was a supernatural light. From that light came a voice - “O Musa! I am your Lord. Take off your shoes and climb this mountain barefoot.” When Musa was only a short distance away, the voice again came from that light - “Musa! Throw your stick towards me.” Musa threw the stick which started slithering like a snake. Then the voice said, “I make you, my messenger. I give you the sign of the book”, etc.

This proved that Jyoti Niranjan, who is called Kaal, alone revealed the book Taurat to Musa. He alone is the God of everyone from Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad.

He has pledged that ‘I will not appear to anyone in my real form. I will do all the work.’ Why has he made a pledge? Please read Creation of Nature.

This Jyoti Niranjan i.e., Kaal Brahm alone by entering Shri Krishna ji’s body had given the knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to Arjun. In Gita Chapter 7 Verses 24-25, Kaal Brahm has said that :-

Verse 24 :- Foolish people do not know my (Anuttam) bad (Avyayam) permanent rule. Therefore, they consider me to have come as a person (Shri Krishna).

Verse 25 :- I remain hidden by my Yog Maya (power). I do not appear before anyone. These ignorant people do not know me who is never born like a human being.

That is, Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal) has made it clear that my permanent rule is that I remain hidden. I never become visible in front of everyone. I secretively keep doing all the work.

In Gita Chapter 11 Verse 32, he has clarified that "I am Kaal." To destroy everyone, I have now come (in Shri Krishna), that is, I have entered Krishna's body. He had uttered the knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita by entering Shri Krishna ji's body.

Similarly, he has given the knowledge of the four books (Zaboor, Taurat, Injil and Quran) by himself remaining hidden. He is not the (Almighty) Kaadir Allah who created the universe. Khuda (God) Kabir has called him Kaal Karaal (Shaitan).

Other evidence: - In Quran Majeed Surah Al Baqra-2 Verses no. 35-38, Allah, who has given the knowledge of the Quran, is saying that: -

Verse no. 35: - Then we said to Adam, "You and your wife, both live in heaven and here you may eat freely to your heart’s content, but do not approach this tree or else you will be counted among the wrongdoers."

Verse no. 36: - Finally, Shaitan caused both of them to deflect from obeying our command by tempting them to the tree. We ordered – “Now you all descend from here. Become each other's enemies. (Snakes and humans became enemies of each other) And you have to stay on earth for a certain period of time. You have to make a living there.”

Verse no. 37: - At that time Adam learned some words from his Lord and repented (apologised) which was accepted by his Lord because He is the Most Forgiving and Merciful.

Verse no. 38 :- We said, “You may descend from here now. Then (follow) the guidance that comes to you from me. For those who follow my guidance, there will be no chance of any fear and grief.” (End of excerpt from Quran Majeed).

In the Holy Bible (in the Book of Taurat) it is written that God created the universe in six days, in which on the sixth day he created the human beings in His own image. Having produced Adam and Eve etc., He sat on the throne in the sky on the seventh day. After that Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal Brahm) took over the reins. He started performing all the tasks through his sons Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv.

The above account from Quran Majeed is given in detail in the Holy Book Bible which is as follows :-

Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) has made all the arrangements via his three sons. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv are the three sons of Kaal. Adam has come from Brahma Lok. That is why, Brahma looked after Adam in the garden.

Lord Kaal's son Brahma said to Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Eve (who was the wife of Adam), “You can eat the fruits of the trees planted in this garden. But do not eat the fruits of the trees in the middle. If you eat them, you will die.” Saying this, the Lord left.

After that, the snake came and said, “Why are you not eating the fruits of these trees in the middle?” Eve said that God (Allah) has forbidden us that if you eat them, you will die; do not eat them. The snake again said, “The Lord has misguided you. He does not want you to become knowledgeable like God. If you eat these fruits, you will become aware of good and bad. The veil of ignorance that the Lord has put on you will be removed from your eyes.” The snake had said this to Adam’s wife Eve. Eve said to her husband, Adam, “If we eat these fruits, we will become aware of good and bad.” The same thing happened. When they ate that fruit, their eyes were opened and the darkness of the veil of ignorance that God had put on them was removed. When they saw that both of them were naked, they felt ashamed. They plucked fig leaves, and making loincloths out of them, tied them around their private parts.

This above episode has been taken from the Chapter Genesis of the Holy Bible. (Kaadir) Almighty Allah, the Creator of the universe, went and sat down on the throne in the sky above, and he, who keeps Adam and Eve in the heaven, and forbids them to eat the fruit of a tree is someone else. Misguided by Shaitan, Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree which provides knowledge of good and bad. When Allah came and learned about it, he said, “Adam and Eve have eaten the fruit of the tree which provides knowledge of good and bad. Because of which, humans have become like one of us. Therefore, lest he should pluck and eat the fruit from the tree of life and live forever, he was banished from Heaven.”

The Creator of the universe is Allah Taala. He has gone up. Allah Taala was not present with Adam and Eve. This proves another Allah. The giver of knowledge of the Quran Majeed is accepting in the above-mentioned Quran Majeed Surah Al-Baqra-2 Verses 35-38 - ‘I placed Adam and Eve in Heaven and banished them from Heaven when they committed a mistake. I left them on Earth.’ This proves that the giver of the knowledge of Quran Majeed i.e., the God of everyone from Hazrat Adam to Hazrat Muhammad is not Kaadir Allah, the Creator of the universe. They are more than one God. All this is a conspiracy of Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal Brahm). He himself does not appear before anyone. He misleads man by himself appearing in the form of fire somewhere. Sometimes, he misleads through his three sons. Sometimes, he delivers knowledge by possessing one of his three sons. Sometimes, he speaks by directly entering the body of a human being. He keeps everyone trapped in his web by giving some true knowledge, and some false and incomplete knowledge.

Proof of False Statement: In the Holy Quran Majeed Surah Al Baqra-2 Verse no. 38, (Jyoti Niranjan) the giver of the knowledge of Quran Majeed has said – “O Adam and Eve! Go down to earth. I will guide you, that is, I will reveal the book. I will give information about (Dharm-Karm) meritorious deeds in it and things to abstain from (code of conduct). There will be no chance of any fear and sorrow for those who follow my guidance.” We feel like crying when we read the biography of Hazrat Muhammad, who was sent by the same Allah as his Messenger, because that great soul obeyed every command of Allah, who gave the knowledge of Quran Majeed, with body, mind and wealth. He followed that Allah’s guidance unto the last breath; nevertheless, the life of Hazrat Muhammad (Salal. Wasallam) was full of sorrows.

When Prophet Muhammad was in his mother's womb, his father died. When he turned six, his mother expired. When child Muhammad was eight years old, his grandfather, who was raising him, passed away. Then his paternal uncle brought him up. Muhammad ji lived the life of an orphan.

If we ponder, we will realise what the condition of a child whose parents die is? Nobody will give the love of a parent, someone will threaten. If someone's children wear nice clothes, then worn out clothes are given to the orphan. He is made to work hard. To whom can he tell his problem? Other children take money to the fair. An orphan curses his fate on seeing them. On the day of a festival, everyone eats good food. An orphan is given dry and stale food to eat. He suffers immensely in many such ways.

Hazrat Muhammad did not get married until the age of twenty-five. Then he married a forty-year-old widow named Khadija. Khadija had been widowed twice earlier. You had three sons and four daughters from Hazrat Khadija ji. In front of your eyes, your three sons, the apple of your eye, died. You had to face extreme hardship in propagating the knowledge of Quran Majeed given by Kaal i.e., Jyoti Niranjan. You fought many battles. You were boycotted for three years by your opponents. During that time, your (Salal.) entire family was in dire distress. The children led their lives by sobbing and eating leaves. Hazrat Muhammad died at the age of sixty-three after grave suffering.

The giver of the knowledge of Quran has mentioned above in Surah Al Baqra-2 Verse no-38 that whoever acts according to my instructions will not have any sorrow. It did not hold water. (Kaadir) Almighty Allah is Kabir. He does not let any trouble befall his devotee and (Rasool) messenger and grants complete salvation. He takes a person straight to Satlok. Even Kaal Jyoti Niranjan is afraid of the Almighty God. Therefore, Kaal Brahm, while defending himself, asks to worship only that (Kaadir) Almighty God, who is Kabir, without associating any partner with Him. Then he puts more emphasis on his worship too. In that also, he says that worship me without associating anyone with me (i.e., without considering anyone equivalent to me).

Likewise, this very Kaal Brahm gave the knowledge of Gita. In it, in Chapter 8 Verse 1, Arjun asked, “O Lord! Who is the Tat Brahm about whom you have mentioned in Gita Chapter 7 Verse 29?”

Kaal Brahm has given its answer in Gita Chapter 8 Verse 3. He has said – ‘He is “Param Akshar Brahm”.’

Then in Chapter 8 Verses 5 and 7, he has asked to worship himself and in Verses 8-9-10, he has asked to worship the Param Akshar Brahm other than himself. He has clarified that, if you worship me, you will reside with me in my Lok (world). If you worship that Param Akshar Brahm (Almighty God), then you will go to Him. You will go to His Satlok.

About himself, he has clarified in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 12, Chapter 4 Verse 5 Chapter 10 Verse 2 that, you and I will continue to have birth and death.

In Gita Chapter 18 Verse 46, 61, it has been said about that Almighty Supreme God that: - Param Akshar Brahm (Almighty God, the Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe) is the one who has created this world. He is the one supporting it and stabilising it by His power, and who makes all the living beings travel according to their deeds in the bodies of other beings in heaven, hell and then in the bodies of human beings, that is, the Almighty God has made a law that one will definitely get the result of whatever action one performs.

In Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62 it has been stated that O Arjun! Go in the refuge of that God in every respect. It is only by the grace of that God that you will attain supreme peace and the eternal supreme abode (Amar Lok / Immortal Place).

In Gita Chapter 15 Verse 4, it has been stated that after receiving the (Tatvgyan) true spiritual knowledge from a (Baakhabar) Tatvdarshi Saint, one should then search for that supreme state (Satlok) of that (above-mentioned) Supreme God, having gone where, a worshipper never returns to the world. Worship Him.

It is told in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 16 that Kshar Purush (Kaal Brahm) and Akshar Purush, these two Gods are in this mortal world. Both these and all the living beings under them are perishable. Everyone’s soul is immortal.

It is mentioned in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 17 that the Supreme God i.e., Purushottam is different from the above two. Actually, He is called God, who enters the three worlds and sustains everyone. He is the Immortal God.

It has also been made clear in the Gita that worship that God with exclusive devotion, that is, do not worship any other god with Him. Kaal Brahm has said the same thing about himself that – ‘Worship me. Do not worship any other deity as equal to me.’

Similarly, in Quran Majeed Surah Ambiya-21 Verses no - 92, 30, 31, 32, the giver of the knowledge of the Quran has asked to worship him, and he has described his glory. In Surah Baqra-2 Verse no. 255, he has described the glory of the God other than him, and in Surah Fatir-1 Verses no. 1-7, he has asked to worship the Almighty, the Merciful.

It has been proved from the above evidence that the giver of the knowledge of Quran Majeed (Sharif) is Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan), who deceives everyone. By imparting incomplete knowledge, he keeps everyone trapped in his web. He also incites one to commit sins. He causes wars (fights and quarrels) so that all the living beings remain distressed and do not worship. If they do, they do wrong worship.

Other proofs: - Quran Majeed Surah Sajda-32 Verse no. 13: - The Allah, who has given the knowledge of the Quran, has said – “The word from me that I will fill the Hell with jinn and humans, has been fulfilled. If we had willed, we could have given guidance to every person, but I have to fill the hell with jinn and humans.” He preaches incomplete way of worship, and gives the liberty to eat meat. Because of which, he will fill hell only. One cannot go to heaven. The giver of the knowledge of Quran instigates to fight.

For evidence, Surah An Nisa-4 Verses no. 71-84: -

Verse no. 71: - O people! Those who have believed, always be on your guard against encounters. Then as the circumstance demands, either advance in detachments or together.

Verse no. 72: - Yes, there is also someone among you who evades fighting.

Verse no. 74-84: - So, O Prophet! Fight in the way of Allah.

By sending such revelations (messages), he kept Hazrat Muhammad ji engaged in fighting all his life. His life continued to be hell. Deaths wreaked havoc on the family. He got Hazrat Muhammad’s deeds spoilt by making him fight with the enemies and did not even impart true spiritual knowledge to that devotee soul, neither did he tell him the true way of worship. This is evidenced by the fact that it has been stated in Surah Furqan 25 Verses no. 52-59 that Kaadir Allah is Kabir who has created everything. Gain information about Him from a Baakhabar (one with complete knowledge). It is self-evident from this that the knowledge of the Quran is incomplete.

In Surah Ash Shura-42 Verses no.1-2, code words are mentioned: - 1. Haa. Meem. 2. Aen, Seen, Kaaf. These are mantras of salvation. But they are incomplete. Neither Hazrat Muhammad nor any Muslim devotee knew about these. Then how would they have attained salvation? If someone says that Prophet Muhammad must have known about them. If the prophet had knowledge, would he not have told it to his companions? He used to share every word with the Muslims.

This same Allah had imparted the knowledge of the Book Taurat to Hazrat Musa which he had revealed in one attempt. Based on the knowledge of that "Taurat" book, Musa ji was delivering sermon. A member of the congregation asked, “O Musa! Who is the most knowledgeable (scholar) at present?” Hazrat Musa said, “I am the most knowledgeable in the world.” Annoyed by this, Allah said to Musa, “Your knowledge is nothing in comparison to the knowledge of Al-Khijr.” Musa goes to Al-Khijr to obtain that knowledge. He returns without obtaining the knowledge. Musa ji had this belief that his knowledge was given to him by the Almighty Allah. Hence, he called himself the most learned. Then that Allah (Jyoti Niranjan Kaal) says that your knowledge is nothing. If the knowledge of the Taurat was nothing in front of the accurate knowledge (which Al-Khijr had), then why did he tell it to Hazrat Musa? When Musa ji went to Al-Khijr to gain knowledge and returned empty-handed, he should have told Musa that true knowledge. He did not even impart that knowledge to Hazrat Muhammad ji. He told him as well to ask a Baakhabar (Tatvdarshi Saint) for accurate knowledge about that (Kaadir) Almighty Allah, the creator of the entire universe.

It is clear from this that the one who gave incomplete knowledge to everyone from Hazrat Adam to Hazrat Muhammad, who made them eat meat and who made them commit sins by instigating them to fight is Jyoti Niranjan Kaal. This same Kaal Brahm gave the knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavat Gita to Arjun. When a war was about to occur between paternal cousins, the Kauravs and the Pandavs, for the division of the kingdom, the armies of both stood face to face to fight. Pandav-warrior Arjun saw his cousins and nephews who were standing in the field to fight. At the time, pity arose in him and he thought, “Today I am ready to kill those children of my brothers whom I used to cuddle.” He pondered, “A large number of soldiers would be killed in the battle; their wives would be widowed. Innumerable children will become orphans. I will incur heinous sin.” Therefore, deciding not to fight, he put his weapon down and sat in the back of the chariot. With Arjun’s refusal to fight, there would have been no war.

When Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) saw that there would be no war, he entered the body of his son Shri Vishnu alias Shri Krishna (whom he had sent as his prophet at the time) like a ghost and uttered the knowledge of the book Gita, and said, “Arjun! Fight. You have to merely become an instrument. I have already killed them all.” But Arjun was not ready to accept it. He was saying, “O Krishna! We would prefer to survive on alms than to obtain a kingdom by slaying brothers and relatives. I will not fight.”

Kaal misguided Arjun in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 37 that - O Arjun! You have the best of both worlds. If you are killed in the battle, you will go to (Jannat) Heaven. If you win the war, you will enjoy the pleasure of the kingdom of the Earth.

In Gita Chapter 2 Verse 38, he has said that considering victory and defeat, profit and loss and happiness and sorrow to be equal, get ready for war. By fighting in this manner, you will not incur sin.

When Arjun was not ready to fight, Jyoti Niranjan Brahm showed his gigantic, formidable Kaal form to scare Arjun. Seeing it, Arjun started trembling with fear and agreed to the war. There was a war named Mahabharat which was a type of world war. Millions of soldiers were killed in it. The Pandavas won the war. The eldest among the Pandavas was Yudhishthir who became the king. Yudhishthir started seeing headless human torsos in his dreams. He saw wives of the soldiers who had been widowed in the war mourning in his dreams. He would wake up in fear and could not fall asleep again. He even quit eating and drinking. His eyes stared fixedly in horror. Yudhishthir’s other four brothers (Arjun, Bheem, Nakul and Sahdev) saw this condition of their brother. When they asked the reason from Yudhishthira, he told them, “I cannot sleep at night. When I fall asleep, I wake up in fear on seeing a terrible dream.” The Guru of the Pandavas was Shri Krishna, by entering whose body Lord Kaal had revealed the knowledge of Gita to Arjun. Arjun believed that Shri Krishna ji had imparted the knowledge of the book Gita. The five brothers went to their guru ji and told Yudhishthir's problem. Then Shri Krishna said, “You have killed your relatives (brothers, nephews etc.) in the war. Due to that sin, this crisis has befallen Yudhishthir as he is seated on the post of the king. Perform an Ashwamegh Yagya for its resolution. Invite the sages, saints and seers of the whole earth, your relatives, and the gods of heaven etc. to have food in that yagya.”

Hearing this from Shri Krishna, Arjun Pandav recalled that when both the armies were standing for war, and I was asking not to fight, then Shri Krishna had said, “Fight, you will not incur sin.” He did not even agree despite my refusal a million times. He persuaded me to fight. So many people got killed. Now he is saying that this crisis has befallen you because of the sin of killing men in the war. Billions of rupees had to be spent for its resolution at the time. Brother's life was in danger. So, Arjun exercised patience. The Yagya was performed; Yudhishthir became healthy.

Then Kaal Jyoti Niranjan got the entire clan of Shri Krishna ji (all children, elderly, youth, all family members and relatives including Krishna) destroyed by getting them cursed by Durvasa. There were fifty-six crore Yadavs (people of Shri Krishna ji's clan). They died by fighting among themselves. Shri Krishna was also killed by a hunter. Kaal did not even spare his prophet Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna witnessed his complete destruction. Kaal did not even let the Pandavas rule the kingdom for the rest of their lives. When Shri Krishna ji was about to die, he told the five Pandavas that you are liable to a lot of punishment for the sins committed in the war. All five of you may go to the top of the Himalaya Mountain, practice penance, and succumb there. The sins committed in the war will end. The five Pandavas renounced their kingdom and died in the snow in the Himalaya Mountain. Then they were put into hell because of the sins of war.

After suffering in hell for the sins, they get the fruits of virtues in heaven. This is his terrible trap. Kaal Jyoti Niranjan by telling lies, misleads a living being and keeps him trapped in his web. A living being cannot experience any happiness in his world. In the same way, the plight of everyone from Hazrat Adam to Hazrat Muhammad has been caused by him alone, whom (Kaadir) Almighty Allah Kabir has given the denomination of a butcher, who by misleading all the living beings is keeping them entrapped. To get out of his trap, everyone will have to come under the shelter of the Almighty Kabir Allah.

At present, that Kabir Allah has sent me (Rampal Das), this humble servant, as His last prophet. I have the true method of worship and true knowledge. All of you, human beings of the world, follow the worship as told by me by which you will go to Almighty Allah Kabir's Satlok. You will always be happy there. You will never die. As long as you live in this world of Kaal, you will remain happy. You will not have a premature death. You will be completely saved from diseases and grief.

It has been proved from the above pieces of evidence that the one, who gave the knowledge of Bible, Quran, Gita, is Kaal Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan). (Kaadir) Almighty Allah is Kabir. He imparts true knowledge.

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