Belief about Birth and Death in Islam

What does the Holy Quran tell us? / Belief about Birth and Death in Islam

Belief about Birth and Death in Islam

The Rule Stated by the Preachers of Islam about Rebirth is Wrong

I (Rampal Das) also read the viewpoints of famous preachers of Islam and other Maulvi Saheban (Muslim religious scholars). They told that Islam does not believe in birth-death, then again birth, then death, then birth, then death, like the Hindu religion believes as is written in their renowned holy book Shrimad Bhagavad Gita,

  • It is written in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 22 that, "Like a person discarding old clothes, wears new clothes; similarly, a soul relinquishing the current body i.e. after death, continues to acquire a new body i.e. new birth”, and
  • In Gita Chapter 4 Verse 5, it has been said, “O Arjun! You and I have had several births; you do not know; I know.”
  • In Gita Chapter 2 Verse 12, the speaker of Gita has said, "O Arjun! You, I and all these warriors were born in the past and will be born in the future too. Do not think that we are only born in the present."

Islam does not believe in birth-death-rebirth

Muslim Ulema (scholars) insist, “That what is written in Hindu scriptures and the Hindus believe (which is mentioned above), is not written anywhere in the scriptures of Islam. We do not believe in repeated birth and repeated death.”

Belief in Islam

Muslim scholars state, “It is a rule of Islam that Baba Adam ji is the first man of all of us and the first Prophet. All the prophets from Baba Adam ji to Hazrat Muhammad ji, and all their children, that is, (Baba Adam ji is the supreme father of all Jews, Christians and Muslims, so) all the men and women (children, young, and elderly) who have died until now have been respectfully kept safe in the graves. The souls of all of them will remain in their dead bodies in the graves until Judgement Day (doomsday). At the time of doom, only Heaven, Hell and the throne of Allah in the seventh sky will remain. The rest, the earth, moon, stars, planets, sun etc. all the constellations will be destroyed. That doom will come after trillions of years. Until then, all the humans (men, women, children, elderly, young people), who will die, will also be buried in the tombs. On Judgement Day (doomsday), all bodies will be raised from the graves and resurrected. Upon resurrecting them, Allah will keep them in Heaven and Hell according to their deeds. All those, who performed religious deeds according to Allah's command, will be kept in (Jannat) Heaven, and all those who did not obey Allah's command and led a life as per their will, will be thrown into the fire of (dojakh) hell.”

Fact is contrary to the belief mentioned above

The scholars of Islam have told this above principle of Islam religion. All Maulvi Saheban are also endorsing it. The entire Muslim society is accepting this principle as unshakable. But the truth is contrary to this. You have read previously the eye-witnessed truth described by Prophet Muhammad that he saw Baba Adam and his good and bad children and all the prophets before Muhammad in Heaven and Hell.

The Muslim scholars and the Maulvi Sahiban have not even understood their holy books properly. That is why, the entire Muslim society is misled. It is not aware of the truth. This proves that either all of them do not have knowledge about Islam, or if they have knowledge, they are deliberately spreading falsehoods. So, they are cheating the Muslim society. This humble servant (Rampal Das) would like to know from Muslim brothers and sisters, “Whether you will accept the words of your beloved Prophet Muhammad (Wasallam) as true or the lies of these false preachers?”

Your answer is clear that every word of all the statements of Prophet Muhammad is true.

Lies Propagated by Muslim Clerics

{Some Muslim clerics and preachers are such liars that they do not even hesitate to mislead the educated human society. When a discussion is held with them on this subject that if the theory of living in tombs till doomsday is accepted, then Prophet Muhammad saw all the prophets from Baba Adam to Isa above in the first and the second sky. He saw the good and bad children of Baba Adam in Heaven and Hell, seeing whom Baba Adam was crying on facing left and laughing on facing right. Your doctrine is being refuted by Prophet Muhammad himself. Then those liars tell new lies. They say that there is a concession for the prophets. They can go up to heaven. This humble servant (author Rampal) wants proof from them. Show the evidence in the Quran or any hadith or in the description of the journey of Hazrat Muhammad ji or in the Bible. They do not have any evidence. Secondly, they say that Baba Adam ji was laughing seeing the deeds of his noble child on the right side and weeping after seeing the deeds of his evil child on the left. This humble servant (Rampal Das) asks them whether their deeds were written on walls on the right and left side, reading which Baba Adam was laughing and crying. Remember, Baba Adam was illiterate. The truth is the same as stated above.}

Repeat Birth and Death - Proof in Holy Quran

The proof of repeated birth and death is also in the Holy Quran which is as follows: -

Let us read some surahs (suras) in the Holy Quran Majeed about creation, destruction and birth and death and interpret that: -

Surat Kahf - 18

Verse no. 47 :- And (Beware of that day) the day when we will remove (destroy) the mountains and you will see the earth laid bare as an open ground. And We will gather all mankind and leave none of them behind. (47)

Verse no. 48 :- They will be presented before your Lord in rows, (And they will be asked to say) you have surely returned to Us as We created you before.

Interpretation:- It is clear in the above description that Allah did not destroy the earth. He has destroyed the structures on top of it, the mountains, the people and their homes. This cannot be called the complete destruction (doomsday). As the Muslim preachers inform that after trillions of years, when the end of the world (doomsday) will come, at that time the whole earth, the sun, the moon and the stars will be destroyed, and the dead will be raised from the graves. Those who led their lives according to Allah's command i.e., the knowledge of Quran, who remained obedient (by becoming a Muslim), they will find a place in Heaven. And those who (Kufr) refused to obey Allah’s command, those disobedient people will be put in Hell. After this only (Jannat) heaven and (Jahannum) hell will remain. Allah is ever-present in the seventh heaven; He will be. Earth, moon, sun and all the planets etc. will be destroyed. The world below will be closed forever. But the above-mentioned description which is mentioned in Quran’s Surat Kahf-18 Verses 47-48 states that the earth will indeed remain. You will see that earth as an open ground. The mountains and other creations above it will not remain. And everyone will stand in a row (paanti) in front of God to receive the fruits of their actions.

Now read Surat Mulki 67 Verse no. 2 : -

(Allah) Who created death and life in order to test you that which of you is best in deeds and He (Allah) is the Most Powerful and the Most Forgiving.

Now read Surat- Ar Rum 30 Verse no. 11 :-

Allah creates the creation (Khilkit) the first time, then He will repeat it. (He will make it recur.)

Now read (in Quran Majeed) Surat Ambiya - 21 Verse no. 104: -

The day when We will roll up the sky just as paper is rolled up in a bundle. Just as we created the (Kainat) universe earlier. We will repeat that. (We will make it occur again.)

Now read (in Quran Sharif) Surat Ambiya-21 English translation of Verse no. 104: -

The day when We will roll up the sky just as paper is rolled up in a bundle. Just as we had created the universe earlier, we will repeat that. We are responsible for the (this) promise. We must do it. (104)

Now read Surah Al Baqra-2 Verse no. 28: -

How can you deny Allah? Whereas you were dead, and He gave you life. Then He alone will make you die and bring you back to life again. Then you have to return to Him alone.

Now read Surah Al Baqra-2 Verse no. 29:-  It is He who created for you all the things that are on earth. Then He turned upwards and made the seven heavens properly and He is the knower of everything.

Verse no. 25 (Surat Al-Baqra-2):- (Quran Majeed, translation of whose Arabic text and Urdu translation has been done by "Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullahi Alaih)” and Urdu to Hindi Translation has been done by “S. Khalid Nizami” and Publisher is Kutub Khana Hamidia 342, Gali Ghadiya, Jama Masjid, Delhi 110006.}

Important:- Readers are requested to read the English translation written below of the Hindi translation done by the above translators. Please read yourself and decide whether it means repeated birth and death and repeatedly going to heaven or else? (Author)

Surah Al Baqra 2 Verse no. 25: -

And give good news, O Prophet, to those who believed and did good deeds, that there are certainly heavens for them under which rivers flow. Whenever they will be provided with fruit in those heavens, then every time they will say the same thing, “This is the same that was given to us before”, and they will indeed get resembling fruit both the times. And there will be clean and pure wives for them in those heavens, and those people will reside in those heavens forever. (25)

[Some translators have written the meaning of “will get resembling fruit both the times” as that the edible fruit that they got on earth and that they got here in the heaven resemble each other. Just think, will one only get fruit to eat in heaven. Are there no other substances in heaven?

The actual meaning has been written by this above-mentioned translator that "When the virtuous people will go to heaven again, then they will recall that earlier also they had received this happiness of heaven in return for the fruit of their actions. Even now they have received the same reward for their actions. And it is correct that when they go to heaven for the second time, they will get the happiness of heaven as a result of their actions. Where the wives will be clean and pure." This also proves repeated birth and death.}

An Episode Related to Reincarnation

Surah Al-Baqra-2 Verse no. 243: -

Have you thought of the condition of those people who had left their homes in fear of death and were in thousands? Allah told them to die. Then He again gave them life. The fact is that Allah is very merciful to man. But most people are not thankful.

Refutation of the Theory of Living in the Tombs Until the Judgement Day

Quran, Surah Al Muddassir- 74 Verses no. 26-27: -

Verse no. 26: - Soon I will throw him into hell.

Verse no. 27: - And what do you know what that hell is. {A person named Waleed bin Mughirah first accepted Islam. He also got good benefits. Earlier, he was the chief of the opponents. Later, he started opposing Hazrat Muhammad ji. He started calling Quran a magic and started saying that it is a speech spoken by a man. It is not of Allah. He started calling Prophet Muhammad a magician. Then Allah, who gave the knowledge of Quran, said in the aforesaid Surah Muddassir-74 Verses no. 26-27 that I will soon throw him into hell, that is, I will put him in the fire of hell. I will send him to hell.

Readers! Please think that instead of the grave, it has been said to put him soon into the hell, which proves that theory wrong in which it is said that till the doomsday, everyone from the prophet to the common man will live in the tombs. The journey of the skies of Hazrat Muhammad ji is making it clear that all the prophets and the good and bad children of Adam ji were in heaven and hell above.}

Conclusion: - Along with the knowledge of Quran Majeed, the experience of Hazrat Muhammad is also of no less importance. It was because a noble prophet like Hazrat Muhammad was born that the holy knowledge of the Quran came in the hands of human beings. Like if a vessel is clean, then ghee (clarified butter) is poured in it. Pouring ghee in an unclean vessel spoils the ghee.

In what circumstances did Hazrat Muhammad ji receive the knowledge of Quran?

It is known to every child of the Muslim community that Allah, who has given the knowledge of Quran, is considered the Khaalik (Master of the world) by the Muslim community. They consider him alone to be the (Kaadar) Almighty God. They also believe that the knowledge given by that Allah was brought in its entirety without any change by Angel Jibreel and inserted into the soul of Prophet Muhammad. Then it was spoken from the mouth of Hazrat Muhammad. Its writers wrote it down. Hazrat Muhammad ji was illiterate. It has also been mentioned in the process of delivery of the knowledge of the Quran to Hazrat Muhammad that sometimes Jibreel would reveal knowledge by appearing before Hazrat Muhammad. Sometimes, he imparted knowledge while remaining invisible. Sometimes, Allah Taala would directly put the knowledge in the soul of Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad used to lie down with his face covered with a sheet, and then he would utter the knowledge of Quran. In this way, the sacred knowledge of the Quran was obtained.

Verses of some of the Surahs of the Quran have been mentioned above, in which we have to understand the indications about rebirth.

Indications about Rebirth

You have read in the discussion above that in Surat Kahf-18 Verses 47-48, it has been said that the earth will not be destroyed in the Pralay (dissolution). The structures above it like the mountains, humans, their homes, habitats, creatures, animals and birds will all be destroyed. The earth will appear as an open ground.

Then it has been clarified in Surah Mulki - 67 Verse no. 2 that Allah has made a law to die and live to test human beings that who performs good deeds and who performs bad deeds.

Then in Surah Ar Rum- 30 Verse no. 11, it has been said that Allah creates the creation the first time, then He will repeat it. (He will make it recur.)

In Surah Ambiya-21 Verse no. 104, it is said that on that day we will roll up the sky in such a way just as paper is rolled up in a bundle. Just as we (Kainat) created the universe earlier, We will repeat it. This promise is our responsibility, we have to definitely do it.

In Surah Al Baqra- 2 Verse no. 243: -  Allah killed. Then He gave them life.

In Surah Al Muddassir-74 Verses no. 26-27, it has been stated that soon I will throw him into hell. What does he know what hell is? (This also disapproves the theory of living in tombs.)

Let us see how the universe was created earlier.

It is also necessary to remember that the Allah, who has given the knowledge of "Quran Majeed" to Prophet Muhammad, also gave the knowledge of "Zaboor" to Prophet Dawood. He alone gave the knowledge of "Taurat" to Prophet Musa, and the knowledge of the book "Injil" to Prophet Jesus Christ. Except the Quran, the above three holy books (Zaboor, Taurat and Injil) have been bound together into a scripture named "Bible".

First Creation & Rebirth

In the Bible, in the chapter of Genesis, it is written that God first created the earth, the sky, then He filled the earth with water which became the seas. He created trees and plants on the earth, created various kinds of creatures, animal and birds. He created human beings on the sixth day. After completing his work in six days, Allah went up and sat down in the seventh heaven on the seventh day. This is the story of the origin of the previous creation.

The above verse of the Quran (Surat Ambiya 21, verse 104) makes it clear that as we had created the universe, in the same way, I will again create the universe by which the repeated occurrence of birth and death means rebirth is proved.

The theory which the Muslim scholars and spokespersons believe in, that everyone will be resurrected after the (Pralay) Dissolution, it is not even clear in it what their age will be, that is, someone will die at the age of 10, someone lesser than that, some will die at the age of 30, 40, 50, 60, 62, 65, 80 or more. They will be buried in graves. Will they then be resurrected in the same body at the same age or as an infant? Muslim spokespersons are silent on this matter.

The Quran clarifies that Allah has said that just as the first creation was created (which is mentioned in the Bible i.e., in the book Taurat), in the same way, We will repeat it; this is our promise.

In the above-mentioned verses of the surahs of the Quran Majeed, only this has been said that once at the time of the (Pralay) Dissolution, only the structures above the earth will be destroyed. The earth will appear as an open ground. (It is called Pralay in Aadi Sanatan and Sanatan Panth.)

Then it has been said that on that day (at the time of Pralay/Dissolution) we will roll the sky in such a way as paper is rolled up in a bundle, that is, we will destroy the entire creation (in Aadi Sanatan and Sanatan Panth it is called Mahapralay / Great Dissolution). Like we had created earlier, We will repeat it; this promise is our responsibility; we will definitely do it. [It has been said that creation will be repeated after this Mahapralay (Great Dissolution), that is, earth, water, humans (male and male), animals, birds and other creatures will be created again as they were created earlier. About it, it has been said that ‘We will repeat it’.]

It is self-evident from the above-mentioned description that rebirth i.e. repeated birth and death occur.

The doctrine of scholars of Muslim religion

The doctrine which the scholars of Muslim religion state that Allah has created the universe. Human beings (men and women) will continue to be born and to die. After death, they will be buried in the graves. They will all remain in the tombs until the Mahapralay / Great Dissolution (doomsday) occurs. The (Mahapralay) Great Dissolution will occur after trillions of years. Then the entire creation will be destroyed and those in the graves will be resurrected. Those who performed good deeds according to the orders of Allah, will be kept in Heaven, and those who performed deeds contrary to the Quran will be thrown into the fire of Hell. That’s it. After this, there will be neither any creation nor destruction.

Rebuttal of the above mentioned doctrine of Muslim scholars

Discussion: - It is a matter of consideration that according to the Muslim spokespersons, those who obeyed the orders of Allah and did good deeds, they too will be buried in the graves. Baba Adam, all of his children and more than one lakh prophets that have been, they are all buried in graves. They will rot and suffer terribly while lying in those graves for trillions of years. Then they will be kept in Heaven. What use is that heaven to them, before which they will bear immense suffering of horrible hell in the graves for trillions of years troubled by hunger, thirst, heat and cold.

Muslim spokespersons will not fail to argue here that there is no feeling of happiness and sorrow after death. My counterargument is that if after death there is neither happiness nor sorrow, then what is the need of heaven? In your heaven, your first Prophet, Adam, is sad as well as happy. He also becomes restless.

But Prophet Muhammad has proved this theory wrong in the aforesaid episode in which you read that the Angel Jibreel took Prophet Muhammad up in the skies by making him sit on an (mule like) animal named Buraq. There (in Heaven and Hell) the Prophet saw Baba Adam and his good and bad children in heaven and hell. He saw a congregation of prophets like Prophet Isa, Musa, Dawood, Abraham etc. Prophet Muhammad led them all in (Namaz) prayer. Then he saw the view of other places of (jannat) heaven. He went to Allah. Allah spoke from behind a curtain. Allah ordered Prophet Muhammad to offer Namaz (prayer) five times a day, to observe Rozas (fast) and give Azaan (call to prayer), which is being followed by the entire Muslim society.

Muslim spokespersons can also argue that the fact that Baba Adam was feeling happy on looking to the right and sad on looking to the left in the first sky above was because he was getting happy and sad respectively on seeing the deeds of his noble offspring on the right and the deeds of the evil offspring on the left. This humble servant’s counterargument is whether those good and bad deeds were written on the wall? Baba Adam was illiterate. The truth has been told above; that is what it is.

This proves that Muslim society is confused. They could not even understand their Holy Quran Majeed and the viewpoint of their beloved Prophet Muhammad. Kindly read your holy scriptures again now.

This humble servant (Rampal Das) has written a book "Gita Tera Gyan Amrit" (The Knowledge of Gita is Nectar). I have analyzed Shrimad Bhagavad Gita in it. The intellectuals of the Hindu society accepted it, and they were amazed that to date we did not have the correct knowledge of our scriptures. This book has been an eye-opener.

Knowledge Giver God of Bible, Quran, Gita and Vedas is the same.

It is necessary to mention here that the Allah (God) who gave the knowledge of Holy Zaboor, Taurat, Injil and Quran, he alone had given the knowledge of the four Vedas (Rigved, Yajurved, Samved and Atharvaved) and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita before them. These were scripted by Sage Ved Vyas four thousand years before Christ. The name of the sage Ved Vyas was Krishna Dvaipayan. Earlier there was only one knowledge of Vedas. Sage Krishna Dvaipayan divided it into four parts and also gave four names. Due to which, Sage Krishna Dvaipayan came to be known as Ved Vyas.

The topic of birth and death is going on:-

Sanatan Panth precedes all other popular religious sects. Aadi Sanatan Panth was the first, whose follower is this humble servant (Rampal Das). In both these sects (currently called religions) it is believed that every living being takes birth and dies. This theory is also credible because it is told by (Kaadar Khuda) Almighty God Kabir. The difference is that in Sanatan Dharm, the cycle of birth and death is considered everlasting, as has been mentioned in Gita Chapter 4 Verse 5 that O Arjun! You and I have had many births.

In Gita Chapter 2 Verse 12, it is said that you and I and all these soldiers standing in front were born before and will be born in future too. Do not think that we are all born in the present only.

Aadi Sanatan Panth: It is believed in the Aadi Sanatan Panth that until one finds a Complete Satguru who knows the complete and true method of worship of SatPurush i.e Param Akshar Brahm (of Gita Chapter 8 Verses 3, 8, 9, 10 and Chapter 15 Verse 17) and one worships after taking initiation from him, his cycle of birth and death will continue forever. By worshipping Param Akshar Brahm, one attains the salvation mentioned in Gita Chapter 15 Verse 4. One attains that supreme state, having gone where, the worshippers never return to the world. Therefore, it is said in Gita Chapter 18 Verses 46, 61, 62 that (in Verse 46) O Arjun! The God from whom all the living beings have originated and from whom this whole world has pervaded, by worshipping that Supreme God through natural actions, a man attains supreme spiritual success.

(In Verse 61): - O Arjun! The Supreme Lord is situated (seated) in the heart of all the living beings, making all the living beings, mounted on the body-like machine, revolve according to their deeds by His Maya (power).

(In Verse 62): - O Bharat! Go in the refuge of that Supreme God in every respect. Only by the grace of that God, you will attain supreme peace and the eternal (Mahfooz) supreme abode.

That Supreme God i.e. Param Akshar Brahm of the Aadi Sanatan Panth is called Satpurush. The eternal supreme abode is called Amar Lok (the imperishable place) Satlok. After going to that Satyalok, the cycle of birth and death of a worshipper ends forever.

Sikh Panth: - There is also a belief of birth and death in the Sikh Panth (present-day Sikh religion). They also believe that birth and death do not end until one worships Satpurush by taking refuge in the Complete Satguru. Birth and death end forever by the worship of Satpurush. That worshipper goes to Satyalok (Sachkhand).

Jain Dharm (Panth) / Jainism: - Jainism has the same belief as that of Sanatan Dharm that birth and death will never end. They believe that the founder of Jainism and the First Tirthankar Aadi Naath i.e. Rishabh Dev ji after his death was born in the form of Baba Adam.

Shri Marichi (son of Bharat), the grandson of Shri Rishab, took initiation from Rishabh Dev. After that, that soul had many human births. It had millions of births of an animal (donkey, horse etc). It had numerous lives asas a tree. The same soul was born as the twenty-fourth Tirthankar of Jainism.

There is evidence in Sukshm Ved that the soul of Shri Nanak Dev ji (founder of Sikhism) was born in Satyayug as King Ambreesh and in Tretayug as King Janak. It was born as Shri Nanak ji in Kalyug. When after taking initiation from Satguru, he worshipped Satpurush (Sat Purakh) by chanting Satnaam, then his cycle of birth and death ended. There are many other proofs of reincarnation in the Puranas which state that birth and death happen again and again. This proves that the law of birth and death which the Muslims describe is baseless. Their holy scriptures also prove their point wrong.

You will read the living history of repeated birth and death in the Chapter "Information about Al-Khijr (Al-Kabir)”.

Now read the information about Pralay (Dissolution), Mahapralay (Great Dissolution) and Divya Mahapralay (Divine Great Dissolution) next.

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