What does the Holy Quran tell us?

/ What does the Holy Quran tell us?

What does the Holy Quran tell us?

Bismillahirramnirrahim :- Begin by taking the name of God
Who is very kind, very merciful.

{Living being is our Race, Mankind is our Religion.
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, there is no separate Religion.}
(Rampal Das)

That is, we are all living beings. We have got a human body. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are all humans. Therefore, we all have one religion - Mankind. Humanity is (karm) our deed. Hence, there are no separate religions. The human beings (male and female) of the whole earth are the children of one (Khuda) God.

Gareeb, Nabi Muhammad namskaar hai, Ram Rasool kahaya ।
Ek lakh assi kun saugandh, jin nahi karad chalaya ।।1।।
Gareeb, arsh kursh par Alah takht hai, Khalik bin nahi khaali ।
Ve paigambar paak purush the, Sahib ke abdaali ।।2।।

Saint Garibdas ji has said in the above verses:

I salute Prophet Muhammad. He was known as the (Rasool) messenger of (Ram) Allah. From Baba Adam to the last prophet, Hazrat Muhammad ji, there have been one lakh eighty thousand prophets and those who were his followers at that time, I swear that they never committed any violence by using a dagger (knife). (Speech 1)

Up there, at the (kursh) extreme end of the (arsh) sky is the (takht) throne of God (Allah). He is seated there. But that (Khaalik) Master of the world (bin nahin khaali) has access to every living being and every world. His power is omnipresent. Nothing is hidden from that Master of the world. There is no place which is beyond the reach of God. Those one lakh eighty thousand (paigambar) prophets (Messengers) were (paak purush) holy men who were (abdaali) worthy of the grace of (Sahib) Allah. (Speech 2)

Note: - I find it necessary to clarify here, that some Muslim protagonists consider a total of one lakh twenty-four thousand prophets. Supreme God Kabir, His disciple Garibdas ji and Baba Jambeshwar ji, the originator of Bishnoi religion, have stated that there are total one lakh eighty thousand prophets. What the Complete God has said cannot be wrong. Nevertheless, we should know that animal violence, meat-eating has been said to be a heinous sin, which even those one lakh eighty thousand or one lakh twenty-four thousand did not commit. Neither should we.


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