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Contents of Book Musalman Nahin Samjhe Gyan Quan

(Chapter No. 1)

  1. What Does the Holy Quran Say?
  2. Knowledge From the Holy Quran
  3. The Giver of the Knowledge of Both, the Bible and the Quran, is Same
  4. Good Teachings in the Holy Quran
  5. Drugs and Gambling is Prohibited
  6. Taking Interest is a Sin
  7. One Should Donate (Zakat)
  8. The Giver of the Knowledge of Quran Reveals his Glory
  9. The Giver of the Knowledge of Quran Tells the Glory of Allah Other Than Himself
  10. Information from the Book "Fazail-e-Amaal
  11. Excerpt from Fazail-e-Amaal (as it is article)
  12. Evidence from Quran Majeed
  13. The Knowledge Which is Unknown Even to the Revealer of the Knowledge of the Quran and the Gita
  14. Unsolved Knowledge of the Quran (The Mystery of Aen, Seen, Kaaf)
  15. The Mention of (God) Allah in the Scriptures
  16. Mecca is the Temple of Mahadev
  17. God's command regarding food for humans
  18. Prophet Muhammad did not eat meat
  19. Opinion of Sant Jambheshwar Maharaj Ji
  20. Instructions of the Giver of the Knowledge of Quran Regarding Eating Meat
  21. Instructions and Orders of the Creator Regarding Food for Humans
  22. Instructions for Food for Humans
  23. Instruction of (Kaadir) Almighty Allah in the Sukshm Ved (Kalaam-e-Kabir)
  24. Before Entering the Holy Book Quran
  25. Discussion on Birth and Death
  26. The Rule Stated by the Preachers of Islam is Wrong
  27. An Episode Related to Reincarnation
  28. Refutation of the Theory of Living in the Tombs Until the Judgement Day
  29. Now Let Us See How the Universe was Created Earlier?
  30. Information About Pralay (Dissolution)
    • First (Divya MahaPralay) Divine Great Dissolution
    • Second (Divya Mahapralay) Divine Great Dissolution
    • Third (Divya Mahapralay) Divine Great Dissolution

(Chapter No. 2)

  1. Whether Allah Comes on the Earth or Not
  2. Drinking Alcohol is Sufficient for Complete Destruction
  3. Custom of Marriage in Muslim Religion
  4. Verdict of Furqan (Truth-Untruth)
  5. Benefits of Yagyas (Religious Rituals)
  6. Benefits of chanting (naam) mantra
  7. Worship in the Aadi Sanatan Panth i.e., Yatharth (Real) Kabir Panth
  8. Advising Both the Religions
  9. Manifestation of (Kaadir Khuda) Almighty God in Kalyug
    • Description of the Appearance of God Kabir Ji on a Lotus Flower in Lahartara Pond in the Forest of Kashi City
    • Incarnation of God Kabir in Kalyug
    • Information About Other Human Births of the Souls of the Parents of Devotee Sudarshan in Kalyug
    • Naming Ceremony of Infant Kabir God
    • Infant God Kabir Drank the Milk of a Maiden Cow
    • Attainment of Wealth by Neeru
    • A Failed Attempt to Circumcise Baby Kabir
    • Information About the Previous Births of Sage Ramanand, Seu, Samman, Neki and Kamaali

(Chapter No. 3)

  1. From Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad
    • Brief Introduction of Baba Adam
    • Origin of Baba Adam
    • God (Allah) is Like a Human
    • Brahma Placed Adam and Eve in Heaven
    • Proof of "God is More Than One"
    • Kaal Used to do Miracles Through Jesus
    • Angels Used to Enter Jesus Christ and Perform Miracles
  2. Summary of the Chapter "Mohammad Bodh" (Information about the Muslim Religion)
    • (Kaadir) Almighty Allah Kabir
    • Curing the Incurable Illness of Emperor Sikandar Lodhi
    • Resurrecting Swami Ramanand Ji
    • All Humans are Children of One God; He Who Believes in Two is Ignorant
    • A Brief Introduction to the Holy Muslim Religion
    • Conversation with a Muslim Pir Named Shekhtaqi
    • What is Mentioned About God in the Holy Quran Majeed?
    • Biography of Prophet Muhammad
    • Article About Prophet Muhammad From Holy Book Kabir Sagar
    • How did Hazrat Muhammad Get the Knowledge of the Quran
    • Circumstances Around the Revelation, Collection and Compilation of the Quran Majeed
    • The Followers of Holy Christianity and Muslim Religion are Also Benefitted and Harmed According to Their Deeds by Three Deities (Shri Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv)
    • Evidence of Seeing the Three Deities at Mamre
    • (Birth of Isaac Promised)
    • Resolution of the Doubts of Emperor Sikandar
  3. Resurrecting a Dead Boy Named Kamaal
  4. Other Tests of Kabir Ji by Shekhtaqi
  5. The Previous Births of Kamaali
  6. Resurrecting Kamaali, the Dead Daughter of Shekhtaqi
  7. Putting Lord Kabir in a Cauldron of Hot Mustard Oil
  8. Throwing Lord Kabir into a Deep Well by Shekhtaqi
  9. Shekhtaqi’s Futile Ill-attempt to Get Lord Kabir Killed by the Goons
  10. Sant Garibdas ji’s Opinion on Prophet Muhammad
  11. The Actual Definition of Sacrifice
  12. Who Gave the Complete Spiritual Knowledge?
  13. Important Information About Al-Khijr (Al Kabir)
  14. Evidence About Complete Spiritual Knowledge
  15. Even Quran Sharif (Majeed) Does Not Have Complete Spiritual Knowledge in it
  16. (See Photocopy of Ved Mantras)  
  17. Allah Kabir Met Prophet Muhammad
  18. Islam's Unsolved Riddle
  19. Reincarnation Happens - Read Lots of Evidence
    • Sultan Ibrahim was the Soul of Samman
    • The Tale of the Sacrifice of Neki-Seu-Samman
    • The Soul of Samman Became Nausher Khan
    • Birth Story of Sultan Ibrahim
    • Taking Sultan Ibrahim in Refuge
    • Viewpoint of Sant Garibdas ji on Ibrahim Adham Sultan
    • The Test of Ibrahim Adham Sultan
    • A Devotee Should be Completely Honest
    • Definition of a (Das) Slave
    • How did Sultani Obtain Saarnaam?
    • A King is Big or a King of Devotees
    • Disorders like Lust, Attachment, Anger, Desire are not Destroyed; They are Pacified
    • A Devotee’s Nature is Like That of a (Tarvar) Tree
  20. Kabir Ji Emancipated Mansoor Ali
  21. Hymn of Mansoor Ali
  22. Story of Devotee Sheikh Farid

(Chapter No. 4)

  1. "Rahmat Rahman Ki" (Divine Grace of the Most Merciful)
    • I Understood the Glory of Allah
    • Now I Have Truly Become a Muslim
    • Deliverance from Demonic Possession

(Chapter No. 5)

  1. Concise Creation of Nature
    • How did We Come to Kaal’s Lok?
    • Birth of Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu and Shri Shiv
  2. Complete Creation of Nature
    • How were the Souls Caught in Kaal’s Trap?
    • Birth of Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji
    • What are the Three Gunas? – With Evidence
    • Brahm’s (Kaal) Vow to Remain Unmanifested
    • Brahma’s Endeavour to Search his Father Brahm
    • Mother Durga’s Curse to Brahma
    • Vishnu’s Departure in Search of his Father Brahm and Being Blessed by his Mother Durga
    • The Establishment of ParBrahm’s Seven Sankh Brahmands
    • Evidence of Nature’s Creation in Holy AtharvaVed
    • Evidence of Nature’s Creation in Holy RigVed
    • Evidence of Nature’s Creation in Holy ShrimadDevi MahaPuran
    • Evidence of Nature’s Creation in Holy Shiv MahaPuran
    • Evidence of Nature’s Creation in Holy ShrimadBhagvat Gita Ji
    • Evidence of Nature’s Creation in Holy Bible and Holy Quran Sharif
    • Nature’s Creation in Worshipable Supreme God Kabir (Kavir Dev) Ji’s Sacred Speech
    • Evidence of Nature’s Creation in Respected Garibdas Ji’s Sacred Speech
    • Indication of Nature’s Creation in Respected Nanak Sahib Ji’s Speech
    • A Baseless Story of Nature’s Creation by Other Saints
  3. Photocopies of Certified Verses in the Book From the Holy Quran

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